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  1. Yes well, we sorta played a 3-0 front as Freeney was worthless againt the run. 7 games last year without a tackle/sack. Pitiful.
  2. All anyone has is the past history of the players involved. As you say, anything more than an expression of concern based on past performance can be judged as nattering negativism. You have to give the TEAM and coaches thru pre-season and at least 3 reg season games to plot a trend. What we do know is, this Ain`t 285 lb Liljah and Scott!
  3. Pretty sure he was WASHED UP a couple YEARS Ago. What next Haynesworth?
  4. Allen should be Open more underneath the defense, so more catches. I will guestimate 48 catches Allen, Fleener 44 with some Nice long ones.
  5. Ya got it right jbar & hansMo. These guys are versatile and complimentary. They can play in line, in motion, Fleenor a slot Nightmare for safeties. Looks like Allen might become (SOON) a guy who can HANDLE LB`s. That does Wonderful things for the Running game. ;- ) Week to week Ariens and Andrew are going to have a Blast working ON defenses with Reggie, Avery, Collie, Fleenor, Allen, TY Hilton. And it should just get plain NASTY in Year Two! Andrew is YEARS ahead of where $tat$Man was, and I don`t believe he will be scared in the pocket.
  6. Very good points. Hughs was highly rated for just what the Colts drafted him for. Smaller DE`s need to be freak athletes, he just isn`t. Don`t know why they couldn`t see that. You draft a top pass rush prospect early because of VALUE. Remember some of those stiffs that played for Freeney. Slow white guys... Our D was bend, bend, bend then break with Freeney, worse with no pass rush. BTW, Freeney had 7 games last season that he went o-for. No tackles or sacks. Pathetic.
  7. Addai was a pretty crappy runner. Brown had just rushed for 2,000 yards. Our running game sucked. (as much because of Stats Manning IMO) The Colts had their draft board, we hear about yours in hindsight. bla bla bla How did you feel about Ugoh at mid-season his rookie year. Bet you were fine with the pick! I didn`t like polians draft results after the first couple years. He MISSED on a bunch of early round picks.
  8. There will be a lot of "Peyton would have not thrown that ball". Because Peyton couldn`t throw that ball. He AVERAGED 20 INTs for his 1st 5 Years. Uh, that sucked! Luck is at a different level ABOVE where Manning was as a Rookie. Peyton spent YEARS playing Nervous in the pocket. We will see about Andrew. There are always issues about being on the same page with your Receivers (think Manning to Porter in SB), but I won`t be worrying about any aspect of Andrews game. Andrew is refined Already compared to his peers.
  9. Come on now. Wouldn`t that be make average WRs seem Good? Brady does it. All the TOP QBs do.
  10. We have an ELITE QB Now with plenty of Weapons to groom. We can use our Top Picks going forward because of THIS QB, to build a Defense.
  11. You are giving Reggie to much Love. Wallace had 8 TD catches last year with Big Ben. Is he worth $12M +? Not to us, not now. We are years away.
  12. You put ZERO VALUE to having played together. Allen as a Solid Blocking TE in his 1st Year. lol The O-Line as a pass blocking unit. lol The secondary. lol Freeney & Mathis LOL
  13. We didn`t CUT any GOOD Players. We CUT a few average, older, way over priced guys. Manning Should be a Good player, we can look at that at the End of the Season.
  14. The NFL is so EASY huh? A Rookie Coach, New Co-ordinators/schemes, Half the roster changing, Rookie QB, 4 new starters on the O-Line, do we have 1 decent RB?, That Secondary? 5-7 Wins isn`t REALISTIC.
  15. This is a POWDER PUFF Schedule.
  16. Ya, an Interception like maybe in the SUPER BOWL!! That would sure hurt! He wont be THAT BAD.
  17. Josh can take his time. High hopes for him. Might be best for his knee if he skips this season All we NEED is to weed out those that don`t fit. Get everyone adapted to the system/learn the playbook. If you LUV the Colts and want to rebuild you will root for Good Health and next years #1 Draft choice. Draft Early/Draft Often. Drafting at the front of each Round. I think our 1st 5 picks are PLAYERS. 2 or 3 after that could be solid depth in a year or two. NICE! This will be a fun year with all these talented young players. I bet we DON`T Pray for our Kickoff returner to just Kneel down PL
  18. Yes. All he can do is pass block. Of course he is a ProBowl caliber blocker that OUR Fans whined & cried about and wanted to PAY $4.5 MILLION. Clueless!
  19. non of the above. next one should be Reggie or Dwight
  20. Actually, you have no idea if he would be a great pickup. Have you had a look at his MRI`s. put him through a workout?
  21. Ngata is an amazing athletic Freak. Chapman has None of Ngata`s Burst or he would have gone in the 1st even with the injury.IMO But they say he can`t be MOVED. So I would have been Happy if he was our 3rd pick. Just saying. I expect Chapman to be an NFL Never Quit Warrior. aka Ray Lewis.
  22. I agree. Year 3-4 these big guys have learned the league. Develope their bodies, mind and techniques to battle top notch O-Lineman. I think he could be very good at this DE position.
  23. The Ravens played a 4 man front 58% of the time last season. BTW, Nevis is a starting DE at this time. Short for that run stopping position, lacking length to get arms up into passing lanes. Would expect him to slide over to DT in the 4-3. He did look stout in his brief season, IMO. We are going to see Dwight rushing big time as always. Just more looks. Vannila is Out the Door!! Sounds good 2 me.
  24. Powers isn`t a big time talent. He has been ok/pretty good in the passive cover two when healthy. IMO. Will he be good at the more aggressive man to man often required in this new defense. No reason at this time to expect him to be "big time" in man to man. Cross our fingers. We had absolutely NOTHING in our return game last year. Never seen any Team worse. Hopefully we can be good at it going forward. It is a Big Deal.
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