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  1. 8 more than winnable games. Titans very beatable at home and if we get and stay healthy we can beat any of the 3 others, Bucs, Cardinals and Bills. Bucs and Bills offenses are super great but if we play the way we did in the first 3 quarters vs the Ravens, and stay aggressive we could keep it close.
  2. I have been told to sit down by stadium staff when we're on defense on a critical down, and was hit in the back with the program/booklet they hand out when you come in.....on a 3rd down defense play. Where was the stadium staff when someone threw things at me? I stay in my seat almost the entire game. I get up on big 3rd downs and even move to the area at the top of the entry stairs so I'm not obstructing anyone's view.
  3. I've been told by security to sit down and I only partially stand on big plays. I'm front row so I kinda kneel and shout over the glass. I don't obstruct anyone's view but still get grief for it.
  4. Public Service Announcement If you go to a Colts game you are not allowed to stand and make noise when the Colts are on defense but, you are allowed to throw items at those who do.
  5. Just a suggestion for the video board on game day. "Put your phone down and GET LOUD!!!"
  6. Dear Colts, please begin an ad campaign to get people on their feet in Lucas Oli Stadium so we can bring back the noise we had in the Hoosier Dome. The home crowd is part of the team and we don't want your security staff relegating us to bench.
  7. Guard is what we need more than anything else offensively so we can run the ball 30 times a game.Poor guard play makes playing tackle a lot harder. Keep the ball out of the other team's hands, keep our defense fresh and make the opponent keep 7 in the box. With a real threatening running game a descent QB looks above average and can get you 10 plus wins. A team that can consistently rush the ball for over 100 will have more WR's open all over the field more often.
  8. ...and his fathers company was going in the toilet until it came to Indy and didn't really start to increase it's value until Jim took over. Look I'm not a big Ir say fan but most of the bashing is rooted in class envy and/or a total lack of understanding of what it takes to run a business and be profitable. Simply put, the Colts are his whole life and he will always do what's best for his company even when the envious and less than business savvy masses don't agree with his decisions. Finding great employees is a hard job and he's missed a few times,but, football fans that want a home team in Indy should be thankful the Colts are here at all.
  9. If you think Irsay wants anything but the best for the franchise you would be wrong, and happy paying customers is what's best for the franchise. Things haven't gone well for the last couple of years but he didn't become a billionaire on accident. Until recently the Colts who were worthless coming out of Baltimore and for many years under the elder Irsay,but since Robert Irsay's passing the franchise has been mostly on an upward trajectory. The band wagon has no problem stopping to let you off.
  10. He should get a lot more reps and we need to add a tall strong WR to the roster and play some post up basketball style offense.
  11. You can get more value for your money at a 3 or 4 pick drafting a stud RB than you can an ILB unless you think the perennial pro bowl, good at everything ILB is in the next draft class. Don't get me wrong, I think the ILB is the most important piece to a solid D, that was my position back in the day. I just think fixing our 2 pump chump offense is priority one right now. The best thing you can do for a defense is not let the opponent have the ball.
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