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  1. Who the hell is Mel Kiper? My Neighbor has more credentials than him and he's a postman.
  2. Beside for Pats fans I can't really see a lot of people wanting to see this. Tom Brady may be the greatest qb ever (not in my mind of course) but even if he is he is generally not very well liked outside of their fan base unlike Peyton Manning who everyone loved beside maybe some pats fans.
  3. I've got a blank jersey frame I've been waiting to fill with a Peyton Manning signed jersey those things aren't cheap
  4. Normally I would be very depressed football is over but not this year I've been wanting this season over for a long time was my least favorite season to date. Least I have hockey and the Leafs are actually watchable again which is rare lol
  5. I've never hated something more in my life than I hate the Patriots. I feel that sometimes my hate for them is almost greater than my love for my Colts. Living in Canada where we don't have a team of course every second person you meet says oh I'm a Pats fans and I puke in my mouth a little. Honestly seems the worse people become Pats fans. I've walked away from dates because the girl is a Patriots fan lol. I need to find a way to block out the Patriots because they're honestly ruining football for me and it's the one thing I've always loved.
  6. what pisses me off is the ref who ruled it a touchdown definitely could not see from that angle and you look at the pictures from where he was standing. I think he was just short but due to the confetti being released they really couldn't overturn it at that point. The thing I'm more upset about is that the NFL is the only football league left that still allows a coin toss to decide an overtime game. College football and even the terrible CFL both allow each teams offense to get a chance no matter what. Get it right already NFL.
  7. This is kind of sad but that is the most depressed I've been after a super bowl ever and that includes the one the colts lost which was real rough. Just having to hear about the 5 Rings that team now has for the rest of my life makes me sick to my stomach I had to take a personal day today lmao.
  8. Yah I know it happens all the time just thought it be comical if you called the guy your playing in the big game. Go Matty Ice
  9. I think it would be funny if he asked Tom Brady for advice lol
  10. Was Dungy really all that good of a coach if you really think about it? He was brought in to help build a defence which never really happened Peyton was so good at what he does he was able to hide that. I remember always complaining Dungy too conservative remember all the times Peyton waved the punt team back off the field lol
  11. Pretty much every fan in the world that isn't a patriots one I would assume lol
  12. I wanna congratulate them but I just can't their fans are so bloody arrogant go on and read any comments they're already talking about how they're going to destroy Atlanta and it will be done by half. I hope Matty ice can pull it out he's played so well all year I'm worried about that team though just being so happy to just be there since it's a lot of their first Super Bowls and what like the patriots 100th trip
  13. I've been watching a lot of old colts games the last few weeks like the packers colts 2004 game steelers colts playoff game and the one big difference I see on the defensive side of the ball is the pass rush we had back then. We have never really had a great secondary have always got picked apart and run all over but that pass rush with freeney and Mathis and a few others was lethal and game changing. If we can find some good pash rushers I think this team can really turn things around.
  14. Ya I've been to Foxborough, Baltimore, Buffalo, Carolina, New Orleans, Indy, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Minnesota, Arizona, London, Detroit, Jacksonville, and Oakland. Haven't had any issues at all heckels here and there but nothing major most annoying thing that has ever happened is a guy in a purple suit at the Ravens game kept saying (good Luck, bad luck, no Luck and this isn't Stanford anymore the entire game hoping I would turn around and acknowledge him. Eventually a Ravens fans told him to hush Off to Seattle and Nashville next year
  15. To be honest I think the NFL needs to go one step further and be more like College and both teams regardless if the first team scores a TD should get the ball take the coin toss deciding games right out of it.

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