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  1. Tonight I saw "Don't breathe" in the theater. Creepy movie and not my usual type, but I strangely enjoyed it. Scary and kinda psychological. What was odd to me was the man in the film eerily reminded me of Jim Irsay in looks in a bizarre way and the movie takes place in Detroit who we play this weekend.

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    2. Synthetic



      I take that back about Britney's team. They DO know what they're doing, but they just play everything safe. Gone are the days of her really pushing the boundaries with stuff like the Womanizer video (what the original Make Me video had similarities to). They just go the safe route and for an easy pay check. Vegas gigs for someone of her caliber is an easy paycheck. 


      Most Britney fans were mad as hell back in 2015 when PoM was extended to February of 2017. 

    3. southwest1


      "I miss Kirstin Dunst too, I love her." 


      You're right Jules. She is a fine actress. I loved her performance in 'Crazy/Beautiful' & 'Spiderman 2' with Doc Oc showed considerable range & emotional depth on her part. 


      I pretty much steer clear of the horror genre though. Not my cup of tea. 

    4. southwest1


      "John Fogerty is having a show in Vegas now." 


      Speaking of Fogerty Jules, I saw a really bad CCR cover ad using a sad impersonator to sell Wrangler Jeans yesterday. God, it was so awful. Simply dreadful. 



      Told ya. Worst cover of a classic ever done. Make it stop please. 

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