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  1. College Football 2017-2018 thread

    Was at the Notre Dame game today in the suites. It was a good experience. Got the win vs Navy as well, but I know they are out of the playoffs after the beatdown last week by Miami.
  2. Jack Mewhort

    Isn't it 72 million plus the rollover of 18 mil from this year? or was that already figured with the rollover?
  3. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    Well he has Andy Dalton (not so great) and the injuried Jamies Winston
  4. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    Oh no, just saying Wentz was a nice surprise, since I picked him up in the late rounds (around 10-11) while I drafted Brady in the 5th I believe. I just need a better TE: so I was debating if I should make a trade for gronkowski while offering Wentz, so i could pair gronk with brady.
  5. Jared's Fantasy Football Advice for 2017

    I have Brady and Wentz in the money league that I'm in. Wentz was a nice surprise this year since I picked him up in the later rounds of the draft. I am currently tied for the top spot in my division, but with a win tonight, hopefully the other guy loses this week (which it looks like he will), I will be back on top. I lost last week to him because a couple players didn't get their normal stats, while a couple of my bench players went off (Will Fuller and Lamar Miller vs Seattle) which would have won me the match-up (Lost by 4 points). Winning the division is the top priority at this point of the season before playoffs.
  6. Colts Joe's League 2017

    Cant believe I am in 1st place with a 2 game lead, while all my picks were auto picked.
  7. 2011 again

    didnt we land edge when we last went 3-13 with manning?
  8. The Mystery is over.... Andrew Luck Out for Season

    How about Notre Dame's OL?
  9. The Mystery is over.... Andrew Luck Out for Season

    Since Luck is going on IR, I wonder who takes his spot on the 53?
  10. Mathis arrested

    He was released without posting a bond.
  11. Mathis arrested

    I think "endangering a person" that is probably why.
  12. Mathis arrested

    Not trying to argue but just strange they arrested him for OWI which is driving drunk, but he was below the limit. Just something weird about it.
  13. Mathis arrested

    .052 is below the limit. the legal limit is .08
  14. Mathis arrested

    Why would he need a ride? He was well below the legal limit.
  15. Mathis arrested

    Yeah they fine you up to $500 (citation) but not arrest.