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  1. Image result for brock osweiler twilight


    I couldn't get this post in the game day thread, but here you go lmao

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    2. Jules


      I have to finally eat. I am finishing our thread message soon and later after food. lmao 




    3. Synthetic



      I wanted to lay down but not now! I literally am so happy I would do a cart wheel if my legs and back were in better shape. 


      I feel so much relief having this tooth come out, you have no idea. This is like, the best night ever right now. 


      And no blood! No bleeding! :excited: After 2 straight weeks of pure hell on earth with my teeth problems, I am finally getting some good luck. 

    4. Jules


      No please do not do a cartwheel.........


      I can do one though still. lmao 



      Glad the teeth are a lot better, sounds like it is slowly working out. I have no idea how this feels with a tooth coming out but you need to put it under your pillow now for the tooth fairy.

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