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Dolphin's Cry



This gonna be an exceptional entry, as today's subject isn't the Colts, or not entirely.

Miami Dolphins won SB with an extraordinary, outstanding, 100% performance in 1973. That was the only time, when an NFL team won an SB with a "faultless" season. And I think, this record gonna be untouched for good, if there will ever be an other team being able to repeat this record.

In 2009, Colts was at 14-0, when Caldwell's decided to rest his starters. Many Colts' fan thought he let slip a 19-0 season.Thats very unlikely...considering last seasons teams with the best regular season stats weren't able to win SB, just think of Pats in 2008 and 2011.

I think, DOlphins' record may be untouched, as football have changed a lot over the past 40 years, and imposes such physical and psychical load on players that makes almost impossible to show up top form in 19 games, and possibility of injuries is also high, so an NFL team chasing after perfect season is judged to lose. I see only a little chance for an NFL team having such strong roster that may keep up until the SB, where starters may play in top form.

So very likely, we won't hear 1973 Dolphins players' cry, and they can have their champaign every season.

This weekend rookie minicamp is on, and perhaps our roster has players, those will deliver next perfect season in NFL history. A. Luck is able to lead this team to victory, however I wouldn't put my expectations high. I would be really happy if we can see at the end of the season, that chemistry is working, players can apply O- and D-play schemes, regardless to how many wins will we have.

I think this roster is underrated, and has more talents, than any analyst may think.

This entry's title is inspired by an other great song:

Have a nice weekend Coltsland!


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Chemistry is what I'm looking for as well.

It seems to me we have been missing it for more than one year

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We had problems with chemistry in recent years. I hope it's gonna change from this season. I wanna see chemistry, enthusiasm, new play schemes.

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I agree 100% HCF chemistry, cohesiveness, & a few new defensive blitz packages do seem to be long overdue IMO.

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Chemistry comes down to personalities meshing, coaches meshing, and an "all in" mind set.

Coach Pagano has stressed a family atmosphere, this too is key!!

As to the Dolphins I loved to watch Griese, Csonka, Jim Kickk and Mercury Morris on the ground and Nat Moore and Paul Warfield on the outside. That was an offense that could hurt you in sooooo may ways.

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Did U know Brent, that Larry Csonka has Hungarian roots, however he was born in the States?

I did not know that...some good info. Thank you. Sorry I was a late arrival to your blog.

Also I was wrong on Nat Moore...he was after this team. Howard Twilley was the wide receiver with Warfield. Bob Mandich and Marv Fleming were tight ends.

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