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  1. Vontae Davis

    If we do end up moving on from Vontae, do we take a CB early next year in the draft to replace him, such as Tarvarus McFadden or Kevin Toliver II?
  2. Is it time to move on from Hilton?

    So you're saying everything is not going to be OK in this thread???
  3. Something to Ponder

    After 3 weeks, there remain 8 teams who have not given up a single "explosive run", being categorized by a rush of greater than 20 yards. All 4 of the AFC South Squads are on this list of 8, along with the Bears, Vikings, Lions, and Redskins. It looks to me as though the AFC South is turning into a tough division to run against. In addition, of these 8 teams, here is how they rank in order of most rushing yards allowed to a single player through 3 games: 1) Colts - 44 yards 2) Bears - 67 yards 3) Titans - 76 yards 4) Jaguars - 82 yards 5) Vikings - 87 yards 6) Redskins - 88 yards 7) Texans - 100 yards 8) Lions - 106 yards In conclusion, for all of you out there still saying the Colts run-defense isn't good, I'd look again. The Colts have arguably the best run defense in the NFL so far. GO BLUE!!! (side note - If you want me to look up more statistics, feel free to ask!)
  4. Brissett vs Luck

    How did I know this would eventually be a thread. The title should be more along the lines of Brisset and Luck. There is no vs. Luck is the QB of this team, and Brisset knows that. All he has going for him right now is he is showcasing his talent for other teams in hopes he will be a starter somewhere else soon, because he won't be starting over Luck in any way, shape, or form unless Luck suddenly becomes the worst QB in the NFL.
  5. Connor Williams Is Exactly What We Need.

    Surprised nobody has mentioned Trey Adams. He is a beast and one of the most refined O-lineman in this draft
  6. Tanking The Season A Blessing In Disguise?

    I see where you're coming from, and believe me, I had the same thought not all that long ago. But tanking isn't an option for this team I'm afraid, so I hope you aren't praying for this to happen. Luck will be back
  7. When is it time to hit Panic Button for Hooker?

    A) He isn't starting because Chuck is the worst HC in the NFL 2) He barely played yesterday which is why he was "invisible" and last) It's one game. Way, and I mean WAAAAAAY, to early to panic!
  8. Send In Your Questions

    Is there any way to go back and listen to this segment?
  9. Send In Your Questions

    Trenton from Greenfield: Can we expect to see more relative success against the run throughout the season, as we allowed only 63 yards on 33 carries, or was it simply just a good outing against a bad Ram's offensive line?
  10. Good, bad and ugly of the game

    Good to see a little optimism. If it were me I would have titled the thread "The Bad, The Ugly, and the Uglier"
  11. I agree on that, but just imagining a Malik Hooker and Derwin James safety group is mouth-watering, possibly giving us the best safety tandem in the league in two guys in years 1 and 2 of play. But yeah, I'd rather have a LB
  12. Ummm... Same Person....
  13. If Geathers unfortunately doesn't return from injury, would Derwin James be an option round 1? Also, here's my top 5 I want headed to Indy from next years draft, in no particular order: - Derwin James - Shaquon Barkley - Arden Key - Malik Jefferson - Trey Adams
  14. While he hasn't lived up to his potential, he's the best receiver on the team after Hilton and Moncrief because Rogers is injured and Aiken certainly hasn't performed enough to be in that competition. Why throw away a decent 3 with no options after him for a late pick. Let the man play