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  1. Michigan St. ruined my entire bracket and chance, sigh. Last year I had Duke and was right. This year my pick goes out asap. From winner to first round exist. lmao 

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    2. Jules


      I wish I was higher on the Cards but something burst with them IMO. That was a tough loss they had in the playoffs to the Panthers, very revealing. Also they might have should have lost to the Packers too. I don't trust Palmer as well. Now I HOPE the Cards do well since I do like them a lot.


      I have my eye on GB and the Seahawks are turning into the Patriots of the NFC.


      The Saints will depend on defense, they can't get much worse there. On offense I think they started to roll nearing the end of last season. And I do think Payton will get more out of Fleener then we did.


      The NFC in recent years has been a bit of a revolving door outside the Packers and Seahawks always making it in. I might not picking the Panthers but it depends on how I feel later this offseason. I am torn on the Broncos too since I don't even completely trust Kansas City. Both SB teams are up in the air for me right now.


      For the Colts if we win the division again it will be brutal since we may have to face and likely will the Pats and Steelers. Ouch....

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      I always give GB a chance because they have Rodgers but their Defense isn't a SB winning type Defense, maybe they will improve it through the Draft and the rest of the off season? If they do they are definitely a threat to challenge anyone.

    4. Jules


      Syracuse making the final 4 is pretty exciting, didn't see this coming. Here is the darkhorse we have been looking for!


      GB does have that trash defense I agree but I did like how they looked in the playoffs, they had an excellent shot to knock out Arizona too. And Rodgers when he takes more risks and stops worrying about interceptions can play better then anyone in football. He was playing better in the final weeks of the year IMO. Rodgers needs to always let loose more and let it rip.

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