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  1. My favorite “F” words are FREEDOM 2. FOOD 3. FRIDAY 4.......

    1. DillyDilly


      Lol!  Oops forgot football and fan forum!

  2. Heck some would do a double NO/Ditka and trade two draft years for Sup.
  3. Thanks again people on your insights on draftees. I don’t study films as many of you but after getting the names I go to my draft magazines to review the players. Lol! It’s also beyond my mental capacity to follow the draft board point system. Hey I’m a proud product of public education. Lol! Thanks again people. Oh I don’t think CB will trade picks unless it absolutely blows him away. Again thanks people
  4. Talent will only get you to the next level but everyone else in the NFL has talent! You need to take it to the next level- commitment, desire, practice, study period and anything else that’ll do you good. This can’t come from the coach nor the team captain, it comes from you! It’s great that some of the players committed themselves to the game and hopefully with this commitment others will follow. I/we hope to see a positive in our W/L record. Keep up the good work forum people and players!
  5. Lol! I’ve been a Colts fan before dirt was discovered. Do I get a share of that cap $$$$. Wow and retroactive! Again thanks for all the information.
  6. You don’t spend money just because you have money. Ask the mega-bucks winners and athletes that had $$$$$ in their pockets. You need a plan and beware of the freeloaders! Spend wisely, fills your needs wisely and prepare for the future. If I had billions of billions of $$$$, would I buy a yacht I may take a big time cruise but negative on buying a yacht. Would I buy 10 cars? Well maybe a ‘25 Bucket, a Vette as two toys but not 10! Again have a plan, be reasonable and also prepare/don’t disregard the future. Think it was the late great George Allen said the future is now. Yes but that was a different era.
  7. Then trade Carr for a 1st and 2nd and we’d have three 1st and three 2nd and no proven QB. Then trade a 3rd or 4th for Rosen. Am I getting ahead of myself? Now where was I, oh yes is there a BOGO sale on kumquats? Oh well I guess I outlived my usefulness! Lol! The usefulness that I never had. Ok joking on the trading Carr for a 1st and 2nd but are you willing to trade a franchise QB for a good/decent QB and two 1st?
  8. I love reading fans “mocks” and player evaluations as they provide an opinion and just an opinion. Yes they/you may be correct or totally off base as the same goes for the lead scout/evaluator of our team. Hmm first round bust as opposed to an undrafted FA that becomes an all-Pro! Yes the paid professional makes mistakes! Remember that scout/evaluator/GM is also giving an opinion, a very educated opinion but nonetheless an opinion. Again for me it gives me an opinion that I may not have noticed or an opinion on a player that I have never heard off! Also we can all can all value the measurables such as height, weight, quickness and others but can we measure the heart, desire and locker room presence.
  9. Had a great deal today.  Went on base for Valentines Day Luncheon Buffet.  Me and the boss lady.  Prime rib and chicken marsala and yes I ate my share of the cost.  In fact I ate my share and wife’s share of the cost!

  10. The good on Christmas/New Years is I get to eat all my goodies, the chocolates, the cookies and the candles!  The bad is I get to eat all my goodies the chocolates, the cookies and the candies!

    1. Nadine


      Yeah it's national back on the wagon day

    2. DillyDilly


      Lucky for me that at Thanksgiving I set my scale back double digits so I’m doing ok.

  11. I’m not hurting today because I didn’t do the marathon.  The good I’m in no pain, the bad is I miss it.  Being doing it before many of you were born but health issues put a stop to it.  Nothing really bad but it was also time hang it up!

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