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  1. I will put a twist on this as well. Little not only develops for a year...BUT given Smith's ability to kick inside to RG...Little essentially gives them a back up at both G and OT spots (C is already covered by Boehm). If AC of Smith get hurt...Little plays LT or RT. If Glow gets hurt...Smith kicks inside to RG and Little plays RT. If Nelson gets hurt...Glow goes to LG, Smith kicks inside to RG and Little goes to RT. I think it makes a whole lot of sense to have a legit OT as the 6th man on the OL. Whether or not that is worth a 1st round pick right now...I guess that depends on just how good that player is..and he would definitely have to be a legit future LT to justify it.
  2. Same game. Went around Peters like he wasn't there a couple of occasions. Had him false-starting to keep up. On that infamous 3rd down Agholor catch...Turay gets past Peters and to Wentz at the same time as Geathers...who had a free blitz. And Turay had little idea what else to do in that game...that was just on pure ability. Excited to see if he can get stronger and learn some moves.
  3. Always weird that it takes a while for contract info to come out. I mean...he must have agreed to financial terms...because this is basically an official press release.
  4. shastamasta

    AK’s Colts Mock Draft

    That could be the case. But we heard the injury excuse for Morrison too...and he was so slow on the field. Slow 40s at LB (especially if they can't disprove it at the Pro Day) gives me pause, regardless of the context. But it's a 4th round comp could be worth the roll of the dice.
  5. You can have reverence for Geathers...and still want to upgrade his spot (from a football perspective).
  6. Yeah...I don't agree with the idea that S isn't a need. Turay was a 2nd round pick who schooled HOFer Jason Peters TWICE. He has a lot of upside...but nearly everyone agrees they need DE. At the other S position, they currently have a 27 year-old injury-prone S who (I think) is maybe a bit above replacement level...and another 27 year-old S who ended up on IR last year. Yet people don't think S is a need. I think it's safe to say they need both S and DE.
  7. I like Lynch as depth...but I expect the LDE position to be locked down by someone who isn't on the team by then.
  8. Right? I mean...look at that how *y both of those tweets are (the first one is a potshot at his peers? I guess). And I don't think I recall Holder running around saying the Colts were going to win a bunch of games last year. The second tweet is just pure snark.
  9. Haha...that tweet is the very definition of trolling. Even Wells isn't dumb enough to think that one has to do with the other. (Is that a fake account?) Edit: Just checked. It's a fake account.
  10. I weighed like a buck 20 in HS...but was already near my current height. Just could not put on weight...even with how much I was eating as a teenager. Had to stop wrestling in HS because I started getting my butt kicked by these guys that were like 6-7" shorter than me...and just so much stronger. Only two athletic things I was meant to do well...throw a baseball and run long distances.
  11. shastamasta

    2019 WR draft / film notes

    I wouldn't be...but I am probably in the minority...though there are combos I like better...especially as 2nd round picks. But ideally, you can get two on Day Two. I really like this draft class and I think Day Two is a sweet spot for WRs in general. I also think both Butler and Campbell can be legit top-tier starting WRs (Butler as a WR2...maybe even WR1...and Campbell as a Y or Z receiver). Hard to beat that value. Plus, you have an aging Hilton and a bunch of question marks. I look at a pass catcher group like the LAR as the standard. And other than's built on Day Two picks.
  12. Those little 5 lb ones. The bigger ones were in use...and I didn't want to be a show off. 4 45 lb plates (225...same as the Combine). Hunter Renfrow is apparently not much larger or stronger than me. Definitely much quicker...but it's hard to imagine him on an NFL field. He will need to give Edelman a call this summer.
  13. Yeah...the day I was able to throw up four plates a couple times was a proud moment (I weigh 165-70).
  14. That's fine...but we are talking about different things...talent/production vs. motor. I can't speak to Haha's issues in that area...but I can see that he is a higher-graded, more productive player.
  15. Let's be fair...a one year deal =/= infatuated. He let Geathers test the market until he came back and signed a cheap, low-risk deal. Ballard played it like he should.