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  1. Will you be watching the Super Bowl?

    Not this year first one I don't host a party for since last Pats/Eagles match. Can't stomach watching the Pats win another.
  2. London Games 2018 Announced

    I finally got to go to Scotland two years ago spent a week there with extended family before going to London for the Colts game. Had an amazing time in Scotland people there were awesome. I need to bring my mom there soon she hasn't been since before I was born so 27 years ago and I know she would love to go back and see family.
  3. London Games 2018 Announced

    I went to London for the Colts game a few years back and had an amazing time. I'm not going to lie I'm a little disgusted in some of the comments in this thread I won't name any names though lol. I think growing the sport is great and I personally would love to go see the Colts play a game in any country.
  4. Player Jersey Sales

    How is Brady number one seller in Indiana what is wrong with people lol.
  5. Minnesota (-3) at Philadelphia (1-21-18)

    Anyone else boycotting the super bowl? I have had a super bowl party every year since the last pats eagles super bowl lol it came full circle.
  6. I like to put jerseys up of the teams playing on my wall I put this sucker up a few weeks ago lol.
  7. The Patriot Advantage

    I am all for the too many men on the field penalties those are just smart plays by the QB it is all the PI that are being called that is really annoying me. Half the time the player isn't even being touched and he goes down with his arms up calling for a penalty if I wanted to watch people diving and calling for penalties I would watch soccer. I think it is really hard for the refs at real speed to see which plays are actually pass interference and which are flops. I think they should take a look at what the CFL is doing and allow coaches to challenge these PI calls because they're are far too many of them being called that shouldn't be in my opinion and it is really ruining the game IMO.
  8. The Patriot Advantage

    Has anyone else noticed how many first down the Patriots get via penalty? I've watched almost everyone of their games this year and I just can't get over how many times they get a first down by penalty. I found these statistics online and I am surprised they have not been talked about more. Is it just because they are coached so well that they seem to get all the calls or is there more to it?
  9. Make your Playoff Bracket!

    AFC 1. New England Patriots 2. Pittsburgh Steelers 3. Jacksonville Jaguars 4. Kansas City Chiefs 5. Baltimore Ravens 6. Los Angeles Chargers NFC 1. Philadelphia Eagles 2. Minnesota Vikings 3. Los Angeles Rams 4. New Orleans Saints 5. Carolina Panthers 6. Atlanta Falcons Chargers at Jaguars Jaguars Ravens at Chiefs Chiefs Panthers at Saints Panthers Falcons at Rams Rams Panthers at Eagles Panthers Jaguars at Steelers Steelers Rams at Vikings Vikings Cheifs at Patriots Chiefs Panthers at Vikings Rams Chiefs at Steelers Chiefs Chiefs at Vikings Vikings
  10. Any of y'all go to the game yesterday?

    I went to the January 2010 game in Buffalo when the Colts rested mosted of their starters was quite the blizzard that day but nothing like this past weekend. Was planning on going this year since it is the closest Stadium to me but with the state of this team I decided to stay home.
  11. Will You Be Renewing Your Tickets?

    Living 12 hours away I typically only go to a couple of games a year so I'm not sure it is really feasible to stay on as a season ticket holder anymore.
  12. If Luck doesnt play next week

    I was thinking that too but the way they talked last night is that he is not even close to returning.
  13. Colts @ Titans Monday Night Football Game Thread

    He picked the titans to win the division so he doesn't want to look dumb fact is titans just aren't that good lol
  14. Colts @ Titans Monday Night Football Game Thread

    If we stop taking penalties will win by double digits
  15. Colts @ Titans Monday Night Football Game Thread

    Are the Commentators really annoying tonight or is it just me