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  1. Virtuoso80

    What does "BTM" stand for on Luck's T-shirt?

    Blue Towels Matter... for the Colts color
  2. Virtuoso80

    What does "BTM" stand for on Luck's T-shirt?

    Burn The Monster? it's got flames on it.
  3. Virtuoso80

    Colts draft Clemson WR Deion Cain (Merge)

    You mean Grigson?
  4. Virtuoso80

    Colts select NC State RB Nyheim Hines

    broncos not browns
  5. Didnt Frank Gore tear his knees up in college?
  6. Virtuoso80

    Trading down again.....

    how about trading back from the 22nd pick for more 2nd round and/or 3rd round picks? if we do trade back to get the 12th and 22nd from the bills
  7. Looks like the draft picks are becoming more clear now.
  8. He had acl injury last year, not sure if he was good prior to that.
  9. Virtuoso80

    Report: Colts signing WR Ryan Grant

    i think it's official
  10. Virtuoso80

    Pierre Desir is back

  11. Virtuoso80

    Jags Release Allen Hurns

    Grant in the slot with TY and Hurns on the outside?