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  1. One name that hasn't yet been mentioned is OLB Arden Key out of LSU. I feel like he could finally be that young franchise pass-rusher we need.
  2. Wilson, contrary to popular belief, played highly effectively in coverage and was always in the receivers hip pocket. His one issue was turning his hips in time to find the ball and make a play on it. He was never once burnt or lost. Also made some nice hits on the ball carriers
  3. While it would be interesting to see how he would progress under Vinny's tutelage, it would waste a valuable roster spot. So no
  4. @Btown_Colt When's the draft?
  5. @Kevin Bowen Thanks for everything. I will miss reading your articles every day! Best of luck in your future ventures in whatever you choose to do!
  6. Coming from a fantasy Nerd, the answer is 95% David Johnson. Bell is injury prone, and Zeke is facing possible suspension. Johnson is the safest to play every week and put up top tier numbers consistently.
  7. Any openings left?
  8. At this rate, assuming he stays consistent and strong for 2-3 more seasons, there should be no question as to him being the greatest kicker of all time!
  9. Great practice today! not every question was answered, but many outside-the-box schemes and planning were on display! I had a ton of fun this season and hope to be back next year! Go Blue!
  10. Adam just boomed a 61 yarder with some room to spare. Who says he's getting too old?
  11. Not sure if he's injured or what it is, but Hooker is with a trainer in the south end zone
  12. Bray, Rogers, and JoJo Natson seem to be the three working punt returns
  13. If the WR drills are to be believed in the order seeing TY and Crief up front, it looks like 3, 4, 5 is Rogers, Dorsett, Aiken in that order. Don't believe what you see in camp, but that is consistently the order in which they line up
  14. Robert Mathis makes his appearance! Offense and Defense coming on soon!
  15. Special teams has taken the field!

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