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  1. Had a great deal today.  Went on base for Valentines Day Luncheon Buffet.  Me and the boss lady.  Prime rib and chicken marsala and yes I ate my share of the cost.  In fact I ate my share and wife’s share of the cost!

  2. Thanks guys, good read and insights.
  3. The good on Christmas/New Years is I get to eat all my goodies, the chocolates, the cookies and the candles!  The bad is I get to eat all my goodies the chocolates, the cookies and the candies!

    1. Nadine


      Yeah it's national back on the wagon day

    2. DillyDilly


      Lucky for me that at Thanksgiving I set my scale back double digits so I’m doing ok.

  4. How was your stay at Holiday Inn?
  5. DillyDilly

    Rather the Texans win South?

    Just win baby!
  6. I’m not hurting today because I didn’t do the marathon.  The good I’m in no pain, the bad is I miss it.  Being doing it before many of you were born but health issues put a stop to it.  Nothing really bad but it was also time hang it up!

  7. DillyDilly

    What a run!

    Lol! I was more impressed with the ref running with the play!
  8. DillyDilly

    What a run!

    Just watched the replay of the 99yd run. Impressive? Yes the ref was running along the sidelines with the play? Ok, ok maybe the last 20 yds but the ref was there running with the play!
  9. DillyDilly

    This is not the end of the world losing to the Jags!

    Lol! I remember a college Coach who coached at several high profile colleges was interviewed about his new college. It was a big time school but out of the way. Anyway the question was is this town the end of world? His reply was epic, no it’s not but you can see it from here.
  10. You also need your players to play the part. It’s an act/fake so the players must do their part. Many of my better coaches said you must block one of the outside opponents either the OLB or the DE. Example and depending on your scheme, say the screen is on the right your RT must either block or push his man inside. If not the DE/OLB will have a free run to the QB or will be able to block the pass (pass usually a lob with no arch). Again not a play you run at the playground level but also timing. Also there’s not much time for QB check down so timing and QB decision is off essence.
  11. Loving my new TV.  Big difference from my 13 inch B/W.

    1. Nadine


      What? You are not serious. Do they even make black and white tvs anymore?

    2. DillyDilly


      At least I got my daily exercise by walking to the TV to change channels!  Lol!  I had a smaller 32 inch but decided to treat myself to a bigger one.  There’s couple problems, I have several rolls of aluminum foils that I can’t use and where’s the switch to change channels?  Lol!

  12. DillyDilly

    Happy Thanksgiving. What I'm Thankful for.

    PA you also get a sack! Lol!
  13. Thanks Coffeedrinker. I’ve been telling people it was Coach Mudd that made the line.
  14. A salute out to all the Vets!

  15. DillyDilly

    Could The Colts Go Toe to Toe with this years Rams???

    MESSAGE ALERT! North Central High School forfeited the season for not meeting the minimum number of waterboys.