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  1. 1 minute ago, krunk said:

    So Higgins was the original target like i was thinking. Im good with Pittman though. No prob.

    Hmm. Interesting. Higgins did put up better career numbers than Hopkins, Williams, & Watkins at Clemson.  Be interesting to see how it plays out between the receivers from this year’s draft.  Who will end up being the best of the bunch?  Especially, the big guys like Higgins, Pittman, & Claypool.  

  2. The more and more I look at the guys we got with our first 3 picks, the more and more excited I get.  All 3 guys are experienced players who have produced the last few years.  And all 3 are day 1 starters.  Kinda reminds me of Nelson, Leonard, & Smith.  Buckner, Pittman, & Taylor are ready now.  These aren’t projects.  They’re producers. Can’t ask for more from your first 3 picks. 

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  3. His Wonderlic score is very nice.  He’s older, & mature.  Seems like the kind of player Ballard likes.  I think Rivers will look to him early.  He’s no project.  He’s coming in pro ready.  Also, can see Pittman as a guy that TY can pass the WR leadership reigns to like Reggie did with him.

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  4. Watching Taylor’s tape & your jaw hits the floor.  He’s gonna break many, many long runs.  Can you imagine him following Big Q around the end on that pull play we like to run???  :scoregood:  We’re gonna see some explosive plays outta Taylor.  His balance & ability to cut without losing speed are ridiculous.   He’s got top 5 RB in the league potential with us very soon (like Edge had).

    I just hope it’s not gonna end up being an Edge vs Ricky Williams situation, where this time we got it wrong. Ricky was viewed as the best “Running”back in the draft but Edge was just as good a runner and was the better receiver & blocker.  Kinda sounds like Swift & Taylor. I hope it’s flipped this go round & Taylor is the one with the HoF career at the end of it all. 

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  5. 6 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    I kinda agree that if they planned on taking a RB early, I would have taken Swift at 34, and Claypool later. Hindsight though... 


    A third year is far out to predict. Hope you are right. Mack was set back in terms of catching with Brissett. Everyone was. 


    And I really don't know if 3 down will make that much difference if they truly want to get Hines on the field more. He did great in 2018, because we were more balanced. I think we'll see more Hines this year, so that'll cut into 3rd down snaps. Maybe more. Hines needs the ball. 

    I was kind of thinking Swift & Claypool or possibly even Pittman later but then I read some guys write up on receivers and he had some numbers (percentage of the team’s passing offense, immediate production while young  & then growth over their playing years) & he had Pittman & many others like Aiyuk rated much higher than a guy like Claypool, who it took longer to hit those metrics.  

    And then maybe he only hit them once as compared to guys with consistent production like Pittman, Lamb, & Jeudy.  So he was saying Claypool had more bust potential & like you said Pittman more immediate of an impact.  You think Claypool will be better long term?  They said he was a tremendous hooper too coming out of high school.  With his speed...  He could be something truly special. 

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  6. Just now, dgambill said:

    I look at it this way. If Mack does leave next year he will likely net a 4th rd compensatory pick maybe even 3rd if someone goes crazy with a big contract. I don’t mind the investment for his replacement given how talented and rugged Taylor has been. Give me 4 years and we can do the same finding his replacement.

    That’s how I see it unfolding. We’re gonna run Taylor into the ground over the next 4 years & then let him go too unless he immediately explodes & becomes a top 3-5 back which could be possible with our O Line.  

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