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  1. My Super Bowl picks for this season are finally in. I am breaking the chain in the AFC for the first time in a while.


    I am going Packers vs. Chiefs.


    And so it has been spoken.:hat:


    Keep in mind this is just for fun too, I am not putting money on these two teams or anything.

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    2. southwest1


      I'm looking forward to seeing what Jimmy G. can do too CBE.


      Bring on football. Forget the paint chip quagmires. :hat:

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      Finally FOOSEBALL tomorrow haha!! Colts play Bills on Saturday as well. I am sure Andrew will play a few series.

    4. southwest1


      Amen to that CBE. An actual game. What a novel concept eh. :D


      I'm curious to see Chewy's release of the ball & footwork this yr. courtesy of our new QB coach. 


      That's why I love NFL Network re-airs of all the Preseason games. I don't have to worry about channels or time slots that way with my DVR. Sweet! 

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