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Coltster (Pagano's Monster)



With getting rid of old coaching staff and GM, hiring new GM and HC clearly a new attitude came to Indy. Polian's "never change the winning team" philosophy is likely gone. At least I hope, new FO will be able to make any needed change even if the team is successful.

In my opinion, last disastrous season is partly result of "lazy" free agent signings, unchanged tactics (Manning centered O and soft D), and unchanged special team. Obviously, persons in charge flattered themselves, that Peyton "One-man-army" Manning will carry the team at least to playoffs. This philosophy worked for a while, however in the 2010 season signs of "dry-rot" could have been spotted, as Colts hardly reached playoffs...and the total collapse came in the 2011 season, that triggered a tsunami washing away everything.

Irsay may have learnt his lesson, and decided to build up the team once again.

Grigson and Pagano seemingly worked out a system, and during free agency they were hiring FAs fitting in their system. Next Colts hopefully will work like an engine, and perhaps the driver won't hesitate to change parts or wheels if it is needed.

How would Pagano's monster (or Coltster?) look like: Aggressive defense, putting pressure on opponents QB, placing stone wall in front of running backs, and a stronger O-line providing a pocket to pass for our QB or opening highway for running backs towards end zone. Some part of this engine/some claws of the monster (choose which You like better) is still missing, but hopefully this and upcoming drafts will fill up holes, and Colts will be contender again.

I don't think, that this team will be a ready product at the start of the season, but i believe fans will like, what they see, and after 2 more season, in 2014 we may expect an SB-win from this team.

Always look on the bright side of life!


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I agree with you my friend whole heartedly The Manning era was fabulous football and will be remembered for a long time. But you are right that too much emphasis and responsibility were put onto his shoulders.. Many times we held onto players long after they should have been let go or traded because they were "part of the winning system". We failed to keep updating and refreshing the machine as needed. Early years tjhey did some awesome filling in without using the Free Agency, worked for a long time, but seem to falter in later years. Looking forward to a couple of interesting and building years followed by a lot of great years again after.

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I am excited about the Coltster but yes, will not be firing on all cylinders this season.

So we watch the evolution

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Another nice blog HCF. Yes, toughness has now returned to my beloved Colts once again with the hiring of Coach Pagano & his coaching staff. A stout defense, a reliable running game, & special teams play that can actually provide good to excellent field position...imagine that? Amazing!!!

The sleeping giant has now awoken & she is famished...Time to eat..."Simple Me Complicated You." What's on the menu tonight D? Opposing QB boys...I love an all you can buffet myself. [insert Vincent Price diabolical cackle here.]

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Menu for a monster to be fed:

Appetizer:wide receivers

Main course: QB prepared with sacks and INTs

Desert: Running backs stuffed with tackle

Pour some TD on the menu (the more, the better it is) and feed Your monster at least 19 times per season.

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I'm excited about all the changes if you can believe that, and can't wait to see what the new season is like no matter what the out come!!!

Love the Colts since 1958!!!


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gives new meaning to NEXT MAN UP.. NEXT TEAM UP!!!!!!! ???

as for the feeding menu.... maybe an aperitif of some smack mouth D!

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Smash mouth offense with more balance, and smash mouth defense with plenty of disguise and imaginative blitz packages!!!

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There are those that see things as they are and there are those that view things through their rose tinted glasses. Then there are those that do not appreciate how good things are for them. Unfortuately the reality is too hard for people to accept so we keep dreaming and hoping for everything in the name of future....

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