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  1. 8 wins in a row now for the Green Machine. Another one bites the dust.



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    2. Jules


      Kyrie is seriously improving as a well rounded player in Boston.


      I actually do not mind Duke. I have won the tournament a few times in betting due to picking Duke when nobody else has. Like that time a few years ago I picked Duke to win it all when everyone was all over Kentucky who was going for the perfect season. lmao 


      Also Jayson Tatum on the Celtics went to Duke. Rumor was that before the draft when the Celtics traded down to the third pick, that Coach K personally called Brad Stevens and told him he NEEDED to take Tatum.


      And Tatum might be the most polished rookie I ever seen.


      I am a HUGE Brad Stevens fan too, been following him since his Butler days. 


      Wizards are an odd team to figure out, they have all the talent to win the east but seem to lack the mentality at times to me.

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      The Draft is such a crapshoot, Kyle Kuzma so far is ROY and he went late in the 1st Round to LA lmao He is playing better than Lonzo so far. Regarding the Celtics, Stevens is in there with the Pops and Kerr's, he's that great.

    4. Jules


      No love for Tatum yet for ROY? He might get over shadowed though since he plays on a good team and I think if Boston wins anything it will be Brad Stevens COY this season.


      I am going to watch the Lakers more closely this week and focus on Kuzma. I am too into following whatever Lonzo Ball does. lmao And I always watch Ingram who btw is another Duke guy.


      Lonzo does get a ton of flack for not always scoring enough but I think people need to be patient too. He brings other intangibles over scoring a lot that people can miss out on.


      Now I am really getting pumped for Lakers at Celtics Wed. Curious to see how the young Lakers handle this big stage.

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