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  1. There is definitely urgency for the LAR (and HOU as well)...however...only one year ago giving up 2 1st round picks seemed pretty damn expensive even for a 27 year-old Khalil Mack...arguably a top 5 player in the NFL at the second-most coveted position. Before last season...that same LAR team acquired Marcus Peters (a 2x Pro Bowler and 1x All-Pro) with two years of cost control left (4th year + 5th year option). Now Ramsey...who is also a 2x Pro Bowler and 1x All-Pro...but with 1.5+ years of cost control left (rest of this season + 5th year option) costs TWO 1st round picks. Both had off-field "issues"...and Ramsey's success was more recent...but if Peters wasn't on Ramsey's level at the time of that trade...he wasn't far below. Just a massive difference in trade value. There seems to be a shift in trade dynamics happening. But what is the fulcrum for that? Some have argued that 1st round picks (after the top 5-10) are inherently overvalued because of the value vs. their contracts...and that Day Two picks actually have more surplus value. Not sure if I agree with this necessarily...though I do think Day Two picks can be incredibly undervalued. But could it be something else...like rookie cost control...which will certainly be part of the new CBA negotiations (especially with guys starting to hold out after the 3rd year of their rookie deals). If teams knew...going forward...that rookies were now going to hit FA after 4 years (no 5th year option)...that could (for some teams) take away a good chunk of value (relative to other draft picks like Day Two picks)...especially when you consider that 1st round contracts are fully gtd while others are not...and therefore carry more risk. If you were confident in your scouting department to scout better than other teams...you might think you can still get top tier talent on Day Two...so how much does a late/r fully-gtd 1st round pick (without a 5th year team option) really have to you? Probably not as much as it used to...which makes them more expendable to trade for established top tier talent.
  2. What intrigues me about this trade...and the Tunsil trade...is the willingness to trade multiple 1st round picks. Seems like teams are more willing to give up valuable draft assets than ever before. Maybe a big reason for that is urgency for competitive windows...but part of me wonders if it relevant to the upcoming CBA. Do they know something about rookie contract changes that we don't...quicker path to FA and less cost control perhaps?
  3. Click on your profile name on the top right and "Ignored Users" is an option on the drop down. You can add or remove people there I guess.
  4. I doubt anyone was expecting you to give JB an "Insufficient" rating at this point.
  5. Have to win the division before we can talk about seeding. Right now...HOU is +1 in the win column...so next week's game is key. Lose that and they are two games back. It's very early anyways. For all we know, there could a team that is 2-4 that will go on a Colts-like run to end the season.
  6. I imagine Ballard will offer a commensurate contract extension for a very good 32 year-old LT with some injury questions...and they will go from there.
  7. Von Miller is not realistic. Sanders is a rental WR...and would likely cost a 7th round pick at most. And the Colts could use all the help they can get...provided his knee is fine.
  8. People think PFF is rubbish when it doesn't fit their narrative or it's a player they like being graded low. The Colts subreddit is a perfect example of this.
  9. Yep...he looks big again. Probably went back to Europe again.
  10. If DEN is having a firesale...let's get Emmanuel Sanders for a 6th or 7th rounder.
  11. The expectation should be that you win half...slightly less than half...or slightly more than half...depending on your advanced metrics. And slightly more than half of 16 games won can you get in the playoffs...but it won't get you a bye or HFA.
  12. Yep...they have a negative point differential right now. With a point differential that is even or slightly negative...you are typically looking at 8-9 wins at best. Colts actually won 11 with a -30 PD in Luck's rookie season...but they also got blown out by CHI, NYJ and NE...so it skewed the PD overall. I think it's sort of interesting...the Colts remind me of the recent TEN teams (built on the run game, defense, playing low-scoring games)...and just look at that matchup a few weeks ago and the box score...very similar. And TEN has beat very good teams in recent years...but they have never really been a threat. The passing game for the Colts is what will take them to next level.
  13. I mean...they should...if the cost makes sense. He's proven he can win a Super Bowl (or at least should have).
  14. Agree. Reid had a very bad game plan. But I guess both McCoy and Williams were somewhat hobbled. Refusing to run the ball played right into the Colts hands...and they made them pay. The officiating was pretty neutral...outside of the questionable TY call. KC was flagged for 4 more penalties and 75 yards...so I think it’s a stretch to say Colts were getting screwed. The INT was incomplete...and I would have been furious if that stood if the sides were reversed. Hardman did step out...but he had already been interfered with...so it didn’t matter.
  15. Yeah...that won’t be the same KC team they would face in January. But that doesn’t matter right now. This was a weird game...outside of the injuries on both sides. KC didn’t run the ball...at all...against a team who had been one of the worst in the league at stopping it. It almost seemed like arrogance on their part...as if they were showing off Mahomes on prime time. This let the Colts DL pin their ears back again a weak OL...and constantly pressure Mahomes. Colts got a great win. I will say this...the Colts dominated that game...and KC was still in position to win that game had they been able to score on that drive...and had they not stupidly gone for it in their own territory. That’s the style the Colts are playing now...which can definitely work as we saw...but can also be a coin flip.
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