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  1. Congrats to "2006" for getting his upset special right this weekend; Rams over Seahawks. I said I would do a status if you got it right lol. I am actually stunned by that game.

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    2. Synthetic



      You aren't in cap hell but you have a pretty mediocre team built at the moment. All that money went to Luck, when it could've been used to build a supporting cast around him. If he gets injured again, this organization is going to be laughed at all around the league for that contract. That's the point I'm trying to tell you. All that money on a quarterback will be wasted if he gets injured, or if he don't win games. Luck could easily get injured again at any moment with this horrible offensive line. 


      Saints were coming off a 13-3 season with a playoff berth following the situation with Brees contract. Colts did this after an 8-8 season, which is far worse. We actually had a great team built at the time, which is why the contract was a big problem to us the following year and in the following years when that talent had to leave due to the problems on budget. 

    3. Jules


      Well we aren't in cap hell right now but I sometimes don't even know if I would trust Grigson to find good free agents either lol.


      And this past summer we didn't even keep Freeman who went to Chicago in a very affordable deal.


      But, thats all I got for tonight. Packers blew it too. lmao 

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      @Jules, Packers lost but the Seahawks and Panthers both have a loss too already. Minnesota still has to go to GB later in the season but I give Minnesota credit for the win. Hopefully Peterson is ok, it is a costly win if he is lost for any amount of time unfortunately. When it comes to Luck's contract I am 100% right and Bogie is wrong but when it comes to Bogie you always take his side no matter what haha. I could tell you the sky is blue and Bogie could tell you it's green and you would take his side or beat around the bush and say Grigson sucks eventhough that wasn't the topic. Anyway thanks for the shoutout regarding my Rams prediction, much appreciated. Have a nice sleep, chat with you tomorrow.

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