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  1. To quote Rob Schneider from Waterboy “Oh no, we suck again”
  2. I believe that is called Leonard
  3. I know what caused the problem. It was his dance moves on the Body Armor commercial.
  4. You have to look at the media outlets as a business. They are going to hype what will give them the most viewers. More viewers more advertising revenue. Dallas for the life of me I don't understand why, both NY teams have large markets (East Coast bias), LA same as NY. KC because Mahorne was so different from what we have seen before. Colts are getting about same as Saints, Bears, Eagles. Our problem is we don't have any news worthy issues.
  5. The players should get the credit. It was said after the Jets loss they had a player only meeting. I will give CB credit for choosing the players. Some of them must have stood up and took leadership.
  6. Thought I saw somewhere before the injury he was planning to see the throwing coach he saw last summer. With the injury does that now curtail his plans.
  7. Look at it this way. If Luck can't go for the season Brisset is getting a lot of work with the receivers.
  8. Takes on a new perspective since Kevin Durant injured his achilles. Now I can see why Coach Reich is in no rush to hurry Luck back. On ESPN NFL Live both the Hassleback brothers were commenting about calf strains can turn into achilles injuries if not properly handled.
  9. Everybody is forgetting about Hines. Granted he started out bad last year but admitted he was nervous. Let’s see if he has improved.
  10. His perspective on players from smaller schools might take more time to develope because of lack of facilities and good coaching. Maybe Fountain will show some skill this year.
  11. Now the chess match begins. If the story on Decker keeps escalating, player agents will be trying to fish information from their clients who have met him. Looking to get an inside track when one of their clients meet with Colts.
  12. Great story on the coach on the app. Not on the website yet. His story about his fight with cancer. Jim Irsay and family are the best of any sports team owners.
  13. Ty should well acquainted about this. I remembering reading about him doing it to Reggie his rookie season.
  14. Forgot to add. Wish we could have seen more on the EJ Speed selection. He's a mystery to me.
  15. Freaking awesome. Loved it when coach was going around the room high fiven all the guys
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