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  1. 49ers select: Duke Dawson, CB, Florida Now on the Clock: @DraftMaster
  2. The safety has long been a position of great importance in the NFL. The two men are the final line of defense, and are often some of the better sideline-to-sideline athletes in football. But the two safety positions are very different, with the Strong Safety being the man to cover the TE on the strong side of the play while also being the main run-support guy. The Free Safety is usually dropped back deep, where he can use his instincts and ball skills to come up with clutch plays when a corner gets beat. These two positions have been this way for as long as football has been around, but what if the safety mold were to change? Here's the theory: Instead of having a Strong Safety and a Free Safety, why doesn't a team with an uber-athletic cover linebacker just use two free safeties? If you have a linebacker that can go man-on-man with any tight end, the Strong Safeties role is shifted purely to run support and some dropping into zone coverage. Get two other high quality run-stuffers at LB, and all of the sudden all the SS has to do is drop into zone. But wait, isn't that what the free safety is best at doing? In practice, two free safeties would split up the field of play in zone, with both being ball-hawking players with great instincts. When Malik Hooker was healthy this year, he dropped into single deep coverage often, and throws on the sideline deep made it difficult for him to cover. Splitting the field in half would allow for much more ground to be covered and, in theory, many more interceptions due to a lack of distance needing to be covered. No team would have faith in going deep on a team that consistently dropped two free safeties into deep coverage. Adding in some high quality short field corners and teams would be virtually unable to pass the ball for any kind of a big gain. As I began to ask this question, I looked to the internet to find if anyone else had any reason for this, but there was nothing on this topic. I wonder why, and if any of you know the reason why a team doesn't use 2 FS, please chime in! Honestly, though, imagining a duo of Hooker and Minkah Fitzpatrick dominating the deep ball makes my mouth water at the prospect. Thoughts?
  3. I'll be gone for a while tonight so if my pick comes up and I don't show within the first hour and a half just BPA for me please! @csmopar @chad72
  4. If Barkley is available

    Right, but they are the Patriots and, as much as we all hate him, Tom Brady is the best playoff QB of all time, and the Eagles were stacked at every other position. Also, when looking at what Barkley had to work with last year in college, I'd say his linemen were way worse than ours and, even though it's just college, he still killed it against everyone. Getting Luck back and adding Barkley (also, I might add getting rid of Pagano and his staff), will make the line look tremendously better, because the defenses won't be able to just cue in on one play every time, they will have to stay honest. I, personally, want to trade down from 3, but if Barkley is still there at 3, we certainly need to second guess our trade-down.
  5. If Barkley is available

    Sorry, I guess I didn't realize Chubb played in the secondary... Look, I get what you mean by Chubb, so that there is just a tease, but I'll counter the rest of your statement with what happened to teams who took the first RB in the draft since 2015: 2015 with Gurley: 2 year wait, Playoffs 2016 with Elliott: Playoffs in rookie year 2017 with Fournette: Conference Championship game rookie year Notice a trend? Teams that have taken a RB early in the past few seasons have gone to the playoffs from being a horrible team the season prior. Looking at Indy, the only reason we were horrible last season is because we didn't have Luck. Bring Luck back healthy, add a top RB, and we will be in the playoffs. I have no doubt about that, I just am not sure Barkley will fall to 3. If he does, however, Ballard would be stupid not to at least consider him as an option.
  6. I'm beginning to think Chubb might not be there at 3. Both teams ahead of us just got a RB and one got a QB, so he might go to one of those teams anyway
  7. Long rebuild ahead

    "All we need". By my knowledge, that's most of the team.
  8. Leonard was just taken one pick earlier by the Pats
  9. Well, that means most likely if Cleveland doesn't take Barkley at 1 he should be there at 3
  10. I'm not going to deal with free agency because it is too wildly unpredictable and I just don't want to spend to much time on it, but here's the draft: Trades: Colts trade pick 3 to the Buffalo Bills for picks 12, 22, 53 and 2019 4th rounder. Colts trade pick 22 to Pittsburgh Steelers for 28, 92. The Draft: Round 1, Pick 12 (Buf): Roquon Smith, LB, Georgia Smith is a fantastic linebacker and will come in immediately to start in the middle. Great in coverage, he will give us that off-ball linebacker we have been needing for a long time. Round 1, Pick 28 (Pit): Derrius Guice, RB, LSU Guice is a special RB who runs with a ton of aggression all the time. He would be a great early-down and goal-line back for a 1-2 punch with Marlon Mack. Round 2, Pick 36: Arden Key, EDGE, LSU Bringing in another LSU player, Key began the year as a lock for top 10, but his injuries and subsequent play while injured knocked him down. He still has a ton of talent and will fill a need. Round 2, Pick 53 (Buf): Braden Smith, G, Auburn A high-quality guard who can block with the best of them, Smith could come in to our atrocious offensive line room and start immediately. Round 3, Pick 67: Tim Settle, DT, Virginia Tech A stellar run-stuffing tackle with pass-rushing ability who could eventually start next to Johnathan Hankins. Round 3, Pick 92 (Pit): Shaquem Griffin, LB, Central Florida The feel-good story of the 2018 Draft, Griffin has proven all doubters wrong. His lack of a certain appendage will unfortunately drop him, but he could be a star if given time, or at least a high quality special teams ace. Round 4, Pick 104: Hercules Mata'afa, EDGE, Washington State A non-stop motor type of guy, Mata'afa would have to make the transition outside from DT due to his size, but he has the tools and mindset to make it work. Round 5, Pick 140: Michael Gallup, WR, Colorado State A quality receiver with strong hands and a decent speed/height combination. Should be our WR3. Round 6, Pick 178: Davontae Harris, CB, Illinois State A big corner who can develop into a starter, but has issues with speed. Could be a solid 4th CB given time. Round 7, Pick 221: Ed Paris, DB, LSU A quality special teams guy for the NFL. I feel that I have addressed most needs with this draft, with a few that should be easy to fill through free agency left alone. Thoughts?
  11. That's as good a draft as most teams can hope for. You get 4-5 decent players in a draft and it's a success. Not every single pick will come in and be a star piece to build around immediately, not even if you have the best GM of all time. I am extremely happy with this class, and it's a good class to "build around" as you say. You're never going to get one class where everyone comes out as a superstar like you seem to think. It's statistically impossible. But Ballard had a fantastic draft there, so I don't see the fuss.
  12. Oh come on Chad!! I was hoping he would keep getting overlooked since he was so far down on the board!!
  13. For clarification, I don't want the Colts using that much money to go after a Guard, but that is the price that has to be paid to get a guard now. The price tags for Guards is rising, so Norwell setting the bar is only the beginning. In a few years, Norwell's deal will look like a steal, because prices will never stop rising. I don't want to spend that kind of money seeing as how much else we need work on, but a team that doesn't have many holes and has the cap is perfectly fine paying that much for a Guard of Norwell's caliber.
  14. True, but Johnson is still a top 3 RB in the league, so I would be surprised if they went for a RB before the second day.
  15. I'd still wait another round if I were them if you're getting a change of pace back. There are still numerous quality RBs on the board who can be good backups. I'd go with the WR here and grab one of the RBs next round