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  1. DillyDilly

    Indy is a great place to visit!

    Indy is nice and I had no problem walking around at night. First time I visited Indy was during Basic Training at Ft. Knox then many years later my first game at the Lucas! Been there the last 6 years once/twice a year for a games.
  2. DillyDilly

    Player Name Game - Songs

    (Chris) Ballad of the Green Beret
  3. DillyDilly

    Player Name Game - Songs

    I wanna hold your HAND (Jon)
  4. DillyDilly

    Player Name Game - Songs

    Penny Lane
  5. 808’ers message me.

  6. DillyDilly

    Player Name Game - Songs

    Benny and the Jets
  7. Got the reservations down for the Bills game and now working on the Titans game.

  8. Finally made it home!  A delay and a flight cancellation but I made it home.

  9. Darn, losing makes the long trip back home even longer!

    1. southwest1


      I'm glad you returned home safely DD & yes, INDY loses do indeed blow. Hang in there my man.

  10. DillyDilly

    Any update on the starting oline

    At least for the second series. Lol! Really I have faith in our line. We may not win every battle and AL will get hit, every QB gets hit but let’s not get him killed!
  11. Started to pack for my journey to Indy.

    1. southwest1


      Have a nice trip DD. I expect pictures & a full report when you return BTW. Just Joking buddy. :hat:


      Can you do a slide show? Nobody does those anymore man. No, not a powerpoint presentation or computer laptop program. I mean an old school slide show straight out the 60's or 70's when you had the tripod pull down screen & slides that made a sound when you pushed the button & the next photo came up.


      I'm just messing with you. haha

    2. DillyDilly


      SW1, Slide show from the 60’s and 70’s?  Are you talking 1860 and 1870?

    3. southwest1


      Bah! Ha! Ha! You sneaky devil; You got me good on that one. :spit:


      You're lucky I didn't request a sequence of glass plate photographs just to throw in an extra wrinkle. Just kidding!

  12. Switch the two. Change will require $$
  13. 1. I’d like to increase the roster to 65 (just picking a number) but that includes your practice squad. Basically eliminating the practice squad and adding them to your roster. Now you could keep a player and coach him up without losing him. 2. Eliminate the game day roster as your roster is your roster. No game day scratch! 3. I don’t know the guidelines but you could keep the roster/no practice squad and do your cuts or waivers as previous. Can’t think of anything else but that’s what comes to my mind
  14. DillyDilly

    Nyhiem Hines our Dion Lewis

    Lol! During PT test in the military I always questioned why are we running in our dry fits and jogging shoes? Should we be doing PT in full gear, boots, BDU, mask, canteen and pack. A WR/DB an do a 4:4 but can he do it in full gear? Wonder what his time would be in full pads/gear? A LB/DE may do a 4:8 but may be able to do a similar time in full gear. I’m not saying the WR/DB isn’t strong enough to run a similar time in full gear but running is shorts and T’s is much different than with pads.... I remember a scout/coach saying that darn he’s slow but on the field he’s a step faster than everyone else!... Yes it’s great to have timed speed in shorts and T’s but game/field speed is what counts.