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  1. Yeah...I don't think there was some huge anciallary benefit to it...but I agree with trying to steal a win there.
  2. I agree...but the DAL game is the only that somewhat scares me. Not only because of the team...but because of how it could play out. I said weeks ago...I still think DAL wins that division...and the Alex Smith injury makes it very likely now. Scenario 1 I think DAL will beat WAS to take back the tiebreaker and then somehow beat NO...setting up a huge game against PHI...who is still only one back after beating the NYG and WAS. With PHI heading into a showdown with the LAR the following week...DAL can essentially bury them win a win and put themselves in the drivers seat for the division. This makes the DAL/IND much less important...assuming PHI is going to lose to the LAR. And it allows DAL to lose AND then clinch at home the following weekend. Scenario 2 But if PHI shows up and wins that DAL game and/or loses to NO...then that DAL/IND game becomes incredibly important because DAL can gain back that game if PHI loses to the LAR. But on the flip side, it also means PHI will still be in and going all out against HOU the following week. This will be fun to watch. The NFC East and AFC South could be on a collision course in the last quarter of the seasno. It would probably be in the Colts best interest to have it play it out like Scenario 1...but they both could be beneficial. Colts just need to keep taking care of business...and maybe it won't matter.
  3. They still have to take care of business though to stay there...which includes beating HOU and getting one game closer to the AFCS title. I doubt that tie even comes into play. On the flip side, if they convert and win the game the Colts are 6-4 right now and in the driver's seat. I would make that call again...under those circumstances.
  4. shastamasta


    Yeah...I don't think peopel should overreact to one underthrown ball. But it was a great play. For some reason, TEN thought that Jonnu Smith was going to beat Wilson on a wheel route. And Wilson made them pay. Such a boneheaded decision on a game full of them. But a big part was that Mariota was shell-shocked yesterday and not able to go through his reads. The DL was in his face all game. And the QBs were forced throw to TEs all game...instead of the long-developing routes for WRs (like Davis). I don't even recall them throwing much to the sidelines after that INT...the defense shut it down. Kudos the EB and the defense overall for that...exactly what I wanted to see with this team. Q is obviously more comfortable in man hopefully they can continue to use him that. But he is going to have to be able to play zone if they insistt on using it. On the Pruitt catch at the can see Wilson was supposed to hand off to Walker and cover the deep part of that zone...and is visibly frustrated with himself. Not that it mattered at that point cause the game was over (though it would have been nice to keep them out of the end zone)...but it is an exampe of him still learning how to play zone coverage...and going threw the growing pains.
  5. shastamasta


    I hope there are two Collinses patrolling the secondary next season. And another big athletic S as well.
  6. shastamasta

    TY Hilton "randomly" drug tested after the Titans game

    He actually kept up with Hilton on that deep bomb...sort of. Luck just threw a dart.
  7. shastamasta

    Is it time we started thanking Josh McDaniels?

    That actually wouldn't be a bad gig. Be the one to take CLE back to prominence. Some very good weapons on offense as well...Mayfield, Chubb, Landry, Njoku. But yeah...passing up the chance to coach Luck would look questionable...especially since he has basically took his game to another level.
  8. shastamasta

    Is it time we started thanking Josh McDaniels?

    I agree with this sentiment....especially with the way Luck is playing. And team offense metrics back that up as both NE and IND are ranked eerily similar across many offense metrics...with IND surpassing NE after they layed a stinker against TEN and the Colts blew TEN out. I think SOS wise...NE has had it tougher. They have also dealt with their share of Edelman suspension, Michel injury, Gronk being a shell of himself, etc. So it's conceivable that the offense would be performing as well with McDaniels. But we were never going to know anyways...because I don't believe McDaniels was ever coming here. It seemed so unreal at the time...given the histories...and in hindsight it was.
  9. shastamasta

    Dontrelle Inman making a difference

    True...there was a lack of depth at WR....which made it even worse. But in that scenario, you go out and get someone off the street or via trade in that scenario...much like Ballard did with Inman this year. You don't keep him using as your WR2 through the first two months of the season...when it's clear he is awful. Whatever sense there was that he was the best option was long gone. Yet, Aiken got more targets than Moncrief through the first two months. And even when Rogers was activated in mid October, Aiken still started for another month. If not for injuring his hamstring, he probably would have still kept starting over Rogers. But Rogers had that big game against PIT (with Aiken out) and that was basically the end of the Aiken they finally (and merficully) stopped throwing him the ball. Another example of the position Brissett was in. Could you imagine if Aiken was on this year's team? Luck would have put an end to that % immediately...and Aiken would have found himself gone or on the bench after a few weeks.
  10. shastamasta

    Dontrelle Inman making a difference

    True...but that was two seasons before he got here. And it was apparent very early on that they weren't getting anything close to that player. Just look at that catch %-...ugh. I wasn't a huge fan of signing him...but I didn't mind adding him as depth. Just hated that how was being a focus point of the offense. But that also goes back to lack of talent and depth at WR. Hopefully, that is remedied this offseason. I am ready to stop taking the discount route at WR. Would love to see them sign someone that can play AND draft one of the top guys in the 2nd round...but I will happily settle for just drafting one. The way I see it...Hilton, a top tier rookie...maybe Inman/vet FA...and then Rogers/Cain/Fountain/Pascal battle for roster spots. I would love to enter camp with 6 deep at WR and have a decision to make.
  11. shastamasta

    Dontrelle Inman making a difference

    True...I just can't see any reason for Kamar Aiken to have been playing over any WR like he was...other than the fact that they sunk some money into him.
  12. shastamasta

    Dontrelle Inman making a difference

    Debatable. Moncrief, despite being perenially underachieiving, was still playing much better....and had long-term implications. Aiken was arguably the worst WR in the NFL last season...he was that bad. And he still kept getting snaps and targets. He was even the first read on many plays. This team did give Brissett a chance to play year...but did not do him a ton of favors on top of that, Ballard included. They gave him few weapons to work with...and did almost nothing to address the OL (which got him killed along with the playcalling). Let's not act like last season was about winning games on offense...which is what helped put them in such an advantageous position last March and April. If I am Brissett...I am looking forward to being traded this offseason.
  13. shastamasta

    Dontrelle Inman making a difference

    Inman is solid. I could see him coming back next season as WR depth. Though I still really like the idea of Tate on a two-year deal to play slot...if the price is right. I hope they draft one with one of those 2nd round picks.
  14. shastamasta

    Dontrelle Inman making a difference

    A similar thing happened with Aiken last season...where inexplicably kept getting the bulk of WR snaps.
  15. shastamasta


    The NFL is out of their it wouldn't surprise me.