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I've started my blog, to share my thoughts about being a Colts' fan in a country, where Football has growing popularity and teams have growing Hungarian fan base. However we have a chance to attend 2 games in a weekend, we hardly have a chance to watch our chosen favorites, as editors are trying to give give chance to watch every team at least once in a season.

Colts' don't have a large fan base here, I really don't understand why...as there is no better team than COLTS!

Some short info about myself: I'm an environmentalist (actually an environmental engineer) working for (one of) largest Hungarian companies dealing with environmental and water management issues. I have a bride (as some of You may already know), and we are about to marry soon (first we planned it for this June, but failed.... :( ).

This entry will be about the perhaps worst day of my Colts Fan Life. It's not tearing up wounds, just a summary of my thoughts and feelings.

For now my feelings and thoughts have settled about loosing Manning. I have to admit, that parting ways serves the best interests of both parties... Colts have to (re)build team with new FO and players, but cannot do this with Peyton, with his salary cap killing contract and very likely arrival of Luck (I'm not sure if he would tutor Luck or Luck would sit behind him). Besides Peyton shouldn't spend his next 2 years struggling with a rebuilding team, when he can play at his top shape.

On the other hand...we released Bullitt, Brackett, Addai and Clark...Those were attractive names just three years before, but they were on IR or their performance have been declining last years...some other players who left the Horseshoe, and the team already had holes to fill in. (Re)Building a team was inevitable, that requires free cap space...something we didn't have with Peyton.

It was hard to take, more harder to admit, that parting ways was the best (and perhaps only) solution for Irsay and Manning. We have to close a chapter, and start a new in Colts Big History Book.

I'm closing this entry, for I have typed a lot of insanity, I have to work a lot, and I'm still rehabbing. I will try to make new entries about my thoughts if i have time...or any thought at all.

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I am really interested in your thoughts, and am excited to hear thoughts of American football by great people from other great countries.

When I first entered the forum, you became one of my first friends! I always appreciate your honesty, hard work, and in general 'just how great' of a person you are.

I for one cannot wait to read more of your blogs when you find the time. Thank you HungarianColtsFan!!

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Enjoyed your blog as did my friend Brent. Please share thoughts from your part of the world regarding Football, Colts or other, and anything else that may come up. My oldest son lives in Bahrain, we have been there once, only time out of the country and enjoyed. Feel free to add me as a friend if you care to. Enjoy your comments and thoughts that you post here Share your feelings about the inevitable need for the changes that are happening to our Colts and lookin forward to the "rebuilding" years ahead.

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I enjoyed reading your thoughts friend!

I too rode the roller coaster of anger, saddness, and slight despair with you when we released our beloved Peyton, and soon after others whom we all loved. BUT you are right in saying that it was time. It may hurt when the "tape is ripped off the skin" but the healing has begun and excitement has taken the place of saddness. Excitement for Peyton as he is sure to have quick success with the Broncos, and excitement for us as we BUILD our team into not only an offensive, but also a DEFENSIVE monster whom our opponents will dread meeting :D

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Happy to see you blogging!

I agree with your thoughts on the rebuild and Manning.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...........and now we are building the MONSTER!

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I forgot 2 things:

1. I apologize for my poor English, I hope it will get better.

2. I don't think Denver is the best place for Peyton, Broncos are rather rushing the ball, than passing (Perhaps because they had Teebow, and not a more potent QB), so it won't be an easy equation to solve.

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HCF, thank you for sharing information about your career, personal life, admiration for Colts football, & your native country of Hungary.

Maybe we could see a beautiful wedding picture of you & Alexandra someday. I would really enjoy seeing that eventually when the time right for both of you.

Your English is very good HCF & I am very proud of you. Learning another language is a monumental undertaking. I enjoy learning about different customs & cultures very much.

I am really glad we are friends & I look forward to reading more interesting blogs & other posts from you my friend!!!

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I really enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you.

But, please don't apologize for your English. It is very good. Especially considering that it is your second language.

My son has taught English as a second language and will soon be returning to Japan to do so again. He has always told me that English is one of the hardest languages to learn because there are so many inconsistencies.

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