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  1. Olympic Closing Ceremonies On Now!

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    2. MAC


      All in all, I haven't enjoyed the Olympics that much in some time. China was just two weeks of reminders that they intend to take over the world. More unsettling than entertaining, and I was rooting against the host country in every respect. These games were exactly the opposite.

    3. MIColtsFan


      104 medals for U.S.! Amazing talent, Congrats to all of the athletes, I have much respect for them all in all of the disciplines! I'm sure the closing ceremony was pretty cool live, the show is staged for a big live production, but ends up a bit wierd on TV.. loved the live recreation of the PF album cover! That was cool.

    4. BNS


      I sure hope Brazil works on it's Opening Ceremony in the next 4 years....if last night's preview was any indication, I'm not sure I can stay awake for it in 2016. The London games were great and the opening a closing ceremonies were entertaining...doesn't hurt to have musical legends in your backyard to come and perform. Really enjoyed the Queen performance and I had to DVR the Who and will watch tonight.

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