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WELCOME! Andy Luck is coming to town



Fans were waiting him as much as Santa at Christmas, and now it is officially confirmed: Stanford's Andrew Luck will be picked by Colts with the #1 pick. Now Grigson and Pagano has to equip him with "armor of Gods" in other words: he must be surrounded with talents in offensive line and provide him (future) potent WRs as targets.

FO has now 9 picks to fill in holes, after Free Agency, Colts are expected to spend their picks on offensive players. I cannot see Grigson's and Pagano's cards, but I continue believing that they have a plan, and they are about drafting according to this plan. Both Grigson and Pagano seemed confident in recent days, and it was good to hear that players are hungry, enthusiastic and ready to fight even tomorrow. Motivation won't be a problem this season, I hope players have their trust in the new coaching staff, and last season really was just an "aberration". There is still a big question mark: who will be the backup QB, Drew Stanton will be sufficient as backup? We will see.

"Thank You Dallas!"- Colts and Dallas Clark parted ways, and Dallas received this banner, I think he has deserved it. I'm anxious about his future, because there was some rumor earlier that his wrist-problems would end his career. I hope, not.

So, be welcome Andy! I hope you will enjoy playing in blue! And I also hope, You will receive trust and patience from fans during Your rookie season.



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"Ya better not cry.....ya better watch out.....HCF is telling you why....Andrew Luck is coming to town!!!!"

HO HO HO! Merry Draft Day!!

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Do the words good cheer & relentless intimidation go together? Because the Blue Horseshoe is coming to town & nobody, especially an opponent, likes a lump of coal in their stocking for Christmas right?

Dallas Clark was a very good TE & I wish him well in his future business endeavors whatever they might actually be.

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