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  1. If you look after the Seahawks game there are two slots for the AFC West and North. Those are the two games determined by the Colts division placement and the equivalent placement of the teams in those divisions. All other games are predetermined based on annual rotations of the schedule.
  2. Back in 2000 the Colts signed Fred Lane to join Edgerrin James in the offense. Unfortunately, we lost him before the season. Bill Polian had commented about putting both James and Lane in the backfield at the same time on a few plays. Do you think the Colts will try it with Mack and Taylor?
  3. This season will probably be the best JB we will see. It's a contract year and he is playing for his next paycheck whether with the Colts or elsewhere.
  4. I would be happier if we stop having to use a timeout in each half because the offense doesn't know what play to run
  5. This looks like an opportunity to see how Dulin can perform. Saw him in the game a couple of times as a receiver. I've only seen him on special teams previously.
  6. Well if you are looking for some positive. Rocks' pass interference calls happen when he was step to step with the WR and not 2-3 yards behind chasing him into the end zone. That way the Broncos had to run additional plays giving our defense more opportunities. Hopefully viewing game tape and some good coaching he can improve in the future.
  7. When I broke my ankle I spent 5 months in a full leg cast. Looks like he is way ahead of where I thought he would be.
  8. Saw in the Victory Speech video that Irsay gave the game ball to Chuck Yeager. Is he a Colts fan or was something special going on celebrating his life?
  9. During the press conference he was answering a question about the illegal procedure calls on Jacoby's hand clapping. I'm not referring to the type of difference of clapping between the NCAA and NFL. Instead that it has been determined that a clap can be heard thru crowd noise. What would happen to the opponents offense if half the crowd would be clapping and the other half be yelling? Possible strategy on critical plays.
  10. Two problems with this. He is a safety not a corner. Miami is saying at least a first for him. He was the #11 pick last year.
  11. Don't know when the hit was during the game. Interesting to find out from Castonzo if Ingram was less aggressive after that play.
  12. To quote Rob Schneider from Waterboy “Oh no, we suck again”
  13. I believe that is called Leonard
  14. I know what caused the problem. It was his dance moves on the Body Armor commercial.
  15. You have to look at the media outlets as a business. They are going to hype what will give them the most viewers. More viewers more advertising revenue. Dallas for the life of me I don't understand why, both NY teams have large markets (East Coast bias), LA same as NY. KC because Mahorne was so different from what we have seen before. Colts are getting about same as Saints, Bears, Eagles. Our problem is we don't have any news worthy issues.
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