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  1. 2 hours ago, Bluesmith said:

    I will add Colts beating the Dolphins in 2009 despite the Phins rushing for 240 yards and converting 75% of there third downs and the Colts only having the ball for less than 14 minutes, they win 27-23 on Monday night.  I was at that game, Jimmy Buffett started playing like 10 feet away from me while I was buying a Landshark, it was a great time.

    Great call. I forgot about that game.  Didn’t Peyton hit Clark for a long catch & run td that game?  Also isn’t that the game where Gruden gave Peyton the nickname of The Sheriff?

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  2. 1 hour ago, The Fish said:

    Most memorable is a bit different than favorite. Peyton's teams produced some losses that bothered me far more than is reasonable in retrospect and I can remember those games and my mood vividly. I remember that crap.

    Pittsburgh 05'.. Being in that crowd that day.. Ugh. I've never seen 60,000 people all say "he missed it" in unison since. 


    Favorite memory is the 06' Playoff run and the 15-0 start to the 09' run (that produced another highly memorable moment, but I'll stop now).


    I know exactly what you’re talking about. That Steelers loss & giving up on perfection definitely stung the worst.  Hurt to leave the stadium after those games.  Those back to back losses in Foxborough in the playoffs hurt bad too but at least they were on the road. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, crazycolt1 said:

    1-2004 play off game against Denver 

    Perfect QBR of 158.3  by throwing 22 of 26 for 377 yds and 5 TDs


    2-2013 shootout vs Cowboys 4 TDs plus 1 Td running


    3-2004 Thanksgiving vs the Lions  6 TDs


    4-2004 vs the Packers 5 TDs  2 100 yard receivers and one wasn't Marvin Harrison 


    5-2003 vs Tampa Bay  3 TDs in less than 4 minutes.  It broke Tampa Bays back and sent them into a big time slide that Gruden never recovered from. (he lost a couple of wild card game in 2005 and 2007)




    Peyton had some unbelievable games where he/we just massacred teams.  That Thanksgiving Lions game was one of those.  He also slaughtered the Saints in similar fashion.  We could almost always count on 1 or 2 games a season where Tony would pull the starters at the end of the 3rd because of mercy.  I think Peyton could have gotten 8 TD’s a couple times if we were jerks & really pressed for it.

  4. Someone made a topic asking where we were when Colts finally beat Pats in AFC title game to go to the Super Bowl.  That got me thinking. What are your greatest Peyton Manning games/moments in a Colts uniform?  Mine in no particular order are:


    1.  AFC Championship Game comeback.

    2.  4th & 2.  
    3.  The Monday Night Comeback over the Buccaneers. 
    4.  Peyton lifting the Lombardi after the Chip.

    5.  The shootout Peyton had with Favre where they nearly didn’t run the ball the entire first half.


    49 TD’s & going up to Foxborough & finally beating the Pats in their place (game where Marv made the sick 1 handed catch & spiked it in their face) are also fond memories.

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  5. I remember distinctly how it felt to leave the Dome after losing to the Steelers the year before.  Was so crowded & cramped & it took forever.  So somber.  Thought we & Peyton were just cursed.

    Juxtapose that with the AFC comeback victory over the Pats the following year.  Still crowded & cramped & still took forever but everyone was so electrified.  High fives.  “We’re going to the Super Bowl” chants.  Drove around the city & everyone was cruising around & honking their horns all night.  What a memory. 

    We finally slayed the dragon & were going to the Super Bowl.  This game & 4th & 2 are probably my greatest Colts memories. Throw in the Super Bowl Victory for the trifecta.   Luck Superman dive & KC comeback gets an honorable mention.  Peyton, Edge, Marv & the boys probably had about 10 other memorable games but I saw those 3 live & in person. 

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  6. 10 hours ago, Coffeedrinker said:

    Actually I said I don't if he will be elite but he will be better than...  And I'm sorry, I thought it went without saying that on a fan forum things were opinions not facts but I guess I will have to spell it out when conversing with you.


    Ahh, you are one of those... you cannot make a point on merits so you turn it into something it's not... in this case a racial thing.   If I knew you were going to take the conversation into idiocy I would not have replied to you in the first place.


    It’s only 1 * here.  Show me where you based Herbert being better than them on merit?  What has Herbert done to merit you KNOWING he would be better?  Was it your cherry picked stats that showed they were ineffective?  I cherry picked some ineffective Peyton Manning games out.  Does Herbert merit your stamp of approval that you KNOW he’s gonna be better than Peyton Manning too?  


    And yeah I’m one of “those” that’s gonna call you on your nonsense.  I grew up around “your type” (since we’re going with generalized labels).  You lift up “your type” or the “type you like” & praise them & lift them above others based on things besides merit or accomplishment. Notice how you even re-quoted yourself to double down on your bias.  

    “I never said he would be elite but he’ll be better than “those guys”. Based off of what?  Where’s the merit?  “Cousins isn’t great but he’s better than “those guys”...  Based off of what?  Where’s the merit?  No numbers. No metrics.  


    And I’m not a Herbert hater.  I think he’s got all of the tools to succeed.  I like his size & the fact that he’s actually very mobile.  He’s got a good arm too.  He could end up being better than all of them or he could end up being the next Brock Osweiler.  We don’t KNOW yet.  

    You’ve typed paragraphs & haven’t given any merits to explain how you KNOW Herbert is gonna be better than the reigning MVP in Jackson & a guy in Watson who has won 2 division titles in 3 years & was looking quite effective & record setting before getting hurt his rookie year also.  I’m not the biggest Dak fan but the guy isn’t a slouch & has been quite effective & hasn’t had a losing record in his 4 years as a starter.  So see I gave you merits for those guys.  Where are yours?  

    And speaking of idiocy.  I just couldn’t sit back & let you post something so *ic without calling you on it.  And you came back talking about merit & haven’t given any in this discussion but cherry picked stats from games that you didn’t even bother to specify or quantify...  You took this convo into idiocy with your very first post.  And here I am trying to respond sensibly to an *ic post...  I’ll leave the idiocy to you. I’m done with this discussion. 

  7. 3 hours ago, Coffeedrinker said:

    Guys that can pull a team out when they are behind, guys that can make the crucial 3rd down pass for a first down (and no I don't mean dumping it off and letting the RB/WR do all the ork for the first down), guys that can put the team on their shoulder and pull out a win.  


    I know, you will point to where that happened but they don't do it consistently enough.  that is why they are good QBs, not great.

    5 playoff games with 1 win between 3 of them... Yeah, that's awesome.

    You said they Watson, Prescott and Jackson started right away and played effectively in their first start..  I was just pointing out they did not play effectively in their 1st start.


    What's your point with Manning's numbers?  I never claimed Manning played effectively in his first start, no did I claim that first start numbers were indicative of a career.  Just that you claimed they played effectively and I proved that wrong.

    I did not include Cousins because you mentioned only Watson, Jackson and Prescott and playing right away and playing effectively in their first start.  You did not make that claim about Cousins, so I did not include his numbers

    You're right, Cousins was not effective his first game... Of course I never claimed he did and neither did you, that is why I did not include his numbers.

    If you say so.  But from these last couple of posts we have determined that what you see and reality are often very, very different.

    You question my view on reality but you say you KNOW Herbert is gonna be better than Watson, Jackson, & Dak.  3 young guys who have already had success in their first 3 years.  So how do you KNOW?  Herbert hasn’t lit up the PAC 12 in his career. Hasn’t won a championship or Heisman. All while playing in the PAC 12 which is far from being the dominant conference it used to be.


    From what I can tell, you chose out 3 young African American QB’s who have been achieving success by playing their game (which may not fit the way you want them to play) early in their careers & you want to minimize their accomplishments while stating how you KNOW this unproven guy will be better.


    The only thing that’s coming through your posts are your biases. Try to conceal it by picking out their poor games.  And by lumping them in with a guy who hasn’t accomplished any more than them in twice as long as a career.  Sure you say he’s only good too BUT better than the guy who won the MVP in his 2nd season as a starter and the guy who’s led his team to back to back division crowns and a playoff victory...  


    Yeah I’m seeing your reality very clearly.

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  8. 6 hours ago, Coffeedrinker said:

    So, Watson has also had a good team but like so many others, Watson has trouble reading defenses, will make big plays but struggles to make the mid range plays to keep drives alive and he loses confidence easily and will not regain it in the game once he loses it.

    Jackson had a great season but he is still just a good QB. A lot of the same issues as Watson.  I can't even believe you are trying to make out Dak as anything but an average QB.  Cousins is the best of the bunch but he is also just a good QB.

    Not sold on his intangibles, who cares all you know about his intangibles is what you've read in a few scouting reports.


    Now I see why you think they are next to elite QBs, you have a low idea of effective.


    Dak - 25/45 220+ yards 0/0, 5 yards per attempt and a loss.  Not effective.

    DeShaun Watson 12/23 102 yards 1 TD/1 INT 4.8 yards per attempt and a loss. Not effective

    Lamar Jackson 13/19 150 yards 0/1 7.8 yards per attemp 26 carries 119 yards - Moderately effective throwing, very effective running.  And Jackson didn't get his first start until week 10 when the Ravens thought they were out of the playoff race.

    Why is Cousins the best of that bunch when his career resume, as far as team success goes, doesn't show him as being a more effective franchise QB.  2 playoff appearances in 5 years as a starter with 3 learning & gathering experience years.  He just got his first win this year.


    So what are you looking for in a franchise QB?  Numbers or wins?  Or a combination of both but what's the split?  60/40 with numbers being most important?  Give me wins as most important.


    The 3 guys you just minimized have 2 playoff appearances in 4 years with 1 win: Dak.  2 playoff appearances in 3 years with 1 win: Watson. And 2 playoff appearances in 2 years with 0 wins for Jackson.  Those guys have already accomplished more success than Cousins has in less time. 


    And what are you pointing out with those numbers?  Their last losing playoff games?  If so then you're showing that you're basing your QB likes and dislikes on something other than football.  Here's the worshipped Peyton Mannings stats in his 1st 3 playoff games (no wins...).

    Gm1: 19/42  227 yards, 0/0, 5.4 yards per attempt.

    Gm 2:  17/32  194 yards, 1/0 6.1 yards per attempt

    Gm 3:  14/31  137 yards,  0/2  4.4 yards per attempt


    And Cousins (don't know why you left him off...)  was 21/29  172 yards.  1/1  5.9 yards per attempt.  You'd see that and say he played effectively right?  Typical Cousins game.  Empty and effectively, ineffective stats.  High completion percentage but 6 sacks taken.  Manages to put up only 10 points.  I'd say ultimately he was just as ineffective as those other 3 guys when it mattered most.


    The only things you said correctly were that Jackson didn't start until midway through his rookie season.  And that I have a low idea of you effectively judging QB's  :scorebad:

  9. On 4/13/2020 at 4:13 PM, Coffeedrinker said:

    If Herbert slides in the 1st like Aaron Rogers, the Colts would be remiss to not try to work a trade up to get him.  I don't know if he will be elite but he will be better than the likes of Watson, Prescott, Cousins, Jackson, etc.


    Personally, in the WTNP Ep2, when they were talking about it would cost too much to get him, I think they were talking about Herbert.

    You have major faith in Herbert.  You named some serious names there.  Better than Watson?  Watson had 19 td’s in 6 starts as a rookie before getting hurt.  Then came back with 26 (31 including rushing) & 26 (33) this past year.  And has a career rating of 101 so far.  And has led his team to the playoffs twice in both his healthy seasons.


    Jackson just won the MVP & has led his teams to the playoffs in both his first 2 seasons.  Dak has never had a losing record in his first 4 years as a starter (2 postseason trips) and has a 97 career rating.  Cousins has hit 70% completions once & 69% twice. 96.8 career rating.  

    If Herbert is gonna be better than all those guys, then he’s definitely gonna have to be elite.  He may have the metrics but I’m not sold on the intangibles yet.  Maybe dropping will help him.  Go to a solid team where he won’t have to much pressure to carry a franchise and maybe not play early?  Jackson, Dak, & Watson (foolishly except for his first game) all started as rookies and were effective immediately. 

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  10. 23 hours ago, Clem-Dog said:

    I would pull the trigger on Hurts at 44, but agree with you about waiting on Gordon until the 4th, maybe 5th round.


    Eason might be Osweiler 2.0, so hard pass.


    Fromm checks all the boxes except arm strength.  He seems to fit the mold of QB that Belichick can work with.  I bet the Patriots overdraft him and select him in the 1st.



    Fromm would struggle playing outdoors in poor elements for half the games.  Eason has the arm to maybe play in those conditions. Don’t be shocked if Belichick goes with Hurts based off of a recommendation from Saban.

  11. I mentioned we should try to get Howard at the end of this past season.  Figured that was a done deal when Brady went there but if he is indeed available, then please go get him.  

    Rivers has shown that he loves throwing to the tight end & Howard has the ability to become a pro bowler with Rivers throwing him the ball.  If we’re all in this year then make the trade.  Plus we’d have an extra year of him under contract.

  12. I’m liking the secondary logo more & more every time I see it.  I’m also excited about potentially adding some accent colors to the jersey with us officially adding gray & black to our team colors.

    Remember tradition but you still gotta change and adapt to the times.  Our look could use some spice & flavor.  It’s 2020.  Something fresh wouldn’t hurt.  

    Then get us the right young QB in here & let’s push Mahomes & the Chiefs for conference supremacy for the next decade.  That secondary logo could really take off.  

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  13. 4 hours ago, Rackeen305 said:

    He's (Fields) the reason Burrows is at LSU, he had to xfer. That says alot. 


    But jmho, "Sunshine" has been NFL ready since his freshman year lol, beating Alabama in Nation Championship game. Oh and for those who didn't know, Sunshine can take off running too. See Ohio State game. 67 yard run for a TD.

    People say that but Lawrence wasn’t NFL ready as a freshman.  He was very polished for a true freshman but I think he went into the perfect environment. Clemson was loaded & had championship experience.  His numbers were very good.  Better than they were this year.  But not better than Fields’ were (this year) his first year getting to truly play.  

    Lawrence’s numbers were also terrible when Higgins was taken away.  Don’t know if it was him throwing guys open or more just throwing it up and Higgins coming down with it.  Whereas Fields was throwing deep posts. Deep outs.  I do think Lawrence is the more elusive & faster runner though.  And as of right now, with him getting to play early as a freshman & winning the Chip, his leadership is more established than Fields’.  

    I’d honestly be ecstatic with either as the Colts’ QB of the future.  It would take an utter disaster (or miracle) though to reach the heights to get either of those two guys.  I assure you that after the first 4 weeks, many teams will already be looking to tank because you have two certified studs at the top of next year’s draft.  And with the framework of this Colts team mostly constructed, I’d give up whatever it took to get either.

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  14. 31 minutes ago, RollerColt said:

    Would the Bengals take back to back QBs though? They’ve got a lot of issues to address. It would be a hard sell to other teams that they’d threaten to take Love just after getting Burrow. 

    The “threat” is that whoever better jump up & get him because they KNOW the Colts will take him with the next pick.  There’s no chance he gets past the late first round though.  If Ballard wants him & the Raiders don’t take him at 19, he’ll have to jump in front of Patriots & Saints at 23 & 24.  Viking have the Bills’ pick at 22 & their own at 25.  I think 22 is where Ballard will make his move if Love is still on the board. 

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  15. With the way that video was edited, it made you think Ballard was/still is high on Love & some of the others on staff not so much.  Notice how Ballard says “bring up his tape from last year” (Love’s good year)...  And “this guy is going in the 2nd round.”  That second one had me skeptical of it being Love whom Ballard was talking about but it’s possible Love could drop (and did drop on our Board) because of football character issues?  I still think if Love is there when the Eagles go on the clock (& Ruggs is gone) we trade up to their spot to take Love before the Pats get a chance at him.

  16. On 4/6/2020 at 4:32 AM, Stephen said:

    Has great timing and anticipation. Also good footwork

    There's 2 videos where JT O'Sullivan breaks down 2 entire games of Fromm.  I saw nothing special from those videos.  Weak arm.  Limited  mobility.  Not as great as others make out with his timing & anticipation.  And he has some quirky ball flip thing that he does after receiving the snap.  Check out these videos.  Also go watch his combine throws.  It's clear as day his arm is not NFL caliber.







  17. Anybody but Eason or Fromm.  Not impressed at all with either one.  Both have terrible flaws.  Eason has the big arm but check his career stats & the guy hasn't won or shined in college.  Fromm's arm is terrible.  People hype his decision making but the majority of his tape is atrocious when you look at his mechanics, arm strength, & decision making.  Someone (hopefully not us) may reach for Eason in the 3rd but 4th round or later project matches up better with his career stats.  Whereas Fromm probably wouldn't/shouldn't get drafted if not for the fact he played in the SEC & helped Georgia get deep a couple times.  Everything about his game is average or below average.  

  18. 7 minutes ago, atapcl said:

    GBN Report

    I watched JT O'Sullivan's breakdown of Eason & I was not impressed with him at all.  Big arm but his stats & career just scream mediocrity.  Maybe someone will take a shot on that big arm thinking they can refine him but he seems like way too much of a project to take even in the 3rd for us.  Get someone who will contribute on the field.


    If we do go QB & can't sneak back into the end of the first for say Love, I'd rather us take a chance on Hurts in the 3rd over Eason.  Guy's a natural leader and has legitimately improved every year in college.  I wouldn't be shocked if Belichick takes him based off of a strong endorsement from Saban.  

  19. 18 minutes ago, shastamasta said:


    Yep...they are already little brother to the Cowboys...then they would have reminders of that trade everywhere.


    Would have been crazy though...because I assume DAL takes that deal...so then Cooper leaves via FA...but where does he end up? Does he go up to AZ? BUF? PHI?

    Philly or Washington I’d assume would have been possibilities.  Glad it wasn’t us.  Cooper disappeared too many times for my liking. 

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