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  1. Really stinks when the Colts are on the exact same time as Lakers/Cavs. Flipping back and forth. So far early Lakers doing great, but like they often do will they blow it again later?

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    2. Jules


      When I honestly look at the current Lakers team I swear if you tossed on Lebron and PG they could win the west.


      It remains to be seen yet though how this current Cavs team will do vs. the top western teams though when it really matters.

    3. Jules


      Houston right now is a load.........that will be a tough out too.

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      Houston is scary good but we all know Mikey No D come Playoff time will find away to choke. I don't think they will be tough enough mentally to beat the Warriors in the Playoffs. CP3 is a choker too.

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