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  1. These songs are killer. Judas Priest FTW.





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    2. Synthetic



      Stephen King is the man, my favorite horror author. He can completely gross you out and give you nightmares and then down the road, write an amazing heart touching book to make up for it. 

    3. Synthetic


      It's HEAT night...it's that time again the Heat fool us into thinking they can be a metaphorical sports version of Crockett and Tubbs by looking totally awesome one game and then losing the next 3 in a row

    4. Jules


      • Yep they are on now and are ahead by a few points. And Wade HATES CANADA. lmao Part of me wants the Heat now to win it all just due to the Canada thing which btw was on ESPN I heard and they asked out loud "Was Dwayne Wade disrespecting Canada?". lmao 
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