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  1. Horseshoe Blue PPR 2017

    Like Chad said, thanks for keeping this rolling. I had a blast and hope to have a great time again next year. I'm really shocked that I won overall because everyone did so fantastically! Even when I put up 170 last week, I only won by 15 points! This was the most fun I have ever had in a Fantasy League! Good luck the rest of the way to everyone! On to the Playoffs!!
  2. Best Way to Describe the 2017 Colts

    By Quoting the Great Bob Lamey from yesterday's game: "Even when we win, we can't win!"
  3. The 2 point conversion penalty

    To quote what Bob Lamey had to say when this happened, "Even when we win we can't win!"
  4. Horseshoe Blue PPR 2017

    I see it now. I had been using the app so that explains it! Thanks!
  5. Horseshoe Blue PPR 2017

    I am wondering about these trophies. I guess I'm not sure what we are talking about when they are mentioned. Can someone please elaborate on that for me, and also where I can see these trophies? Thanks!
  6. Colts should have drafted T.J. Watt 1st round!

    Yeah, we definitely should have taken a player that was projected to go in the early second over a guy who was projected to be top 10. Makes sense. Hooker made our defense so much more exciting to watch when he was healthy. Watt would just be another guy coming off the edge. Even now, I would take a guy with 3 picks in 7 games than a guy with 5 sacks in 11 games. Pre draft and even looking back now, Hooker is the better choice. Good grief.
  7. brissetts ranking

    Sorry I haven't responded to those. I have been busy with a line of death firefighter funeral this past week. I see him as a running QB because he tends to try to escape the pocket more often than not. You look at non-running QBs and they all tend to stay in the pocket as long as they can. Brissett leaves a little early sometimes and isn't afraid to take off with his feet. He's a heavy built QB, so while he may not have the speed of a Mariota or a Watson, he has the power of a Cam Newton. I understand Newton is fast too, but he isn't quite as fast as many running QBs, and Brissett is just a slightly slower clone of him from what I see. Even looking at his draft report, the first line says he isn't afraid to challenge defenses with his feet. That's why I see him as a running-QB
  8. Rashaan Melvin and Secondary

    So, just wanted to find this topic to say that, for the first time in a long time, I found fans of other teams raving about one of our corners, and who other than Rashaan Melvin. They were talking about how he basically locked down both AJ Green and Antonio Brown. He is continuing to surprise many of us here!
  9. brissetts ranking

    Two problems with this statement: 1) He is a running QB 2) He isn't a rookie But yes, I agree he is getting good experience and will adjust
  10. Stop Blaming Pagano

    Gee, I wonder how many fan's we will lose if Ballard decides to give Pagano one last shot. I want him gone as much as anybody, but most of you act as though if he gets an extension, the whole team will be ruined and then kicked out of the league for being terrible. Good grief people! It's not the end of the world!
  11. TJ green

    If I'm remembering correctly, Green had a great coverage play yesterday in over the top coverage on AB, but otherwise, he normally looks lost out there.
  12. Our best defensive player?

    Al Woods, Malik Hooker, and John Simon, in order of questions asked.
  13. Notre Dame offensive tackle

    I love the LG, Quenton Nelson, but looking at tape, McGlinchey just doesn't look all to great. Just look at his totally missed block here. The EDGE guy, #84, should be left alone for the start of the play, as it is a option to the quarterback going the opposite direction, meaning the line must shift to block the player to their right, but McGlinchey has nobody to block off the snap, so in that case, he needs to read, then, after seeing nobody coming to his hole, instead of going upfield to a guy he barely even gets a hand on, he needs to get back and block the back-side incase the play breaks down, which it does here. If McGlinchey would have set that block, the quarterback would have had the potential to pick up a few yards and maybe even the first down, but instead, gets taken down for a big loss on third down.
  14. Vontae Davis

    If we do end up moving on from Vontae, do we take a CB early next year in the draft to replace him, such as Tarvarus McFadden or Kevin Toliver II?
  15. Is it time to move on from Hilton?

    So you're saying everything is not going to be OK in this thread???