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  1. Song to help kick off the NBA playoffs. Yes don't laugh........it's New Kids on the Block, but for a reason. This boy band was from Boston and wrote this with the old Celtics in mind who won everything.



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    2. Jules


      Clippers lose by 2, they are in full playoff form early. I feel bad for Doc Rivers since the Clippers tied the game with 13 seconds and then Utah got a shot to go in at the buzzer. Doc looked heartbroken.


      Clippers are just so damn doomed.


      I have heard rumors too that Blake Griffin is interested in teams like the Celtics now.


      Should be the New Orleans Jazz though.

    3. Jules
    4. Jules


      Ugh this is depressing. Chicago shot lights out in game 1, Isaiah Thomas is a basket case and looks like he has not slept (understandable) and well......it's game 2 or else our Boston dream is likely going to end sooner then we had hoped.


      Game 2 is now HUGE.


      Nice moment at the end when I saw D Wade talking to Isaiah kindly and asking how he was doing.


      If you did not see the Warriors, they struggled with Portland until the 4th quarter and Portland even had a lead once. Anyone who says the Warriors can't be beaten is stupid, they can be beaten......the D is still very iffy.

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