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  1. I'd rather use FA this year to pick up a solid vet and then, if we want, use a draft pick or two on O-line but not the first two picks...one of the first two for sure but O-line is not the only need, it's one of our most pressing needs, yes, but not to the extent where I think we should draft two guards and a tackle in our first three picks. We will have plenty of room to work in FA the next couple years and can fill some holes there.
  2. Well, considering he faced a very good Bears team and had been pressured on the majority of his pass attempts, I'm happy with his performance. It's hard not to have an off day when you have Henry Melton and every other Bear D-lineman collapsing the pocket
  3. I'm hoping we really go after at least one veteran O-lineman in FA this offseason. Add a couple more solid O-lineman through FA and/or early in the draft to help Satele and give Castonzo a little more time to develop and I think quite a few of our offensive problems will be solved. As a group the o-line showed very small flashes of some nice run blocking but they couldn't give Luck any protection, he had Bears in his face all day.
  4. ...aaand he just got the job http://nfltraderumors.co/titans-name-jake-locker-starting-quarterback/
  5. Right but if Locker gets the job then I would like Wright a little less
  6. Im not too high on Beanie this year you might want to keep an eye on the Cardinals and Ryan Williams in FA. I know you cant always have a roster full of guys you like but on your team my top people I'd be looking to move are Big Ben, Meachem, CJ2K, Beanie, and Gresham (for the sake of a top 5) Maybe if you couple Big Ben with one of those you could get something like Cutler, Stafford, or Matt Ryan (in order of my preference) and depending on who you give/who your going for you might be able to get a big upgrade at WR or TE...I love to play the waiver wire too but unless there is a promising re
  7. Mwelde Moore and Delone Carter have rib injuries so they are sitting out
  8. Our D didnt look to great against the run on the first series of last week either but after that we looked pretty good against SJack and Pead (yea I know Pead is just a rook)
  9. saw Pat limping a bit on the first drive didn't look too bad though
  10. great set up and great blocking down field very very nice
  11. The Rams are a good young team and had a very good draft (top 3 imo) as long as they can keep Bradford protected this season they will be just fine
  12. I took "prepared for reality" not as whether we win or lose but as what if our rookies aren't what we think they are right now? What if, for whatever reason, Luck (sorry but it is a possibility), Brazil, T.Y., Fleener, Dwayne, or Ballard or any combination of those guys just cant get it going. Obviously It wouldn't be anything to cry busted pick about but it could certainly diminish some of the optimism about our young talent around here, at least slightly. That's just how I took it that comment and I'm not trying to say the optimism is a bad thing...it's anything but.
  13. I'm going to go with Dwayne Allen and I'm hoping I see something from Tommy Z on the first team D
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