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  1. Looks like Hard Knocks will be must see tv.
  2. Not sure how I feel about it yet. Might get a chance to see behind the scenes of in season operations. Understanding this is a Hollywood type production where emphasis will be drama to attract viewers.
  3. Just some data I did a quick research on. POSITIVES —Arm strength ranks as the best some scouts have ever seen. —He can easily hit deep comebacks on a line with tight velocity and has the power to push the ball vertically. He can stretch the field to lengths most quarterbacks cannot. —Has the ability to thread the ball into tight windows and can make "wow" throws that leave you shaking your head. —As an athlete, he uses his 6'5", 237-pound frame well and can run over or around defenders. —On the move, can make throws without having to reset his feet and is able to still throw with power while rolling left or right. —He has played in a pro-style offense and worked under center. NEGATIVES —Film shows poor decisions and errant passes where the ball gets away from him. —His subpar completion percentage (56 percent) can be attributed to poor decisions, passes thrown too hard, drops and plain misses. —When he misses, he tends to miss big and often throws high on crossing routes. —His footwork needs to be refined so that he's stepping into throws and aligning his lower body with his shoulders—an issue a lot of "arm" throwers have. —He leaves a clean pocket too often (not trusting his offensive line) and will extend plays instead of throwing the ball away, which can lead to lost yards. STRENGTHS —Prototypical pocket passer with a big frame and a strong arm. —Big throw after big throw on tape highlights arm strength and deep-ball mentality. —Able to throw with enough heat to beat defenders to openings; arm talent can save him on late reads. —Gorgeous deep-ball thrower. —Excellent on play action with a good drop step and easy setup motion. —Steps up well in the pocket and keeps eyes locked downfield to launch rockets. WEAKNESSES —Scouts complain about immaturity and a need to take football more seriously. —Struggled when facing the best defenses in the Pac-12; turnovers and accuracy issues showed up against good cornerbacks. —Started only two seasons in college because of injury (2017) and transfer (2018) and has limited development within his offensive system. —Pocket poise is iffy and inconsistent. Does not play well in a muddy pocket. —The least mobile of the top five quarterbacks in the class; will not be able to affect the game as a runner. —Crumbles against pressure. —Needs a clean pocket to win. The first guy is Josh Allen of Buffalo. He is now looked at as one of the best QB's in the league. Credits his coaching staff to making him how he plays now. The second guy is Jacob Eason. Seems we are giving up in him already. Are you saying the Bills coaching staff is better than ours? He hasn't played yet but he know the playbook better than any other option available. Just saying lets see what he can do before we panic.
  4. Gives the coaches a look see to see if he might bring in later due to injury.
  5. Game two we will bear witness to the irresistible force paradox. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object or as I think of it Aaron Donald vs Quenton Nelson, possibly creating a second Big Bang in the universe.
  6. Maybe having Nelson at LG can make a journeyman T play better.
  7. I was hoping to Mack and Taylor in the backfield at the same time. When he got hurt it was a bummer. Now I might get another chance.
  8. I liked what I saw from Isaiah Rodgers in the Buffalo game. Only saw him a couple times where he had a pick 6 called back from an off-sides if I remember correctly and another interception that he ended up dropping. I think the two plays I saw he was subbing in for Rhodes. Dude has got some speed. Hope he makes an impression in the off season
  9. If you look after the Seahawks game there are two slots for the AFC West and North. Those are the two games determined by the Colts division placement and the equivalent placement of the teams in those divisions. All other games are predetermined based on annual rotations of the schedule.
  10. I would be happier if we stop having to use a timeout in each half because the offense doesn't know what play to run
  11. This looks like an opportunity to see how Dulin can perform. Saw him in the game a couple of times as a receiver. I've only seen him on special teams previously.
  12. Well if you are looking for some positive. Rocks' pass interference calls happen when he was step to step with the WR and not 2-3 yards behind chasing him into the end zone. That way the Broncos had to run additional plays giving our defense more opportunities. Hopefully viewing game tape and some good coaching he can improve in the future.
  13. When I broke my ankle I spent 5 months in a full leg cast. Looks like he is way ahead of where I thought he would be.
  14. Saw in the Victory Speech video that Irsay gave the game ball to Chuck Yeager. Is he a Colts fan or was something special going on celebrating his life?
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