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  1. They will carry 3 QBs I think.
  2. Maybe. Let me say that I am not a doctor...but I think the drills could be to see if the pain is still there...which might be an indicator that something wasn't fully healed and there was still risk for re-injury. Last time he started up...he had pain...and they basically shut him down and ran tests...until those recent drills. All players have to physically rehab in some fashion...so early on in the process...there is going to be that risk of re-injury...which is why players are typically limited until they reach certain points of the process. From what we have seen, Luck is still limited. Next week will be very telling. I just think if it's a pain management issue...then he would practicing in a limited fashion as they figure out how to manage it. But he's just doing drills...as if they are testing it.
  3. I am not sure why...the situation is pretty much the same as it has been. IMO...I think he needs two weeks of pain-free practice to lower the risk of re-injury...before they would put him out there. The math doesn't check out for Week 1...but I will try to be optimistic.
  4. They went into a season with Brissett and Scott Tolzien...it wouldn't surprise me. Kelly will be back after 2 games anyways...if it came to that.
  5. I don't know about regretting it...but I think it could have been a very shrewd move. Duke is a valuable RB and huge asset in the passing game. I still say...Colemen was the move to make. They had the money and he didn't cost much...and he was a great fit with some nice upside. I just wish they would have pulled the trigger. By the time they get done paying out Ware's injury settlement and putting other RBs on IR...they will probably have paid half of Coleman's salary. But I am guessing they were hoping Ware would stay healthy and be that RB2...which I think he would have been. However, I am sure they also knew that the current depth issues at RB were a good possibility...considering they have been targeting multipled injured/injury-prone RBs. So if I had to bet....I would bet Ballard might have a move up his sleeve for the RB position.
  6. TY once said..."If they want me...they'll pay me." And the Colts paid him...made him top 5 at his position...and we were happy they did and we praised them for doing that. But when a team doesn't pay a player that top tier money...and that player is upset...he's somehow being selfish. Can't really have it both ways. The Colts have been very good to their star players over the years...across multiple GMs...so we haven't had to deal with any hold outs. But not every owner is Jim Irsay.
  7. NFL owners give out multi-year contracts that they don't honor all the time...now we are talking about semantics. A player has a right to skip training camp...he just gets fined for doing so. He's operating within the bounds of his contract. If he returns and then leaves again...he is in breach and can get the "5-day letter."
  8. One came from DE...the other was at DT. The first sack came on an inside stunt from the DE position...where he ended up 1-1 against a TE (Dalton Schultz)...and Lewis just overpowered him. Probably not going to get many of those opportunities. The second sack, however, came from the DT position...against former Colts Adam Redmond, who was filling in at LG for Zack Martin. This the type of play that we hope he can do from time to time...even if Redmond is a backup. He beats him off the snap and just shoves him to the side.
  9. Given up on Banogu playing SAM to move to DE is not really the same as having a guy play DE instead of DT. Lewis was just not effective as a DE (struggled against NFL OTs). And they drafted him to play DT...which they have been pretty clear on...even when he was activated lat year. That's where they think his burst and strength will play. Last season, he was forced into the DE role because of injuries. But enough guys are healthy (even without Sheard) and they have brought in Houston...so he's down the depth chart.
  10. Would be crazy if Gordon, Allen, James and Luck all miss this game. That's 4 top 5-10 guys at their respective positions...five if you include Okung.
  11. Owners dishonor contracts all the time though...since most deals aren't fully gtd. First-round picks are gtd...which is the inherent risk picking in the 1st round...and the team knows that when they make the decision to draft a player. But because of the rookie wage scale (largely because of all those previous 1st round busts costing NFL teams millions of dollars)...they also now have the opportunity to reap the reward of surplus value if they draft a top-tier player. So now it's much more low-medium risk/high reward. The drafted NFL player doesn't choose his team (unless he forces a trade)...and his contract is all but negotiated for him at that rookie scale. He doesn't really have the potential for additional value...outside of endorsement deals and maybe some incentive clauses. To get more money...he has to last 5 years into his career without getting hurt while performing at a high level...which is hard to do for RBs given how they are used and the perception of their aging curve. So getting drafted early is much more high risk/low-medium reward for a RB. Not really much of a comparison.
  12. I can't defend Zeke totally....he has had some issues. But his team supposedly investigated and didn't think he deserved the suspension he got.
  13. It's the only way to get it...at least in DAL. What's he supposed to do...play and hope that another younger cheaper RB doesn't come along. Considering his predecessor led the league in rushing and didn't get a big contract from DAL...doesn't seem like the best way to get a deal. He could get paid in FA...but he has to make it there in one piece and he will be entering his age 26 season at that point.
  14. Jones supported him because they invesitaged and didn't think he deserved a suspension. I think calling it a "money grab" is incorrect...and indicative of what I have been talking about.
  15. Zeke is still an incredibly valuable player. What do you think elite RBs should make in today's NFL?
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