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Introducing Brent Mc11...



76 ‘likes’. 330 posts. One ‘like’ per 4.3 posts. More than 1 ‘like’ a day---every day---since he joined the forum. And now, add to this impressive resume’ the title of Assistant General Manager. Allow me to introduce to you a member of the forum whom many of you know already as BrentMc11.

Brent and I first began talking two weeks after I joined the forum, meeting by way of my blog, “My Heart and My Mind Were Arguing Last Night”. At first, it was mere formality, as were many of my conversations with other members around the forum. We exchanged pleasantries, commented on the same topics a few times around the forum, but never really began to have regular conversation until the end of February. We became pretty good friends, and soon had begun talking to each other through our personal e-mails.

It wasn’t long before I realized the great love for the game of football that Brent has, and it wasn’t long before I realized that he enjoys learning more about it; shares his opinion freely; and readily accepts informative feedback, whether positive or corrective. These traits are what made me decide to offer him a role in my season analysis of the Colts.

I offered him the job of Assistant GM, and he accepted after thinking it through completely. I am excited to work with Brent for the 2012 season as we analyze the week by week match-ups between the Colts and their opponents, and I look forward to having fun with him as we learn more about the game of football and the Colts, together.


Statement From Brent:

When I first moved over from ColtsDirect, I was interested in how many people enjoyed the ‘blog’ features of the forum. One of the first blogs I analyzed was WeSpy’s “My Heart and My Mind Were Arguing Last Night.” I found each week’s blog insightful, thought provoking and easy for Colt fans to read from any level of football understanding.

As I ventured through the forums learning more about where to find all of the features, it seemed as though most of the topics I was commenting or posting on, WeSpy was as well. While we did not agree on every detail, we were very close in our philosophies on roster decisions and positional ‘challenges.’

I sent WeSpy a quick e-mail asking him a couple of ‘technical questions.’ I then mentioned a couple of personal issues I was dealing with (with a friend) and saw he was insightful on a whole lot of things. (Not just football)

I have enjoyed football ever since my dad threw the ‘pigskin’ to me and knocked me down. He did not believe in ‘nerf’ balls I guess. Football has been a passion for some time, and I see in WeSpy we share that same passion.

When WeSpy offered me the chance to work with him as his Assistant General Manager I thought “Wow, I cannot wait for my first check.” Seriously, I analyze every aspect of the Colts anyway and why not learn more about the coaches, the salary cap, and more of the business side of football. I also analyze before, during and after each game as well. To do this with a friend is just a bonus! I look forward to working on this. I will “roll up my sleeves” and evaluate. I heard that somewhere before.


Brent and I are excited to be working with each other throughout this upcoming year, and we hope to give our readers a healthy mix of facts and fun, humor and help; and just an overall good, solid blog. As you read each new entry, our hope is that your familiarity with the Colts will grow and your comprehension of the roster will become clearer.

If you have any questions or feedback about the blogs that you would like to address to Brent or myself personally, please feel free to contact us by way of the message system on the forum. Otherwise, you may leave a comment below with your thoughts. We appreciate your support as we endeavor to provide fans with a weekly blog that is full of substance. Thanks, have a great evening, and God Bless America!

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I think this is going to be great! Congratulations to Brent! I will definitely follow and keep up with these blogs. I can't wait for all the fun to start! Thanks in advance for providing us all with great info to read and things to learn. I appreciate the work you guys will be doing.

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Im glad to see this congrats Brent,look forward to this blog also,weve struck up a freind ship,as sports wize we share a lot of common,views and teams,but just in general,a sports finatic,and a student of the game a football,good luck Bro,and i for one appreciate the humor lol,when some dont

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Thank you Flux Civilian, KaylaD, MIColtsFan, and Jay Kirk. We think this will be fun for all Colt fans. From those who are learning the game to the most crafty 'veterans.' I am excited....is it football season yet? Thanks again!!

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GM Brent & Front Office expert WeSpy...What a creative melting pot of NFL intellect & emotion!!! Time to roll up your sleeves & go to work gentlemen. Lookin' forward to this intense combination from April through February fellas.

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Heart touching. Rarely if ever read blogs but took a chance on this one. Look forward to the actual season just like every fan. Will look at this for that occasional black out game I get every year. Question though, will you analyze the offseason acquisitions too and the draft?

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Thank you for the great comment Southwest. I think there is definitely some intesity in this front office GM WeSpy provides the intellect. I will bring the 'house' with emotion.

AustinCollie17: We will start with the new coaches, and yes we will analyze off season transactions. We will also lead up to the draft, and set up each game. I hope everyone on here reads and comments. This is for all Colt fans to enjoy!!! (BTW, we make mistakes like everyone...but don't tell anybody!)

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oh must rreally keep the secret oh okay i will since you ask nicely well mr brentmc 11 i miss you really thinking about that you are smart guy :)

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This is really cool. A Colts fan collaboration! I think it's a first for us. Looking forward to your posts!

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Thanks, everyone! I guarantee you, Brent and I are every bit as excited as you are. This should be loads of fun!

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