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  1. Diggs just went from living in miserable freezing weather conditions but getting to play in a comfy indoor stadium for half his games...  


    To not only living in that miserable weather but playing in it too.  And a less dynamic passing attack...  Ouch. 

  2. 1 hour ago, nburgmei said:

    Plus we acquired Buckner. These teams are obviously moving in different directions.

    That move definitely puts us at the top of the division as far as off season improvements. 

  3. O'Brien is nuts.  Hopkins has been a centerpiece to the Texans recent success.  Maybe he's been a crutch for Watson & limiting his growth but my goodness.  And Tannenbaum on ESPN talking about it looks like a great trade for both...  Who is he trying to fool???? 


    What a great day for the Colts. 

  4. Tannehill gets 118 million and Henry gets a franchise tag...  That's backwards as hell.  Henry is the engine that powers that Titan's train.  Tannehill won 2 playoff games where he couldn't even throw for 100 yards passing.  We've crucified JB for those kind of performances...  This may end up being a blessing in disguise for us.  Because I have no fear of Tannehill's Titans.

  5. I wouldn't be shocked if good teams like the Patriots, Saints, or Steelers take a look at Hurts.  His character and leadership are legit.  And as someone posted upthread, his numbers weren't very far off from Baker or Kyler.  Let him sit for a year or 2 behind a vet and you could have a potential Deshaun Watson type QB on your hands. 

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  6. 2 hours ago, HarryTheCat said:

    I have to go with Herbert if he is still on the board at #13. Give us the QB who played in a competitive conference like the Pac-12 over a guy from the Mountain West any day. While a team's record is isn't just on their QB alone, Oregon's only losses were close games against Auburn and Oregon State, while Love's Aggies were going 7-5 against a much weaker division, losing to the likes of Wake Forest and Air Force, then losing to Kent State in something called The Frisco Bowl. Herbert led his team to an 11-2 record against better teams, then winning a squeaker against Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl.


    Sorry. This is no contest. 

    So you're taking Mariota over Allen & Wentz just because he played in the Pac 12 (who haven't been known as a great defensive conference in decades)???  And the Pac 12 has been down the last few years.  I think it's deeper than just Pac 12 over Mountain West.

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  7. If CB lets Rivers dictate or make demands on who we draft, he himself should be shown the door.  The fact that we would even let Rivers finish his career here should be more than enough. And I can't see us trading up for Herbert.  If he falls to 13, then we may take him.  But I doubt CB is gonna give multiple picks for Herbert.  His "love Child" Love is another story though...  If Love gets past the Chargers, I think CB goes up and gets him.

  8. 7 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I think Carr is better than average that is where we disagree. Carr is still only 29 as well pretty much in his prime.

    I just see him as more of a checkdown to the tight end and running backs kind of QB.  You can win that way but I prefer a more dynamic passing attack.  He's a very religious guy.  Just like Frank.  So they could really find some good chemistry...  I don't dislike Carr.  And I'm not totally against bringing him in.  I just wouldn't trade the 13th pick for him.  And if we did get Carr, I'd look into trading for OJ Howard too.

  9. 14 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    It would take the 13th pick IMO. We still have 34, 44, and 75 though + a proven decent QB if that did happen.

    No way I'm giving up the 13th pick for Carr. I'd start with the 44th and may give them the 34th.  But I'd be even reluctant to do that.  Carr is an ok QB.  I've seen better players traded for less.  Anything over the 44th pick is too much imo.  I'd rather tank for Justin Fields than be stuck in mediocrity with JB or Carr.

  10. 12 hours ago, TheMose said:

    No, I definitely get all that. Like I said, I've been an advocate for it and still am but there is a certain point where it gets too rich for my blood. And 4 is a pricey pricey cost to pay. I'm not that enamored by Love but I'm also not an expert so who knows. If Ballard did make that move, I would be excited still because that means Ballard, who I trust almost completely, found a guy that's worth going against the grain for.


    I also don't think the Panthers are in play for a QB, I see them rolling with Cam and seeing what they have in Grier first.

    I understand your way of thinking completely.  Moving up that high may be too much for CB.  I've been giving the Carolina taking or not taking a QB some thought.  New Coach Rhule got a crazy long deal. So he's probably in no rush to do anything.  So I can see them rolling with the other QB's (not Cam) and looking to address their QB issue next year.


    The things that make me think they could go QB this year is the hiring of LSU's "passing game coordinator).  After seeing what he did with Burrow in 1 year, makes me wonder what he could do with a more talented guy in Love?  Also do they want to waste another year of CMC's prime by giving him a crazy amount of touches in a hopeless season?

  11. 9 hours ago, TheMose said:

    Trade up to 4th for Love? Hardest pass. And I've been an advocate for trading up for a QB if they are enamored by the guy. But that is way to high for Love. Herbert and Tua maybe. 

    The momentum has shifted.  Many experts think that Love will go before Herbert and be the 3rd QB taken.  And that depends on how Tua looks at his pro day.  If he's looking hindered in any way because of the hip, Love could jump up to being the 2nd QB taken.


    I like Love over Herbert.  So I hope you're right and the Chargers go with Herbert at 6.  I just have this feeling that the Dolphins, Chargers, and Panthers could all be in play for a QB.  Either via selection for themselves or trade with Raiders or Bucs.


    Raiders can offer the 12th & 19th, which trumps anything we could offer.  So I think if Ballard really sees potential greatness in Love, he'll have to do what it takes to get him.  And that's not wait for picks 5,6, & 7 like most assume the QB'S will go.  Sneak in at 4 and get his man.


    We're not very far off from the playoffs.  Bring in Rivers (or stick with JB) as a bridge/mentor for Love.  Address some depth areas via draft and free agency and run it back next year.  I think Ballard's  gonna try to follow that KC model.

  12. As bad as JB played, we were still only 2-3 games from the wildcard & the division.  We're not very far away.  I could easily see us go with Rivers & still trade with the Giants & move up to 4th for Love if he's there.  If the Giants want too much & Love gets taken by Chargers, I think we wait and hope to get Ruggs at 13.


    Definitely still possible that we could trade up into the late top 10 to get Brown but that's only if Love is gone.  If both are gone, I think/hope Ruggs will be the pick.  Even over Kinlaw or Jeudy.

  13. I think Ruggs will eventually be the best out of this draft.  I see Tyreke Hill or OBJ type of explosiveness.   I saw video of him doing dunks on the basketball court (many in game) that would get 50's in the NBA slam dunk competition.  Reverse 360's ala Vince Carter.  360 between the legs. 


    His coordination & body control are ridiculous.  Throw in the 4.2 forty, huge hands, with the ridiculous hops & body control...  I see an immediate game breaker.  TY would have him on the quick path to success as his mentor.  

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  14. The Giants did it last year when they moved up for Jones.  It’ll be a nice bookend when we trade with them and move up to 4th for Love...

    Ballard has wanted this guy for years.  He’s gonna be “his” guy.  The Franchise QB.

    Don’t be surprised if JB, who actually has a connection with the Giants organization, is included in the trade. He’d make a great backup for Jones. 

  15. I sure wish we could come have come out of this draft with Ruggs & Love.  Love's meteoric rise up the draft boards has made that an impossibility.  If we stay put and Love is gone I'd like to see us draft Ruggs at 13.  He is a physical freak of nature.  Wouldn't shock me at all if he ends up being the best receiver from this draft class and this is one of the most stacked receiver classes ever.

  16. 9 hours ago, EastStreet said:

    Pick 4 has a value of 1800





    13+44+75=1825 (closest to value of 1800).


    Of course some want more, some want less, but those are the approximations based on the chart and calulators.


    Here's a calculator if you want to play.


    Thanks East. I’d definitely do that 13, 44, & 75 deal. One more question for you though. I think Ballard will be reluctant to part with both 13 & 34.  But I think he would be willing to part with 13 & next year’s first. Also, JB has a history with the Giants organization. Could we include him in the package (he’d make a great backup for Jones)?  How would this year’s & next year’s first plus JB or our later 2nd matchup in a trade for 4?

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  17. Ballard was doing an interview with JMV, and the thing that stood out to me was what he said about the Chiefs & their drafting of Mahomes.  Said he (they)  knew that Mahomes was gonna be a star before the draft.  And that he loved the way they did their homework & pulled the trigger on trading up to go get their man.


    That basically told me that Ballard has done his homework on Love.  And if Love continues to light up the combine (very key component), Ballard will be forced to pull the trigger and move up to get his man. 


    In that scenario, no way he gets past the Chargers at 6 & maybe even the Dolphins at 5.  So my bold prediction is that we trade with the Giants and move up to 4th & take Love.  Could some of our resident draft experts give me some examples of what it would take to go from 13 to 4???

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