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  1. It breaks my heart to learn that Miami Vice is going to unneeded reboot that has a 97% chance of being bad.... I'm so sorry Michael Mann, Don Johnson, Philip Michael Thomas, Edward James Olmos and Jan Hammer...You did not deserve this. 

    1. teganslaw


      As a rule reboots are never as good as the original show. Hollywood seems to be running out of ideas, so they think that a reboot is in order. Most of them are unnecessary; it's best to leave well enough alone. 

    2. Synthetic


      NBC already screwed up some of their older series. Knight Rider and MacGyver were big letdowns. 


      Vin Disiel and Chris Morgan as executive producers of Fast and Furious are handling this. That's enough to tell me it's probably going to be terrible. I'd feel better if Michael Mann was involved since Vice really is his creation and without him, it never would've took off. 


      Locals in Miami have said that it's next to impossible to get filming rights in town anymore. The Rock and HBO were forced to move 'Ballers' out of state. Even Michael Mann struggled getting to shoot the Miami Vice film there 10 years ago. Dexter had issues there too during it's run.


      The original show was 100% filmed in Miami 30 years ago when things were different. Good luck to NBC and whoever if they're going to film in Atlanta or L.A. and try to fool people... 

    3. southwest1


      I agree Bogie. NBC should stay away from any Michael Mann Vice reboots. I have too much respect for Mann to see how horribly they will sabotage his groundbreaking TV series. 


      Man, it ticks me off when greedy executives do this. Grrr! 

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