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  1. I thought we were on channel 4 Showing a bunch of guys talking crap
  2. Not sure where to ask this. My daughter and son I. Law are coming up to go to ravens with me. What is food like? Do we need to eat something decent before going to game?
  3. They both stayed for senior year.
  4. Same as always. Season ticket holders sell their seats
  5. how are others on direct tv going to watch the games shown on cbs?
  6. wedding march 30. can't find a due date. i'm picking christmas day
  7. Shouldn’t we be getting our tickets soon?
  8. Anyone have seats in this section? I’m trying to find out the face value here rows 10-15 or so. I bought some tickets in the presale and had to do it thru my ticket rep but I think I was way overcharged. (Not by her) I never got the email to the orssle and I don’t know if she had to go through Ticketmaster or what yo get them for me. Thanks
  9. i have bought from stubhub many times (before i got season tix, and when i need extra for faimily) and have NEVER got them for face value or less
  10. Anybody know why it no longer tells me whether or not the roof will be open? Has notified me a single time this year.
  11. I don't but local teams are blacked out in everything I've tried
  12. I will be traveling during most of tonights game. is there any way to watch on my phone?
  13. What is link to view tickets for training camp? I can't find my email with it! thanks
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