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  1. Check out my new kittens that are as of today, 16 days old. There's 5 of them, they're healthy, chubby and LOUD. The white one especially thinks it's Prince and tries to scream like a banshee with perfect falsetto. 


    Note - this little cat is a miniature and it's so hard to believe, as small as she is, she did have 5 kittens. One of them blends in with the pictures cause it's solid gray. These were taken last week before I had to move them. As you can see, one of them is already climbing out. That little white one is a speed demon. I had to move them into a cardboard box cause she was climbing out and following me around the house. 













    2 grays, 2 blacks and 1 white. All solid colors, except the black one with the tail has a tiny little white spot under it's chin. No names as of yet or anything...


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    2. Synthetic



      This cat I think was too small for kittens and it's amazing that she had this many and didn't suffer health problems. It took a toll on her when she gave birth back in April, and now again...I can't believe she had 5. It's really a shocker given how small she is. These pictures might not make her look really small but she is smaller than Minnie. 


      They all survived this time though. Back in April, I had a very difficult time when I had 4 who died, and only 1 kitten survived out of 3 liters, and it's still alive and kicking butt. That little stripped one I showed you a few weeks ago. 


      One of these black cats is a bob tail with just a nub in the back like my Monkey boy. 

    3. Jules


      None of these tiny adult cats ever look as small in pics. lmao 


      I had a nap dream about kitties before so thank you for that.

    4. Synthetic


      If I could video tape them, they would really look small. I might do that some day. I swear, they are half the size of full grown normal cats. 


      The bob tail looks odd too but I've gotten used to it over the years. Sadly, that's the ones I have the worst luck with. Monkey is the last full grown bob tail I had who has lived. 

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