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  1. 2 guys to ease the load on the current players we got for the preseason. Testing the waters to see what’s available in case of in season injury adjustments are needed.
  2. Farns01

    Erik Swoope a trade candidate?

    I only see a trade scenario if it looks like Swoope is getting cut. See what you can get for him. Besides we should be number four on the waiver wire so we'll get early looks as other teams clear bodies.
  3. Farns01


    Good to hear, I’m not expecting a pro bowl performance on first day of padded practice. Just never saw his name mentioned yesterday.
  4. Farns01


    Hope he shows up tonight. Didn’t see any news about him on Saturday. As Steve Smith said all receivers can look good in shorts. It’s when they put their pads on that determines if they are any good.
  5. Farns01

    Colts Training Camp 7/27/18

    Thanks for both practice updates and the answer to my question. Getting excited for this season to get started.
  6. Farns01

    Colts Training Camp 7/27/18

    I know it’s still early in camp but is Luck getting the ball out early or still holding it?
  7. Farns01

    Tyquan Lewis reports to camp

    The link has been fixed. It wouldn’t work on the home page videos either. Now it works on both.
  8. Farns01

    Ballard: What if hypothetical

    I see simularities to how Bill Polian ran the team. He won’t spend big on free agents. I like his drafting so far, based on only this years draft he has made a considerable effort to improve the O-line. Polian was good at finding middle round gems at O-line the Howard Mudd could coach up. The question becomes if we become a top tier team can he maintain the quality with picks at the back end of the draft.
  9. Farns01

    The Reich Stuff

    NFL network broadcasting the 2018 preview 2017 highlights right now. Checked for future airings and nothing in the next two weeks.
  10. Haven't seen anything of Leonard being signed. Are you sure?
  11. Farns01

    Braden Smith has signed Rookie Contract

    If you look at #10 it's Brandon Bryant, people here have been talking about him for the supplemental draft in another topic.
  12. Farns01

    Tre Boston explains his Colts visit

    Maybe teams have determined he is a contract chaser. Only shows quality play when it’s time for a new contract.
  13. Farns01

    Colts Minicamp 6/14/18

    I hope it’s a good thing. Make him motivated to fix it and become even better.
  14. Farns01

    Luck close to throwing: Reich

    I like the Frank Reich video after the practice about 5:20 where he was asked if Andrew has let it ripped yet. His response about kind of let it ripped. I see it as he’s chucked it. But they are going still take it slow.
  15. Farns01

    Are we going to a RPO system.

    Let me add from earlier. RPO's success is designed to attack zone defense but the counter to RPO is man to man defense. The best strategy is put the TE in motion and see if the defense follows him. If not they are in a zone if they do then it's a man to man. If the RPO is run properly the QB only has to focus on one defender. Which defender is based on the play called. In some of their video examples they were focused on the flanker. If the defender playing the flanker reacts to the hand off to the RB then the flanker will be open. If he doesn't then the RB can be open for a pass. Philly was very successful utilizing this for about 7 yards per play. The NFL network compared this to the Wildcat in that it's the BIG new thing but will probably phase out in a few years.