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  1. Starting to wonder if the Cubs curse is actually real.:eek: But, hey this series isn't over yet. And no I am not a Cubs fan really. I kinda like L.A. teams so I prefer the Dodgers deep down and I want to see if Cleveland can snag another championship this year with the Indians!!!!

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      I feel sorry for the Browns. They can never get it right haha 

    3. Synthetic



      Cleveland's got this one. CLEVELAND!!! THIS IS FOR YOU!


      Watch them have an NBA and MLB title, meanwhile the Browns go 0-16. 

    4. Synthetic



      Amazing coincidence - Cleveland will be playing their first game in the World Series on the NBA's opening night when the Cavs drop their championship banner. 


      If I was a Cleveland sports fan, I'd say screw the Browns and never watch another NFL game. No need, when you have the best player of the past decade in basketball playing the top of his career, and managed to deliver his promise of a championship...and you also have the Indians who are great. 


      Great time to be a Cleveland sports fan while forgetting about throwball. 

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