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  1. Pats starting LT Nate Solder has a torn bicep and is out for year. Could this be a good day for Mathis? Seeing how Dallas feasted, maybe we could create similar success?
  2. Our defense isn't that bad....My dear lord. Colts-31 Pats-24
  3. Maybe this was the best thing to happen for Luck. A learning experience. Not many QB's get the freedom he is reporting having and I think that's a testament to his abilities, but there is always room to learn. He may come back healthy and just have a completely different perspective of strategy and how to balance his calls.
  4. Defense is better then that. Stop paying attention to rankings. We've won more games then we've lost and the defense is a big part of that. One could argue it's the offense that lost the first two games. Colt are getting healthy and coming around. Here comes the fun.
  5. Griff is sure handed but to me doesn't look anywhere near as fast as Collie or Edelman.
  6. I don't think we are as bad a team as everyone here is saying. Jags are up and coming, Jets are 3-1, Bills are 3-1. CIN looked very human to an offence that IMO is nowhere near the talent of ours. DEN looked incredibly human as well. Their offense is struggling severely. Then you have NE...Well they are just NE, hate em, but they are good. It was nice to see Brady take several sacks though. Could be a vulnerability there. One game at a time...
  7. I was definitely one of the ones who was all about Luck playing because JJ was cut on last Monday. Your post made me LOL, thank you for that.
  8. Do they have practice today? If not, do they resume tomorrow?
  9. Grigs also drafted those two stud d-lineman and signed Langford. Traded for Davis, and signed a 40 yr old QB to a contract many were hysterical about.Not to mention the bell cow running back and WR who scored two of our touchdowns last night.
  10. Being the kind of person who's not going to take some time and enjoy the win before posting negativity. I don't get it!
  11. The discussion point wasn't about what their record actually was, it's what it could have been. Yes could haves and should haves don't count, but when thinking hypothetically one must look at both sides of the spectrum. Something a lot of fans conveniently choose to ignore in dramatic fashion.
  12. If he sits it's just going to be precautionary. If Luck was hurt that badly, his arm would be in a sling and he wouldn't be doing ANYTHING at practice. Did anyone see him throwing his arms up in the air during the Jags game? It was cracking me up.
  13. Already threads regarding this. Until I see the In-actives or hear it from the Colts, I'm not believing any of the Media.
  14. Adam S reported that neither Colts QB threw at practice this week...I thought Luck took almost all the reps on Monday and Hasselbeck practiced in full yesterday. I'm confused.
  15. I don't know. The defense hasn't looked terrible and the drives we left those points on the field were solid. A couple of plays can completely change perception. They have not looked like "the greatest shoes on earth" but a few plays one way this team could be 4-0, the other way 0-4. It's too easy for people to look at the negative side.
  16. Minus a Frank Gore fumble and we are 3-1. Compound that with missed Vinteri FG's and we could be 4-0.
  17. I could argue we barely lost the first two.
  18. So you play a QB who has missed practice completely? Both MH and JJ have not practiced at all this week. Luck is playing, JJ is backing him up.
  19. I don't think that would be worth very valuable practice time with a QB who could potentially play/start. Luck's playing.
  20. The release of Johnson earlier this week definitely showed they thought Luck was going to play. If they didn't expect him to play why release a QB that could potentially play and sacrifice the extra days of practice with him...? I think Luck will start and that this has to do more with MH being sick.
  21. Only a Sith deals in absolutes.
  22. Peyton always on the bench studying, man that guy is good.
  23. I don't think this is a bad thing. Luck does make mistakes for holding on way too long and going for the tackle after the mistake.
  24. Colts QB Andrew Luck threw a little before practice today but the Colts shut him down for the day, per league... http://t.co/vnWcDWGkNY — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) October 2, 2015
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