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  1. Does anyone have a Nintendo Switch and the latest Zelda game? I've heard it's the best Zelda in several years. Looks very fun.

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    2. Jared Cisneros

      Jared Cisneros

      I'm a realist. I usually have to argue that we won't make the SB next year with people. It will take a couple years. TY for the welcome! :) 

    3. Jules


      Oh we aren't going to win it all? Shocker to me.......


      However not sure about the division.......it is open if we can take it.

    4. Jared Cisneros

      Jared Cisneros

      It's definitely possible, it's going to depend on the draft. We hit on a few draft picks, it might be enough to win the division, if the draft class struggles, it's most likely another 8-8 season with the Jags having another high pick and the Titans having 6 picks in the top 75 picks. Have to hit this draft, no getting around it.

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