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One armed Monster?



First Draft of the new era is over, and with newly drafted players and new FAs, an almost whole picture of the Monster can be seen.

With no surprise Colts picked Andrew Luck of Stanford with 1/1 pick, only picks of later rounds caused some excitement. With the remaining 9 picks the teem took 7 more offensive players and only two men to defense.However this season's draft seems quite ok as meeting almost all of the Colts' needs.

The question is again: is our D-line enough or O will have to overscore the opponents again?

Though draft was dominated by offensive players (I mean among players we drafted) or D-line doesn't look so bad with Mathis, Freeney, Bethea, Zbikowski. A decent CB is still a need at the team, but the new 3-4 defensive philosophy combined with Pagano's defensive mastery our D will be an average D in the League this season (I intently don't say "better than last season", as it wouldn't be a difficult task).

On the other hand, FO built a fortification around our rookie QB, and provided him targets, that would suggest, the team's gonna be offense heavy next year. If our offense would be more balanced between rushing and passing, I cannot say yet, but I smell more rush games when it comes to 3rd conversions or if the offense was in the red zone.

Anyhow I would see our D-line equipped with more decent players for being able to resist both rushing and passing games. In that meaning, Offensive arm of the Monster seems to be stronger than defensive arm.

I wouldn't grade draft yet, as new players can prove themselves earliest in the pre-season, however I think this offseason (both free agency and draft) was more successful than in recent years.

Lets's cross the fingers and wait for the season!


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I agree HCF. Our 2012 draft seems offensive heavy & defensive light. Next year's draft must focus on our secondary IMO. Let's see what our squad looks like in preseason & hope that the success there translates into regular season good fortune too.

"A decent CB is still a need at the team." Well said HCF, well said. Has the season started yet?...

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Nice blog HCF!

I just heard Luck, Fleenor and Whalen are ging over the playbook and running the plays at Stanford! Luck needed weapons. All he had was Wayne and Collie and the RBs.

I am going to trust in Roy Anderson to work on the secondary. I still feel with an attacking defense we will be fine.....I hope. :)

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I agree! I too think that it's ok we drafted heavy on the offensive side of the ball. Luck has to have protection and targets--his talent alone cannot win football games. He has to have targets and time to execute plays.

Thanks for pointing out that while our D isn't the huge monster I would like it to be, it also isn't in dire straights as some would like us all to believe. We have plenty of studs on the D side, we just need to round it out in next year's draft to make it the feared beast we all want it to be.

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