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To draft or not to draft...and some other things



Yes, I'm talking about Luck.

Everything is pointing toward drafting Luck with the 1/1 pick...is it??? Irsay is trying to keep us and the media alarmed by covering his cards on his draft choice, stating "evaluation process is open minded". I've tried to gather points why Irsay is to draft Luck:

  • He IS the #1 in the draft. Obviously, no doubt... His pro day has proven he is a great talent. Period.
  • Colts is a pass oriented team, and he fits in the best into this scheme.
  • FA signings suggest me, that coaching staff trying to set up an O-line that is able to provide our QB a stable pocket to pass. Ideal for Luck.
  • Private workout and yesterday's meeting with Luck seemingly convinced Irsay to pick him over RGIII.
  • RGIII seems to be committed to Redskins.

It is of course only my argument, and Irsay keeps us hanging on this matter, but I personally wouldn't like re-live an other emotional roller-coaster after Manning's departure. Anyhow, I can understand Irsay too, it seems like to me that he wouldn't like to be emotionally involved in his QB again.

Fans would like to see Luck signed by Colts prior to Draft. I don't know if this haste was useful, I neither know NFL's rules concerning signing Draftees before draft day (I think teams aren't allowed to do so), but I think Irsay may show signs (or at least hints) who he is intend to draft. (like inviting Luck to meet an estate agent, or something like that).

EDIT: some addition.

It is strange and somehow scaring to me, how football history repeats itself... About 14 years ago Colts was given the chance to draft either Manning or Ryan Leaf. Manning was proven to be smart and devoted to football on interview, still some believed Leaf to be a better prospect than Manning. Irsay used the #1 draft pick on Manning, and following thing became history: Manning is considered one of best QBs ever played in the NFL, and Leaf became one of biggest busts...

It is easy to draw a parallel between history and this draft season. There is Luck, who is considered by "multiple experts" Manning like, and an other great prospect: RGIII. I hope the outcome will be different, and next seasons will be ruled by Luck and RGIII, causing a similar rivalry like Manning/Brady...

I'm worried about Brent's possible departure. I hope he considers things once more, won't pay attention to those, whose arguments are personal shots, and stays with us. Cheer up Brent! Forum is wanting U back buddy!

Today is day, when we are bargaining for a house...I'm getting fed up with stubborn sellers over-valuating their estates... I'm starting to think we'd better to build an environmental conscious house for ourself, instead of battling sellers and estate-agent who is committed more to seller than to us.

Have a nice day fans:


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I do not understand the clamoring to sign our draft pick before the draft.

Is this because people worry that somehow on draft day, we won't get the player we want?

Is it because they cannot stand the wait?

Why rob the #1 pick of the excitement and glory that comes with the #1 pick?

I don't understand it at all.

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I agree, draft day is for the pickin'! Not before!

interesting historical edit! I hope a repeat is in order for only half of the scenario...for Luck to ge amazing and charm us as Peyton did (does) and that RGIII does not end up a bust, but something about that guy worries me.

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I am glad Irsay made it clear today we are indeed taking Luck number 1.

Lets just do the process and enjoy the moment of yet another franchise QB!!

Gone are the days where a number 1 pick can get an enormous contract (Stafford and Bradford for example) So why argue about signing him? We should not. He WILL be signed!!!

Thanks for the nice comments HungarianColtsFan! You are a super guy. Good luck on that house...you and your bride will find the perfect fit for you.

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Another good blog HCF!!! Perhaps, once you retire, you can become a freelance writer/blogger in your spare time.

Draft predictions always crack me up. Unless you have a family member that either was or is in the NFL, "potential" isn't synonymous with "guarantee."

Yes, you are correct HCF; we are very fortunate as an organization to land 2 high caliber QB's back to back 14 years apart i.e. Manning & Luck.

If both QBs had to decided to leave college early & enter the draft, Manning might be a NY Jet. Glad to see Brent has returned as well.

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