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  1. shastamasta

    Reality check

    Yep...I am actually excited about the schedule. The Colts would have benefited from playing a KC, NO or LAR during this past regular season...and next season they will get that. They will be battle-tested, as people like to say. KC had a good advantage in that area on Saturday.
  2. shastamasta

    This years FAs

    He's also a former 4th round not a total longshot to have a successful NFL career.
  3. Well deserved. Reich's time will come as well.
  4. The AP awards for coach and execs are the most recognized one. But other publications have them as well. This a bit different than All Pro teams...where three publications (AP, Sporting News and PFWA) all have All Pro teams...and they are all equally recognized by the NFL as All Pro.
  5. shastamasta

    A scary thought for next season

    It is a scary thought for the NFL. However, I don't want to take Luck being healthy for granted. The time to strike is now and over the next three years or so. Healthy Luck in his prime...All Pro players on rookie contracts...tons of cap space...great coaching staff...this team should have Super Bowl aspirations for at least three years.
  6. shastamasta

    Dee Ford

    Awesome...adds another a very interesting FA rusher group that could include Lawrence (doubtful but who knows), Fowler and Clark. Ford ate Smith alive in that game. Colts have no one like that on the roster. Maybe Turay can get there...but they shouldn't rely on him. Between Ford and Autry and hopefully a top draft pick, you would have the start of a terrific 4-man front...and plenty of guys to rotate. Assuming Lawrence stays in DAL...I think they go after Ford. Yes the Colts would be buying high, but Ballard was there when they scouted and drafted him. And Ballard would know what they are getting. If the price gets out of control...he won't really be an option anyways...but they should at least make a legit play for him.
  7. shastamasta

    This years FAs

    This is where I am at now. I think investing in RT and moving Smith back to RG is the better move long-term. In theory, it would improve both positions. But who is to say Smith beats out Glow? I would think that would be a healthy competition. Whether Glow would want that competition and how much the Colts would be willing to pay him to compete make it tricky. But having a legit G like Glow as a backup G is a good problem to have. I said this below, but I see some merit in bringing back Glow, keeping Smith at RT and drafting a RT to develop for a year or two. This team hasn't been shy about playing rookies on the OL...but in this scenario it wouldn't have to. Then, next season, they could address the logjam if necessary. Even if Glow was expensive, his contract could be constructed in a way that nearly all of the gtd money is paid in the first two years. I think Ballard has a similar philosophy to the OL as he does DL. You need 7-8 guys that can play at a good-high level...but instead of keeping guys fresh it's more because of inevitable injuries (especially playing on that artificial turf). Not to mention they do like to throw the occasional jumbo package out there. They found what seems like a good OL player in Glow. Those aren't easy to find (as we have learned from the Grigs era). So if Glow likes it enough in IND...they should probably retain him in some capacity...unless his contract offers just get crazy.
  8. shastamasta

    This years FAs

    This is what I want to do. Find a better RT and move Smith back to RG. Ideally, you could re-sign Glow as well...and have a healthy competition for both spots...not to mention having legit insurance at each position (since Smith can play both). The question becomes what will it take to find that RT (it will likely take away from another position if it's the draft)...and will Glow accept the Colts offer that only guarantees him a chance to compete for a starting spot? I would have no problem paying Glow $5M, even if he ended up as a backup. But he probably gets more than that. Another route could be to have Smith play RT next season while a rookie develops for a year or two. In that scenario, Glow is back as the starter during that time and then they figure out the depth chart down the road. But I think moving Smith back to RG should probably be done sooner than later.
  9. shastamasta

    This years FAs

    Agree. Though I think Inman enters the category as players that I don't want to lose. Only because this team has a lot of questions at WR...and Inman seems like an answer to at least one of them...and likely much cheaper than other options. It is going to be a fun offseason for sure. Personally, I only want to re-sign a few guys. I don't see any point in paying a bunch of the same players more money. Ballard can practice what he preaches by re-signing Desir and Glow. And even more importantly, those other players take up valuable roster spots that could otherwise be upgraded (or used for a cheap player that is developing). The expectations have shifted. I this offseason is about getting IND to a level where they can get to the Super Bowl the next few seasons (starting next season). They have to maximize the window. That doesn't mean Ballard has to be super aggressive or anything (that's not his style)...but he should be looking to upgrade at least a few positions.
  10. shastamasta

    This years FAs

    I think this applies to the whole S group TBH. Maybe not as late as summer for Geathers...but I would definitely sit back and see what happens with Geathers. Same with Farley and Mitchell...who I doubt will have serious suitors. If some team offers any of them them a nice contract...that's cool. But most likely that won't happen...outside of maybe Geathers.
  11. shastamasta

    This years FAs

    So you would bring back the entire S group? I am probably bringing one most 2 (if Mitchell is willing to come back on the vet min).
  12. shastamasta

    Ballard press conference

    I know what I would do. I would sit back and watch how his market develops. If he still sitting around without a contract in late March-April...then I would offer him a one-year deal, even if I had another option already in place. Last year, a few Ss had trouble landing the contracts they I wouldn't jump the gun and re-sign Geathers right away.
  13. shastamasta

    Ballard press conference

    Much like Demarcus Lawrence, it's impossible to predict premium FAs being available, much less signing with your team. I still remember the countless offseason mocks that included Melvin Ingram a coupler years back...only to see him eventually re-up with the LAC. But IMO, S should be a focus of the offseason. FA is fairly deep, regardless of Collins, and it's one of those positions (like interior OL) where you can actually reasonably upgrade in FA because of the players available. So while I could see 1-2 of the current Ss brought back for depth and continuity...Collins or Mathieu as the other starting S would be the place to start. And then I would draft an athletic, lengthy S type on Day 3 that can defends TEs and develop him at the nickel S spot. Interested to see your mock offseason. The upcoming FA and draft could align very nicely with the Colts needs. Here are just a few ways" S - FA options like Landon Collins, Tyrann Mathieu, Lamarcus Joyner DL - FA options like Demarcus Lawrence, Dante Fowler, Frank Clark...loaded draft class ILB - FA options like Jordan Hicks (yes please) and Cory Littleton, Patrick Onwuasor (trade option if they sign re-sign CJ Mosely) WR - deep draft group OT - not really sure And then there's always trading for players...either players on rookie deals or by leveraging the cap space. So in theory, the Colts can (and should) add as many 5-6 new starters this offseason.
  14. shastamasta

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    I wonder if there will be a scenario where the Colts could trade up for Oliver. The guy I would love to trade up for would be Rashan Gary. I know he underperformed in college...but I don't care...from a skill set...he is the perfect fit for LDE in this defense. I also really like Ferrell and Josh Allen (who is like a stronger Leonard with pass rush moves). If the Colts had a playoff season and still got one of those four
  15. shastamasta

    Ballard press conference

    Yeah...I assume it's pretty rare for a rookie to have the green dot on his helmet. I think Leonard could handle it after this season. But ideally, I would love to get Landon Collins in FA and give him the com. Like Leonard, he never leaves the field...and he was a captain for the NYG. Reports seem to indicate he has a decent chance of hitting FA. Colts don't really have a ton of ties to Collins...but he should become their top priority if the shoulder is healed and the NYG let him walk. He fits exactly what Ballard is talking about when it comes to outside FAs...young (just turned 25 a few days ago), great player, great character, natural leader, etc. If he wants to come here...Ballard has to be able to close the deal.