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  1. The younger Ball sons going to Lithuania is just bizarre. Especially since I am more than half Lithuanian. O.o It's my Ball family karma.


    This is nuts.




    Oh and btw, sick of the Lakers blowing games they had leads in.:yuk:

    1. 2006Coltsbestever


      Lakers have been playing much better lately, Ball even looked good hitting shots tonight. They had won 2 in a row. They need more 3 point shooters to spread the floor though which is a huge problem for them. In todays game if you cant make 3's you cant survive. One reason why the Pacers are Good so far is their ability to make 3's. Bogdanovic is deadly from 3 but several others on their team are threats to make 3's too.

    2. Jules


      Lakers could have won tonight but it was in MSG and it's a tough place to play. I just want to see the Lakers get more "statement wins". One or two would be nice, but I am sure they are coming.


      Yep Lonzo is doing better since he cut his hair. lmao 


      But with the cap space that team has for the offseason the sky is the limit really.


      I just watched some tonight and got annoyed is all........they had a nice lead and the bench was great and then BLAH. 

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      It will be real interesting to see what the Lakers do in the Draft and Free Agency. Magic is about to pull a rabbit out his hat IMO. Something big about take place. I already like the progress that Ingram, Clarkson, and Randle are making too. Ingram had a bad game tonight but has played well most of the season. Lonzo is going to be great IMO, give him another year or 2. He already does a lot of things well.

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