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Under pressure



Is our beloved team under pressure? Yes, it is. Shock of Manning's departure is gone, now fans are mocking the next season's result. Would it be 2-14 again, or 8-8, or would Luck win SB as a rookie?

After the free agency, that turned out to be quite promising under given cap-circumstances, Fans have growing expectations toward the team, and a good Draft will boost expectations even further.

Last season is a serious burden on the team, as they should make the fans forget it as soon as it is possible. Luck's burden is to reach at least 3 wins (just to prove everyone, that he is at least as good as Manning was). Pagano must prove himself a good HC (not better as Caldwell was, as it isn't a big deal for him, Caldwell was a terrible HC however he is a good QB coach, but this should be an other entry). And the 2012 season, as hole, with team building, free agency, draft, pre-season, regular season is a big exam for Grigson.

Will the team, and coaching staff be able to bear this burden? I don't know, but I really hope they are mentally strong to do it.

We fans should pay our patience for this team, cause we cannot expect a miraculous season, with playoff... A 0.5000 season is very acceptable from this team, as the team isn't a ready product yet. The monster will be only a monster cub for this season. The team will be taking shape in the upcoming 2-3 seasons. Only after that may we expect Conference titles or SB.

I fear, after the first few games, if wont acquire 1-2 wins, voices bashing Irsay, claiming Luck over-hyped, Colts a wacky team, Pagano a lousy HC... That's the pressure the team is under.

Other thoughts:

Colts' schedule was released, that is 14th toughest in the NFL, not an easy task for a rookie QB, new HC and new team...however "impossible is nothing". Bye-week comes to soon, and Colts will have only one prime-time appearance, that means they will be broadcasted in Hungary only once again. Bad news for Hungarian fans.

The title of this entry is stolen from Queen&David Bowie's great song "Under pressure" (that was devastated by Vanilla Ice in "Ice, Ice baby"). I hope won't need to pay copyrights.


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I have to think to myself on this one HungarianColtsFan: Should there be a ton of pressure on this team? Last year's team was on the verge of an 0-16 year. We were beaten 62-7 by the Saints. This represented the 3rd worst loss in the history of professional American football.

If the Colts had not fired Larry Coyer (the Cover 2 Destroyer)we would have gone 0-16. Mike Murphy took it personally when he replaced Coyer and said "We will not be 0-16."

I agree with you that 3-13 is the standard that needs to be overtaken. I looked at the schedule and I predict 7-9. 8-8 is a success as you say. I think the pressure should lie squarely on the shoulders of the teams playing the new look Colts. Why?

The defense will be agressive from day 1 of camp and will not quit bringing the heat. Pagano will not allow it. Manusky is known as a conservative coach. Pagano will not let a 'prevent' defense to be played in the 3rd quarter.(Coyer played one in the 1st)

Call me crazy, but I like the early Bye week. A new team can use a couple of days off to think, and also practice the things that may not have worked against the Bears, Vikings and Jags. By the way, I predict a 2-1 start.(OUCH, did I say that?)

I know I am being pretty positive on who the pressure will be on. One person needs to know one thing and state it proudly. "I am Andrew Luck." The 'other guy is gone. Lets get another 14 years of Colts history started. Go Colts!!

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I am personally predicting 6-10 for us thus yr, but playoffs for next year. Given the cap situation after this year, it has been reported we will have around 50 Mil in cap room to spend. With all that room we should have room to sign good guys and could afford to gave high picks as well. Now as for that we are under pressure I agree. Caldwell was given one bad season and then was fired. I would expect the same if Pagano does as bad as last year. While I do not see that happening thats my thought on the whole thing. Brent, I also like the boldness that we go 2-1... thats confidence that I agree with 100%....

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HCF, I like what you said regarding Jim Caldwell, good QB coach & a lousy head coach. I wouldn't be too quick to believe the press & praise on Andrew Luck either. Now, I'm not saying the kid isn't talented. Heck, his dad played backup QB for the Houston Oilers. Luck understands the ebbs & flows of a season & the significance of locker room chemistry. Just be realistic about his rookie season Colts fans. I see us at 6-10 or 7-9 at best. Within 3 years, we will be in the Playoffs hunt again. It takes time to get the right pieces in place.

Are we "Under Pressure" as you suggest? No, not really right now we are attempting to lay down the running & defensive toughness mindset for the next decade.

Another well written blog HCF...Keep it up my friend!!!

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What a great song! thanks for making me think of it.

I have no doubt that the gm, coach, and players can handle it

Fans will make noise about it but, hey, that's part of it

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"cause love's such an old fashioned word, and love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the night and love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves" .. What a fanstastic song, so underrated, because of the fantastic beat and scatting I don't think many people pay attention to how clever and deep the words are! But I digress.. I just think it is appropriate you mentioned this song regarding the new Colts because I think they will also be underrated. I think the defense will hold strong to many wins this season that many will not expect. Yes we need offense and a good QB, but defense will give the Colts at least an 8-8 season! Underrated and Under Pressure! GO COLTS!

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