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  1. Now the chess match begins. If the story on Decker keeps escalating, player agents will be trying to fish information from their clients who have met him. Looking to get an inside track when one of their clients meet with Colts.
  2. Great story on the coach on the app. Not on the website yet. His story about his fight with cancer. Jim Irsay and family are the best of any sports team owners.
  3. Ty should well acquainted about this. I remembering reading about him doing it to Reggie his rookie season.
  4. Forgot to add. Wish we could have seen more on the EJ Speed selection. He's a mystery to me.
  5. Freaking awesome. Loved it when coach was going around the room high fiven all the guys
  6. On the ESPN special tonight Mel predicted the Colts going to the Super Bowl. All the other analysts calling Ballard A brilliant GM.
  7. Rogers job as kr/pr might be expendable because of Hines. He had a bad start last year, maybe jitters being new. We’ll see.
  8. Apparently the Grand Jury found evidence enough to arrest but insufficient to convict. Charges were dropped. Was arrested with a group of guys for identity theft.
  9. Things is when two different guys are making their comments are they talking about the same player. The production crew might be using snippets of different players. Only the people in the room know for sure.
  10. I agree they could help each other but practicing against aging vets could be better. They will have more tricks up their sleeve to learn how to counter.
  11. Just saw the new “With the next pick” it’s killing me with all the teasers about the different players. Got my adrenaline pumping overtime waiting for tomorrow. Then the 4+ hour wait for our pick. How I miss the old days of rounds 1-3 on Saturday and 4-7 on Sunday.
  12. True, but I think there are more players the Colts have there eye on but the 170 is the ones they believe have a chance to make the team. The other players are probably are considered Free Agent picks after the draft.
  13. Fascinating about getting the board to 170 and there is probably 250+ draft picks. In theory our 6th and 7th round draft picks aren't on the board.
  14. Does anyone know if Ballard and company interview some of our newer players for insight on possible draft candidates. E.G. asking Nelson about Jerry Tillery since some boards have him as a possible draft candidate.
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