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  1. I forgive you now Kyrie. Now ball out for Boston and be a good boy for Brad Stevens in his system now mmmm okay?


    This is insane.


    I guess Boston really did want to dump the smaller PG with the bad hip after all. I never saw this coming. 

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Regarding Lonzo, I think he will pan out despite Daddy being an A Hole lmao Regarding LeBron, Dan Gilbert is very lucky to have him. He doesn't win a Title without him much like Irsay wouldn't of won one without Peyton.

    3. Synthetic




      I agree Lonzo don't seem so bad lately and he loves Lebron apparently. I also think in my gut I know a pass first PG like Lonzo with the skill set he has would appeal big time to veterans like Lebron/Paul George.


      Lonzo's passing is probably going to be what makes him effective in the long run cause his shot form needs a lot of work, but I've been thinking he probably can be a very effective player just by passing...I admit, I go hard on this kid cause the hype train is so annoying and his dad is the biggest jerk in all of sports right now. It seems like every other week, LaVar does something new that is disgusting. 


      Lonzo has done a good job though so far making HIMSELF likable since summer league...At this point, it really is his dad who makes everything sour. If the dad wasn't in the picture right now, things would be just fine...Lonzo has become so quiet this summer, but it's daddy Ball who is cussing out female referees, getting them thrown from games, going in the media and running his mouth, saying outrageous offensive things, etc. 


      You are probably right though, cause LeBron had that kind of passing going on in Miami and he was such a more relaxed player. That's really the main difference between Miami and Cleveland besides Miami playing MUCH better defense...Wade would pass the ball so much, and LeBron didn't have to focus all his time setting everyone up like he has to do with Cleveland. 


      Personally though, if I am in the Lakers camp, I wouldn't want to chase these aging stars. I think they should focus on their youth and building them up and keep drafting well...That's pretty much what Golden State did, that was a whole project with the drafting and spending years to develop their main stars. The Lakers do have some decent young talent. Ingram is going to be a beast in the next few years, and Zubac showed good signs last year and became a bit of a fan favorite. 



      I hope both of you are right in that he stays in Cleveland or that he SHOULD at least. Going to be an interesting year of basketball thats for sure!!!


      Thanks for the input from both of you about all of this. I have to head to bed early tonight now.



      Have a good night, Jules. I'm about to head off myself...105 on the heat index today. :woah: Is fall coming soon? Will be so happy when this brutal summer is over, it's too hot right now... I'm tired out tonight after seeing my doctor, it's too hot lately to be riding around for hours in a car that is having air conditioner problems. 








    4. TheRustonRifle#7


      This was the move Boston had to do....IT3 is damaged goods that can't man his position on defense. Irving isn't known for his defense but at almost 7 inches taller, almost 5 years younger, if you are going to break the bank on a player (Irving in two years and IT3 next year)....you make the move.


      Crowder is a solid "Glue Guy" and Zizic may or may not be that piece in the middle?  Throw in the Net's pick, which I think will be higher than the Lakers' pick....just collateral damage.


      Tatum was the #1 in this draft and Brown is a freak.....add Hayward and if ONLY Tito could move to the stretch....with either Tatum or Brown as the 6th man and Marcus 6A....Golden State would have competitiion.  The "5" is still a problem.


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