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  1. I'm totally confused now...
  2. I would prefer a trade down, but if not then I believe the smartest choice is either Foster, Reddick, or the best Pass Rusher available. Then follow that up with either the best ILB or OLB (Whichever wasn't taken in the first) in round 2 and Gareon Conley in the 3rd.
  3. I see where you're coming from, but if they were at the bar together for 25 minutes, wouldn't they have at least spoken to one another?
  4. Since this hasn't been linked yet, here's some more information: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2705988-alleged-surveillance-video-appears-to-contradict-gareon-conleys-accusers-story Surveillance Video:
  5. Draft thought: How high would you all take Gareon Conley? I'd say the third because I don't think he really did this but he should drop at least this far because of recent events.
  6. Reuter's 7 Round Mock Draft, found here, now includes a Priority UDFA list. Here is the full list: Of this list, who do you want? Here are some names I would like to get: - Stevie Tu'ikolavatu - Kyle Fuller - Joe Mathis - Jalen Reeves-Maybin - Gareon Conley - Elijah McGuire - Davon Godchaux - Darius English - Channing Stribling - Bryan Cox Jr Any others that pique your interests?
  7. Other than some slight name misspellings, not to bad!
  8. Not sure id there is one of these yet, but I'm going to put this out there because I tend to have spontaneous thoughts that have nothing to do with any other topic but also don't really have the pop that is necessary for it's own thread. Feel free to put any ideas here that you may have as well!!! Here's my first thought: What if we trade our third round pick to Tennessee for Derrick Henry? Alright, hear me out. Henry is yet again slated to be the backup running back to Demarco Murray this season, and as you can read here, Henry is somewhat secluding himself from the team. On our side of things, this completely solves our need for a young running back. Henry is a dynamic, young playmaker who just isn't getting the opportunities he wants in Tennessee. What do you guys think?
  9. Technically, it's "innocent until proven guilty," but I catch your drift and agree.
  10. I was going to write almost exactly this but you apparently can read my mind before I even think something!
  11. I would be second guessing it even if I traded pick 144 for him!
  12. Well now that you've merged it I guess it's irrelevant now
  13. Removing this since the posts were merged
  14. Alright, I'm looking through the first few pages of members sorted by content count. Here are a few names who have been missing for at the very least a month, wether lost or inactive: @Gavin - RIP Brother! @Dustin @amfootball @GoColts8818 @ruksak @Andy @HtownColt @House @John Dee @JoKeR @Balzer40 @Fx Stryker @Nobody @FireJimCaldwell - I mean, the name dates him enough... @NewEra @MAC @Poster X @The Old Crow @Narcosys That's through just the top 3 pages with 24 to a page! In all, 19 of our top 72 posters are no longer around actively! Saddening!

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