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  1. Today makes 15 years of AI and the practice rant. 



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    2. Jules



      one of the doctors in there is a conspiracy theorist who tried to tell me that the government is poisoning us with high pollen right now. She was serious about this...She told multiple people who laughed, followed by "no, I'm serious" explanations of her tinfoil hat theory. 


      Well that is technically impossible. Pollen comes from grass, flowers and trees and just nature in general. If you ever see it, it's the powdered looking orange crap like well our President. It's a yellow/orange mustardl looking powder. Sometimes it gets on cars or on windows and porches and you sweep it off and then get the orange broom.


      They can't poison us with it, unless they just kinda dumped pollen via plane everywhere which they don't. 


      It's nature.


      Oh and it won't kill anyone, it gets in the lungs at times but at the same time the body does become uses to it and immune to it over time. I hate to say it, but sometimes you got to suffer the hard way too and just kinda let it work through your system so you get used to it. 



      I couldn't get an allergy shot yesterday, so I am just suffering it out. 


      I hate to say it, you may be better off this way. It's nothing out of the ordinary......it's just pollen. You get immune to it in a single allergy season after a while or should. If you have a serious autoimmune disease though you might not be able to deal with it as well however.


      The best thing for it actually is drink a ton of water and liquids to help flush it out of the system.


      Allergy meds work too. Like claritin etc.


      I have had some pollen problems off and on too but I kinda just been going through the sneezing attacks and letting it pass over.


      Drink LOTS of water to flush it out.


      My lungs have been aching a bit too lately, I didn't know what it might be but now that I think it over it could be pollen in my lungs.




      Exactly why I do not have an account on any Laker forums. Kobe is gone, and yet it's all I ever hear about. I fear they won't move on from him. Many of them talk about Paul George as if he can be "the next Kobe". And has there ever been another player retire and get so much media attention? Kobe blinks or shaves, it becomes a news story. Kobe posts on twitter, it's a news story. 


      Cause Kobe is our big black mamba daddy.





      Sorry. Kobe had some very interesting photo shoots from time to time. lmao 




      I don't want "the next Kobe".



      I don't either, since if you want "Kobe" then look up videos and watch the real Kobe.





      Great, now LaVar is taking pot shots at Kobe....Lakers fans should love this. 






      No this is good, this means he can screw himself over with the Lakers with this Kobe crap now. Lakers fans are getting hissy fits on him on Lakers Ground already due to his comments and the shoes.


      Like I seen real Lakers fans go up in arms nuts over the shoes being cheap knock offs of Kobe's for 500 bucks and saying how wrong it is.





      I thought of something this morning about superstars and Lakers fans wanting PG so badly....is there any real Hall of Fame guys in the league today besides LeBron James? 


      What I mean is, the all around AWESOME player who does it all...In the past 5 years, I think Kobe, Shaq, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett were the only true locks for the Hall of Fame after they retired. They were all around decent players who dominated on multiple levels.



      A few of those Spurs players like Parker and Manu are borderline aren't they? And you got Wade. Not sure how this works though with the HOF in the NBA at times. I mean some of these guys may not be first ballot but can still get in.


      I mean it can be so tough that even a KG is AFTER Kobe and Duncan. Thats how tough I think it can be at times. But this draft class from last year is slated as one of the best of all time due to Kobe/Duncan/KG etc. 


      I mean Lebron is obviously a first ballot lock of the century though. He is the same group as the best of all time. So you got guys like THAT and then others........how to you break it all down?



      For the record there is an article on this from this year with current players who are big and the HOF probability they have. You won't have to agree with them all since it's one guys opinion, but he has Lebron/Wade/Dirk as all 100% getting in.




      Not sure I agree with this guy though. I think Lebron and Wade are maybe the only two to get in as locks. Then Dirk.


      Chris Paul as close to a lock? Is he really? Then again I think I soured on him a bit due to the Clippers being such trash.


      I mean like I said I never honestly paid close attention to the HOF in the NBA as much when it comes to how long it takes some to get in.



      I'm not so sure going after superstars is really worth it. I think the Lakers would be better off avoiding Paul George and sticking to this young core they've got.


      Honestly no idea what the Lakers will be doing at this point. No idea.

    3. Jules



      I get the sense that no one is going to be able to talk about Lonzo's mechanics issues and overall problems with his game, cause his dad is going to shoot down all the criticism. His dad is 100% convinced this kid is like the new Magic Johnson or something (only naming him cause I see that comparison from people). 


      I did watch Lonzo btw in the college ball tournament this year and I hate to say it but a good D can shut his aazzz down.

    4. Jules


      Am bringing up the topic of Dwayne Wade in the message we have. I mean I love the guy but do you think he can get slightly overrated.




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