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  1. Sweet Sixteen wins in a row now for the Celtics. Kyrie Irving: 47 points in Dallas.

    Crazy game, Mavericks led by Dirk played their butts off to break that streak and damn near did it and lost in OT. Mavs were up 10+ in the 4th.

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    2. Jules


      Now we need this to happen. Celtics must beat the Heat/Magic to then have the streak on the line in Indy.


      That could be a blast.

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      Indy is on a BacktoBack as well. They play Toronto on Friday. I don't see the C's losing to Miami or Orlando. I have a feeling the streak will be alive when they come here. I am starting to really like this Pacers team. They don't have a SuperStar but Oladipo is playing at an All-Star level and the Pacers have a tall frontline with Turner and Sabonis. Bogdanovic is shooting nearly 47% from 3 which has made the Pacers real dangerous, he is our Korver. Lance is a Rebounding maniac that brings tons of energy off the bench and I would almost guess McMillan brings him in early to guard Irving, Lance plays killer D at times.

    4. Jules


      Ohhhh you got a back to back the same time as Boston. Makes sense for scheduling purposes then when they play each other.


      Celtics beat the Magic/Heat this year already and can do it again but sometimes lately these games are getting tighter.


      Toronto won't be easy either, thats a good all around team but they actually did lose to Boston when Kyrie missed the game. I will be paying attention to Pacers/Raptors for sure. And John Wall missed the game for the Wizards in their loss yesterday to Toronto.


      I did see the Raptors beat up Houston though last week so they can show up at times.


      Good stretch coming up this weekend for the Pacers, we'll see how they do in it.

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