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  1. Paul George to OKC. Never saw THIS coming. Westbrook has to share the ball again. lmao 

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    2. Jules


      Ohhhh I like the Celtics too now Ruston and pulled for them last year a lot too. Really like them and think they need to just be patient with the rebuild. Young team with a great young head coach. And I hope they can sign Gordon Hayward but he is also getting a firm offer from Miami and probably again from Utah. I also heard they took Jayson Tatum too since Coach K personally called Stevens up and told him basically that they needed that guy. And Tatum is fine being on the bench and playing sparingly, apparently Josh Jackson is the ultimate alpha male and wanted to be a starter right off the bat.

    3. TheRustonRifle#7


      I love the Tatum signing as I believe they picked the top player and had the luxury to trade down to do it.  Hayward to me is redundant, unless Crowder and Bradley are moved in a scenario for Nerlen Or Kristoph(sp?).  They need a "big" and both fit well as rim protectors and rebounders, with the ability to shine in the pick and roll.  Kristoph(sp?) is obviously more versatile but either would be a huge add to this team as it allows Tito to move to the 4 and I like Zizic off the bench.

    4. Jules


      I think you mean Kristaps Porzingis of the Knicks in a trade? That is the trade I wanted for the Celtics to happen. And apparently they did offer the Knicks a big offer. Problem is since the Celtics have so many assets available in picks and players........people are trying to rob them and Boston then turns away.


      But if they could get the freakish tall guy from the Knicks ever thats who I still want for them. That dude is......amazing with pure potential. Young and freakishly talented, some even say he has Wilt Chamberlain like abilities.


      I would give up the farm for the guy from the Knicks but still he is kind of unproven a bit being still very raw and brings baggage since he and everyone on the Knicks was in turmoil.


      Anthony Davis from NO I would give up the farm for......but I don't think NO will move him right now since he is still has 3 years left on his deal.


      Paul George and Jimmy Butler? NOT worth going nuts trying to get anymore IMO. Neither is going to tilt the conference to your favor and both are divas.Both can get lazy on defense too.


      Although Boston will get to the point they are too crowded with tall depth guys now and guards so they may have to move a few. I would like to see them keep Averly Bradley, most underrated SG in the league at times IMO.



      I agree, Boston has wanted the big threat inside who can score......they wanted Durant last offseason. And IMO they are trying......

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