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Grigson era-year #2...........



I was very anxious to observe year 2 in the Grigson era. I was a full blown believer in the Polian era, I felt his approach to winning and building a team was spot-on, as well as un-equaled in the history of the NFL, I am still more than a little baffled why a man with his Hall of Fame track record and one of the best, if not the best this league has ever seen, has to be defended...even to fans of the team that benefited from that expertice.

(attempting) moving on.....

In year 1 of the Grigson era, the results were above and beyond reasonable ecpectations, the bottom line is always ...winning football games and that was accomplished. The draft class was excellent, some free agent signings were impressive-Jerrel Freemen, overall-there didn't seem to be many difference makers, but again, the results are what matters.

I believe when it comes to personel, Grigson will make his mark and that is what will seperate him from the pack, along with a born-in attitude of wanting to be the best and like anybody who really wants to be the best at what they do, will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

As I looked at the signings of this past week, I , like many fans was expecting some big names to be wearing the horseshoe next year, with all the money available and the playoff appearance, a few big names would take the team to the next level, as of yet, that hasn't happened, I have never been a big fan of overpaying players, in a bidding war and really am not a big fan of free agents signings in general.

I was very glad to hear Grigson say that the draft is the key to success in the NFL, I think the best and most successfull teams in this league, know that and use that blueprint, from some of the moves he made, I wasn't sure he believed that. The one thing that really stood out when I saw the signings was that most of the players had a common bond, they all had untapped potential......potential, is a very common word in the NFL, it means they could be.................and it also means they could not be.

I loved the Laron Landry signing, Gosder Cherilus was one of the highest rated right tackles in the league, the rest fall into that potential category and .............time will tell, if they have it, or not. There were not many major holes going into the off season , with these moves and there may be more coming, along with the upcoming draft........if this years draft comes anywhere close to last years.............

The O-line was the one area I felt really needed a significant upgrade and that has been addressed and will continue to be.....Grigson has done a very good job ,so far, in year 2, how good? stay tuned............

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I love going through the draft never liked free agency it looks like where over paying for potential hope im wrong

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i have read that , thats the medias take on the signings, we overpayed, for whatever thats worth

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I honestly believe sitting the players in the 3rd qrt against the Jets divided the Colts fanbase. Thats where Polians "spiral down" started and fell out of favor with many fans. Personally it never really bothered me, would have been nice to go 16-0 during regular season but winning a championship was the ultimate goal and sitting those players had nothing to do with losing to the Saints. I like the fact Grigson is looking for certain type players and is sticking to that formula. No lollygaggers or lazy arses. Cant wait for the draft to see what other talent gets brought into the fold!

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Some of the breakdowns on contracts make them look a little better in terms of over-paid....the media does feel we over-paid for sure. :)


I like the moves made, and to me Grigson has set himself up for a draft day that is easy for the Colts....by BPA at each draft pick... that is the Grigson specialty IMO!!


Thanks for the blog Colts7!!!  

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I agree, many fans wanted the perfect season, that would have been sweet!! I still think the goal is to win championships, not set records, its really easy to be an armchair QB and say i would've..............when you don't have to answer for it, if something happened, still amazes me how many Colts fans critisize him!!??

Grigson had some very big shoes to fill, and has done quite well, so far, but it will take years of watching, to really know how good he is,.....

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It's nice that you are a Bill Polian fan. IMO he is very respected and should be for what he has accomplished in his career.  On the other hand he was no longer the GM at the time of firing, He was turning things over to his son Chris Polian... who is now an Area scott for Atlanta...


As far as Grigson... he only took a team with the worst record in the league and obtained talent that allowed them to be in the playoff's.  By having the talent to look at every posibility for talent(trade, street free agents, practice squad steals, CFL, Arena , etc) and trusting his judgment.  


I respectfully disagree that there were no difference makers in trades and freeagents.

I would categorize Cory Reeding, Vonte Davis and Reggie Wayne was a free agent that almost got away. (Take a look at who they let walk only difference maker obviosuly Payton)


Players that look solid

A.Q. Shipley, Darius Butler,Cassius Vaughn, Matt Overton

and many others that filled in for injuires.


As far as the new free agents, I personally am very excited. 

Just so everyone know there is a minmun floor that the colts have to pay in salary 89% of the cap.  IMO getting a number of players that improve your team is much better then getting a big name in most cases. (look at Redskins and Buffalo)

The norm is that free agents are over paid..

Like how the colts did most contracts most guareentee money is up front in first years and if players do not work out it will not hurt the colts in the cap as we were last year.


Agree with you that two difference makers in Gosder Cherilus and Laron Landry are difference makers.

Believe that Greg Toler and Donald Thomas could be good players that around for long time.  And new back up QB Hasselbeck is an awsome get.


IMO the most exciting part of Gigson's style is that he will be trying to get new personel anytime as long as it makes the team better.  Can't wait to see what happens

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I wasn't specific when I said no difference makers, I was referring to the free agent signings   ( avery-justice-mcglynn-redding-satele-zbikowski) who were all starters and for the most part solid contributers , along with an endless supply of backup players, but other than freemen, weren't players who really stood out. it wasn't a knock against Grigson, it was just a statement.

As  I mentioned, the players signed all have that potential.....and on paper, seem like quality players, but until they show it, it's still..................potential.thanks for the impressive input

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Polian may have been one of the best at finding talent but his judgement can be in question in running the business end of a team. He also put all the eggs in one basket with Manning. We sat for quite a few years and watched as Manning would get the Colts into the playoffs just to watch a less than average defense and special teams play give it away. Were the Colts really that good? Regular season, yes. Playoffs, No. The Colts were REAL lucky to have the right to draft Luck after the total flop of Polians two QBs in Painter and Collins. 

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I appreciate the comment, but respectfully disagree......As I mentioned Polian's record speaks for itself, his track record of taking teams to the Super bowl, ranks among the best-ever, I am not going to waste time arguing with those who say............yes, but he didn't win the game, I won't even bother to say what kind of logic they have. It's no secret alot of money/draft picks were spent on the offensive side of the ball during Polian's tenure, if anybody really takes a good , long look at the post season losses , it was that high powered, high priced offense that didn't get the job done, not the average defense, the offense dominated the  regular season, then come crunch time, didn't deliver. One thing that I see alot of, is selective criteria...........which is taking certain stats, to make a point and not looking at the whole picture. Polian wasn't  perfect, I do believe with the talent level, there should have been more than 1 championship during his time there, was that his fault? Partly, but I think there are many reasons for that

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