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  1. I forgive you now Kyrie. Now ball out for Boston and be a good boy for Brad Stevens in his system now mmmm okay?


    This is insane.


    I guess Boston really did want to dump the smaller PG with the bad hip after all. I never saw this coming. 

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    2. Synthetic




      The Lebron thing is odd though since he has never said a word about his future either. Word is he would not guarantee he would stay with the Cavs which is why Gilbert did not pull a one year trigger deal on Paul George.


      I got no idea what Lebron does. I can see him leaving though but it also depends on this years current Cavs do as well.


      I can say this, Lebron probably is tired of going to the finals and losing. And the current roster they got isn't beating GS. And their current roster may not beat other teams out west either.


      This happens every year....Back in 2015, they were already trying to say he was going back to Miami all cause he took his kids down there for the summer and because he still likes to train and work out there. 


      I still think LeBron probably stays cause he got guilt tripped so badly over leaving Cleveland the first time and he's clearly said it multiple times he wants to stay home there. IMO I think LeBron is going to retire in the next 3 years cause he's been playing basketball pretty much his entire life. He went into the NBA at 18 years old, and I think he's eventually going to focus on other things with being a father and raising his kids. 



    3. Jules


      I hope you are right he stays in Cleveland or even maybe he retires early moving onto other things. I just don't know though........don't think anyone really does. I got this mental image of him having half his bags packed for L.A. already. lmao 


      I also hear there is such turmoil between Lebron and Dan Gilbert which is something we don't know about as fans. We don't know the truth. Someday I am hoping the truth can come out a bit with what is really going on since Kyrie was reportedly threatening not to even show up for training camp with the Cavs. I got no idea what happened there.......


      It is Lebron though so I am not stupid. He if he wanted to by himself could take a team to a finals every year and he has, but he is getting older and this past finals did show he can't do everything. He can't score 30 a night, guard Durant and be a super hero. I wonder how many finals losses mentally he can handle.


      I wish he could go to a team that was better but that would take another Miami Heat situation which is what I think people imagine the Lakers can do with the cap space they have next offseason.

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      I hope LeBron stays in Cleveland and just finishes his career there. Maybe play 3 more years or so. It starts to look bad when you keep switching teams like Shaq did, JMO. I like Shaq by the way but that wasn't a good look. LeBron already won a Title in Cleveland so if he doesn't win anymore it wont hurt his legacy either.

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