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  1. I was watching Inside the NFL last night and they began with asking about what should happen to a HC that has won 46 games in four seasons, four divisional titles and made a Super Bowl. Phil Simms said, "he should be paid 10 million a year." And they all started laughing. This got me thinking. Was John Fox fired because Peyton Manning once again came up small in the post-season? Sure seems that way. I mean even Marvin Lewis has a job without one post-season win and yet his Fox out of a job after securing the 1 or 2 seeds each of the past 3 seasons and making it to the SB. He also won the Wes
  2. Yes it was. I didn't care for Irsay's response at all. No reason to detail the whole mess again but he was asked so ...
  3. Manning is a coach killer at this point. Fox should have never been fired with his record the last four seasons .... but he is an easy scapegoat.
  4. Great stuff. Hard to argue against the points you raise ... I agree that the last two games will decide it. If GB ends up being a WC and the Pats secure the best record in football then I think Brady gets it.
  5. That is a good point. The early bye can be a disadvantage for sure this time of year.
  6. It is not all doom and gloom and overall I like the direction of the team but if we are serious about getting to the SB then I think we have to really look at the coaches first and then the players/personnel.
  7. I think you have to go deeper than record. I don't see a very disciplined team. I see a team that continues to start slow. I see poor in game calls and adjustments. I see a team that has not even been competitive at times against the top teams. I see Luck continue to make the same mistakes over and over and over. I am not saying it is all coaching. But that is the biggest issue IMO.
  8. Yes. Still work to be done. Coaching staff needs to be heavily looked at this off-season.
  9. Peter King had posted that the odds of Manning retiring this year is at 11 percent. Do folks think he will hang it up? I know he loves it but he seems to be slowing down.
  10. Buffalo is not going anywhere. They are at NE last game. WCs will all come from the North.
  11. Denver is at Cincy. Could be nasty weather. We will see how Manning fares and what the game plan is. I really didn't think he looked bad at all yesterday but his throws have lost a lot of luster.
  12. First time in a while where it feels like there is no clear cut MVP. If the Texans were going to the post-season, Watt would be the obvious choice but doubt he gets it. Comes down to Rodgers and Brady these last two games.
  13. Last year's team was not Super Bowl ready so not sure why we have this comparison. In terms of this season, the Colts are a better team but not playing like it. Too many turnovers, sloppy, undisciplined. I think this coaching staff has to really be looked at this off-season. Something is off. Could be game planning, practices, not sure.
  14. I don't think either QB is great. Niners would probably have the same record right now with Smith.
  15. Fox knew after the Rams game that the passing game was struggling. He said the team would run and it has very successfully. The real question is can this team win if it is reliant completely on Manning? I think that answer is no. Whether he is injured or declining, I don't know but they are not putting the ball in his hands right now. SD will be a big test. They will look to shut down the run and force Manning to beat them. Seems strange to say that but they have to see what he has got.
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