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  1. Melifonwu isn't making it past pick 35. That showing at the combine skyrocketed his stock which was already grading him as a 2nd round prospect because of the unique size-speed combo. I would love Melifonwu, but he likely won't even make it out of the first round... I like Lamp and Reddick though! Still not sure on Harris. Haven't even gotten to his tape yet
  2. My personal favorite is #5 and is the trade that I have been using in many of my Mock's. Among these potential trades, it is easily the most reasonable. I wouldn't mind any of these aside from the Cleveland trade, though (Too much drop down)!
  3. As disappointing as he was, I was hoping he would get a chance as a purely slot corner for us and we would sign or draft a player outside.
  4. Ravens have released Lardarius Webb. Potential option if Butler doesn't return?
  5. You make it sound so terrible
  6. So far, we have picked up 2 potential starting OLBs in free agency in Mingo (if he gets it together) and Simon (who is an overlooked stud). We are also talking to Sheard, and assuming we bring him in, we have 3 starting-caliber pass rushers. If that's the case, do we still draft one in the first round? Even the second? Personally, I think we should pass on Sheard and grab a stud in the early draft to fight for a starting job, because if we do get Sheard, that leaves 4 starting-caliber players fighting over 2 spots. While it's not a bad problem to have, it takes up roster space and cap room. That's just my thought on it all, but I want to know what you guys would do in this situation!
  7. Personally, I'm a fan of Haason Reddick at 15, or even a small trade back
  8. I say we draft one. Kendricks is a huge question mark at this point for me.
  9. I care.......
  10. Free Agency doesn't open officially until 4 PM
  11. Whitworth to the Rams. Not that I wanted him, just another big name.
  12. Interesting. Not a bad pickup at all
  13. I wouldn't be too upset taking him in the second or third, but I'm not spending a first on him, even though he has seemed to clean up his act a bit. He is the best back in this class, and that's saying something with the names you see in this years draft. He would also give Luck a LeVeon Bell/David Johnson clone, that being a player who can pound the rock and run receiver routes outside.
  14. I agree it's overrated, but 5 starters out of one draft class is still a lot, especially seeing as about 7 others have the potential to start later down the line.

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