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  1. I thought we were on channel 4 Showing a bunch of guys talking crap
  2. Not sure where to ask this. My daughter and son I. Law are coming up to go to ravens with me. What is food like? Do we need to eat something decent before going to game?
  3. They both stayed for senior year.
  4. Same as always. Season ticket holders sell their seats
  5. I found it. Channel 4 at 7
  6. Yesterday on news they said colts Super Bowl was going to be replayed tonight. I can’t find it on tv schedule. And Tampa bay game tomorrow which IS on tv schedule. many body know what time and channel tonight?
  7. "So now we will have Colts-Patriots fans simliar to the Colts-Broncos fans when Peyton went there?" No.
  8. If you are a pats fan why the hell do you have that avatar?
  9. Ray Lewis told the Colts that the chances to win championships don't come along often. The players came away impressed with Lewis' speech. — Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) January 9, 2015 Wonder if he gave one to BAL too Last thing our team needs is a pep talk from a criminal abetter
  10. Well she isn't their first child. She's their first Daughter.
  11. went to one steeler fan zone and read a few posts. on a prediction spread the majority are picking us to win. here is one comment that I like:' "Luck dissects defences that pressure him, so I don't see a chance in hell of us shutting him down, or even limiting him for that fact. Our only hope is to outscore them and we all know that doesn't come easy with this team either."
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