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  1. This class has a handful of very promising X WRs. I wouldn’t even mind grabbing two of them.
  2. I don't really think anyone is blaming JB for losing games...at least not moreso than other areas that have been blamed. And just like those areas...WR...interior DL...we want to see some upgrades next season.
  3. Agree...it depends on what is causing it. The fact that it has flared up twice before both the Senior Bowl and Combine (essentially his last two football activities) is definitely some cause for concern...until it doesn't happen at his Pro Day. If it happens there...then who knows what it would do to his stock. If it is a recurring issue like this...it might point to a needed surgery. I would argue that Simmons was a better prospect than Kinlaw too. That's not to say Kinlaw isn't a great prospect...but I don't think he's a top 5 guy like some thought Simmons was (or Jack). I think he will be there at #13...and in that case...do the Colts take him or do they potentially look to move back a few spots. Trading back a few spots in the 1st round to garner some more ammo could make sense...especially in a scenario where the Colts want to jump up from #34 to grab their guy at QB.
  4. Yep...if the Colts can get creative...they can essentially replace and upgrade their QB room with "little" additional cap space...depending on what (TBD) vet QB would cost. Which is why IMO....it's a no brainer for this offseason. I have long thought Rivers was a good possibility before LAC even moved on...for multiple reasons. And now there has been a ton of smoke. Rivers mentoring someone like Love just seems ideal for the parallel tracks of competing now and in the future. I actually don't think it's going to require $30M or whatever numbers the media keeps throwing out. Another route I like...is getting JAC to give us Foles. He is similar to Rivers in some aspects. I think Foles would make a good stopgap (Reich connection) and mentor (has done it before). Plus...he's not really THAT expensive in this market...and would only be owed money through next season. IF the Colts could get JAC to swap their #9 pick for the Colts #13 pick (approximate value is about a mid-3rd round pick)....that would position the Colts even better to get Love (or another QB).
  5. I am not sure about Luck and keeping his rights...I think their motivations could have just been altruistic if anything. Other than Megatron...I don't really recall any NFL team trying to get that money back. The aesthetics are poor...and Irsay has shown a propensity to take care of his franchise players. On the JB decision...I already know we disagree on whether is was a good call...but I do agree that stuffing cash into the 2019 books was not the main driver.
  6. True...any releases/trades of current players will change the calculus a bit for cash spend...and available cap space even more. Releasing Hoyer AND finding a trade partner for JB (and that $7M roster bonus in addition to his $6M base salary)...would give the Colts upwards of $20M in cap space I think (because JB's dead cap hit would only be his remaining signing bonus of $5.5M).
  7. Yep...in that article you posted..the Colts would have been the top team in requisite cash spend by a significant margin. But Luck's retirement "allowed" them to spend $25M in cash to Hoyer and JB...while only recouping a small amount from Luck retiring. Even OTC in that article speculates about the Colts making move with the threshold in mind. I have argued this for a while. I think it was one of the reasons they gave Rigo and Moore their big deals last offseason.
  8. I think he's talking about cash spending to satisfy the 4-year 89% threshold. The Colts have ~$86m in cap space this offseason...they just need to spend an additional $43M in cash (through guarantees and base salaries) to get to the 89% cash spend threshold over the 2017-2020 period. On a side note...the Colts cash spending vs. cap has been on average a ratio of 1.10...so $43M in cash (per the OTC report) would actually be about $39M in cap space.
  9. The DET and IND versions make no sense. DET is not paying for Teddy with one of the top paid QBs already under contract. And if the Colts did bring in Winston (they won't)...JB won't be on the roster.
  10. What rookie records? Receiving yards by a Colts rookie RB? If he was close to that record...it was due to volume...because he only averaged 6.7 yards/catch. Hines is a pass-catching RB (that offers little in the running game)...who ranked #38 in DVOA for RBs last season (with a min. of 25 passes)...below replacement level. He was better the year before with Luck...a little bit above replacement level (3.5%). I don't think they are getting rid of him...I just want to see them add a RB who is a legit playmaker in the passing game...especially when their RB1 (who garners the lion share of snaps) isn't really used as a pass catcher.
  11. Just curiouis...but what makes you think that? Not saying Rivers won't help Hines...but I think Ekeler is a much better pass-catching back...he's tougher, more elusive and much more productive per catch. I actually hope the Colts will be looking to upgrade Hines sooner than later.
  12. As for the pick...not really a fan. Give me Higgins or Ruggs. Though this draft would be very favorable getting Love in the 2nd round.
  13. Wow...6 CBs and 8 WRs! That's half of the 1st round. If 8 WRs go in the 1st round...that doesn't bode well for waiting to see who falls.
  14. There are only 5 of those QBs I wouldn't want to see next year...and three are in this draft (Fromm and Gordon don't do it for me...and Eason seems more limited than I would like). Of course there are varying degrees of acquisition to be considered as well. In a vacuum...give me Dak or Stafford all day.
  15. Yeah...I think he does seek a well-balanced team...but he also already had that top tier QB when he got here...so it’s pretty easy to not make a fuss over having one.
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