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  1. So nice to see that more familiar names have been active again since I was last here. :grouphug:

    1. Nadine


      Hi Megan! How you been?

  2. :ninja:




    1. Megan


      So nice to see some familiar names still active (or had been active since I last popped in).

    2. Nadine


      Hey Megan! So good to see you here!  Hope all is well!

  3. Long time, no see. How is everyone? I like the new (to me) look you've got.

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    2. southwest1


      Welcome back Megan!!! Perhaps, you can tell us once & for all...Did Dallas Clark officially retire or is he still trying out for other NFL squads? Maybe he is pursuing a career in the broadcast booth. I have no idea myself. Love your Addai & Clark artwork though. Will you be drawing anymore players in the future? You are incredibly talented Megan!!!

    3. Megan


      He's not officially retired yet. He worked out and took a physical for the Kansas City Chiefs this week. No further word from that. Thank you. I don't have any plans to draw anymore yet. I'm pretty busy right now. Too scattered to sit down to draw.

    4. Megan


      I think I hit my photo limit on here already anyway.

  4. I am just a sad human being right now. Thanks for everything Dallas! You will forever be my favorite.

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    2. southwest1


      By the way Megan, you are a fantastic sketch artist!!! I marvel at your drawings of Joseph Addai & Dallas Clark in the Gallery Section of Colts Forum. Wow, do you have an amazing talent!!!

    3. Nadine


      I'm sorry megan! Dallas is awesome!

    4. JlynRN


      I'm sorry Megan!!! Dallas was one of my favorites, hard to believe they let him go :(

  5. If you remember me from MyColts or ColtsDirect please send me a friend request. I tried to add everyone but names have changed so much. :)

  6. Hello, hello. :)

  7. Should I jump on the sweet potato appreciation bandwagon going on here? I'm thinking yes.

  8. "Ʊ BMasterjerry Ʊ has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?"


  9. Hi! This one is me. :)

  10. I was able to connect my accounts now, so it must have just done that because I wasn't verified yet.

  11. Yes please, I just want this one. I used the connect accounts button so idk why it made a new one instead.

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