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  1. coltsleafs

    2018 Colts Road Games

    I've actually done Washington once before when we played Baltimore in the playoffs a few years back very cool city excited to see more this time for sure. Ya I was at the last two games in buffalo too closest game to me.
  2. coltsleafs

    2018 Colts Road Games

    Ya I plan to be fully decked out in Colts stuff as usual I survived Oakland which wasn't bad at all just taunts and what not but all friendly.
  3. coltsleafs

    2018 Colts Road Games

    Ya definitely a little worried for Philly I'm not letting my gf wear Colts gear to that one lol
  4. coltsleafs

    2018 Colts Road Games

    Ya after freezing my butt of in Cincinnati last year I said no more cold games lol if I'm going to an outdoor game going to make it early in the season.
  5. coltsleafs

    2018 Colts Road Games

    Ya should be fun I think were gonna spend a few nights in Atlantic City too. My original plan this year was Nashville but the schedule kind of squashed that by putting the game at the end of the season.
  6. coltsleafs

    2018 Colts Road Games

    I'm curious what games other Colts fans are planning on attending this year. I think my GF and I are going to take a week off and do a nice trip to Washington and finish in Philadelphia getting two Colts games in. I'm probably going to do at least one trip to Indy this year as well looking at the October Bills game. Here a link to a site that shows all the colts away games I've been too.
  7. coltsleafs

    Colts 2018 Schedule Announced [Merge]

    Darn my favorite time to go to a game is Mid October and looks like two of those games are Pats and Jets which are not the games I plan on going to this year lol
  8. coltsleafs

    Colts 2018 Schedule Announced [Merge]

    Are these leaks typically legit or they complete nonsense? I looked at the schedule leak for New England and it has them playing 5 prime time games in a span of 7 weeks that can't be real
  9. coltsleafs

    Colts 2018 Schedule Announced [Merge]

    Thanks for the heads up I definitely expect Philly to be the roughest stadium I've been to so far but need to knock it off the list if I want to see the Colts play in every Stadium. I've seen the colts play in 16 different stadiums roughest so far was Oakland with Baltimore a close second. Me and my buddies started a NASCAR pool a few years back to fill the void of no football on Sunday. It would be cool to be at the last race of our pool season not going to lie the racing is actually quite boring but the pool makes it pretty interesting. I will definitely have to come in the summer one time and take in the Indy 500.
  10. coltsleafs

    Colts 2018 Schedule Announced [Merge]

    My favorite day of the year get to plan my Colts trips for the upcoming year. My hope is to one game in Indy and two road games Philly and Tennessee. I'm also curious to see how week one works out with NASCAR being at Indy that weekend I'm assuming will start on the road but it would be awesome if we got a Monday Nighter and I could go to both the race and a football game on the same trip.
  11. coltsleafs

    Will you be watching the Super Bowl?

    Not this year first one I don't host a party for since last Pats/Eagles match. Can't stomach watching the Pats win another.
  12. coltsleafs

    London Games 2018 Announced

    I finally got to go to Scotland two years ago spent a week there with extended family before going to London for the Colts game. Had an amazing time in Scotland people there were awesome. I need to bring my mom there soon she hasn't been since before I was born so 27 years ago and I know she would love to go back and see family.
  13. coltsleafs

    London Games 2018 Announced

    I went to London for the Colts game a few years back and had an amazing time. I'm not going to lie I'm a little disgusted in some of the comments in this thread I won't name any names though lol. I think growing the sport is great and I personally would love to go see the Colts play a game in any country.
  14. coltsleafs

    Player Jersey Sales

    How is Brady number one seller in Indiana what is wrong with people lol.
  15. coltsleafs

    Minnesota (-3) at Philadelphia (1-21-18)

    Anyone else boycotting the super bowl? I have had a super bowl party every year since the last pats eagles super bowl lol it came full circle.