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  1. I hope this works out for the Lakers but I am a little worried.



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    2. Jules


      I also don't now how patient they are in L.A. with the Lakers, it always seems they have a tough time not being good and being patient with a rebuild....


      They are addicted to big star names there.

    3. Jules


      The Kobe thing sort reminds me of what people here wanted with Peyton. We were better off NOT having Peyton as a GM.

      I love Kobe to pieces as a former player but I hope this don't get messed up now.



      Okay I need to shut up...........

    4. Synthetic



      I'm on day 5 of running a fever and unable to taste anything. My streak is hot right now, so I feel you on the crappiness. 



      I am not happy though since it does seem like they want to rush into trying to make something over trying to build with young talent.



      "win now" mentality rarely ever works....



      I'll be upset if they trade away this young core for aging superstars like Magic has suggested. The reason people freaking out is because of his Twitter account...and Kobe's agent has no reason being in a position like that. 



      Former players rarely ever make decent GM's or team president's, that's another reason. Jerry West is often used as an example since he's in the Hall of Fame as both a player and GM, and after leaving L.A., he went to Golden State and built the current team they have. But West is one of the few exceptions, and speaking of, West turned down an offer yesterday to return to L.A. If he's steering clear of this mess, then he knows it's got disaster written on it. 

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