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  1. Been gone for a while...man the offseason needs to be shorter

    1. southwest1


      Welcome back home Flux. Tell me about it. Could time move any slower? Oh well, the regular will get here eventually right?

  2. Forget the neighbors man! I'm a metalhead of a different kind but the feeling is the same. I'm very passionate about music and listen to almost anything ( from dubstep to rap to what is sometimes described as "screamo"...stupid name) depending on my mood but when it comes to rock, or anything of the sort, metal is always my first choice.
  3. Congrats to the both of you...can't wait until the season starts.
  4. Is it draft day yet?

  5. For those curious about the name, I'm named after Flux Pavilion, my favorite music artist at the moment. As a warning, if you check him out, he is Dubstep and will likely sound like robotic garbage to some of you.

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    2. Flux


      That was my second choice lol

      Back to the Future??

    3. MAC


      Yes sir. And right about now I could actually use a time traveling DeLorean.

    4. Flux


      Honestly, who couldn't, that thing is suhweeet!

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