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  1. 7 minutes ago, chad72 said:


    Where did you get that from? Do you have a link? Just because Seahawks had a history of moving out of Round 1 since 2010 or 2011 (whenever it is) and we had connections with them with Ed Dodds, natural speculations were bound to happen.


    John Clayton, from Seattle, speculated that as well on Sports talk radio. But to just conjecture about it based on a hunch, without much to go on doesn't make your statement credible, with all due respect. 

    I have no inside information or connections in the Seattle or Indy front offices.  It was strictly conjecture and I wasn't looking for credibility either.  I just know that Carroll is usually a very enthusiastic guy and he looked very subdued on camera.  I then thought it is late so he may be tired.  But it was only 8 or 9 pm on the West Coast. 


    Just my opinion, but I would't be surprised at all to hear years down the road that we were interested in trading up for him and Packers suspected it and jumped in front of Seahawks to make sure they got him.  And honestly, I would have been ok with moving up for him and then still taking Pittman at 34.  But I'm happy with Taylor and Eason in the 4th.  Probably ended up with better value with those guys anyway.

  2. I still think Taylor or Swift would have been in play at RB.  No reason we couldn't have made the run the Titans made.  Tannehill had like 2 games under 150 yards passing in the playoffs.  Luck could have managed that.  So drafting later, I think we would have taken an OT late first and still taken a back and receiver in the 2nd.

  3. I don't know if I wanted Taylor in the 28 or 32.  Both are close to his 23.  Just finish closing in the 3 & you have 8 so 23 to 28.  Flip the 23 and you have 32.  Both are in touch with where his college number was and both are 2 HOF former Colts backs.  Edge & Marshall.  I'll take either.

  4. People keep saying that the Colts had no interest in Love.  I think if he was there at 34 we were gonna take him.  And if you go back and watch draft night, Pete Carroll looked kinda disheartened when it was there turn to pick.  I believe that we very well were gonna trade up with them for Love.  Regardless, we definitely would have pulled the trigger at 34.  No hesitation. But we wold have missed out on Taylor and the value of getting Eason in the 4th.  The Packers probably did us a serious favor because our draft turned out pretty well with them taking Love off the board.

  5. Shameful...  How do you not get A Rod some receiver help?  It’s almost like they view him as more of a game manager now.  He’s always been careful with the ball but maybe he’s too careful now???  He’s not nearly as dynamic as he used to be.  Maybe they feel they have receivers but the recent injuries have him a little more gunshy & unwilling to hang in and fully commit to a throw and take that big hit?  Regardless, you can’t come out of the deepest receiver draft ever and not get him one of them.

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  6. Saints are trying to win a championship. Signing Winston says that they know if Brees goes down, Hill can’t get them there.  Plus Hill has a ridiculous injury history.  Almost unbelievable the way injuries ravaged his college career.  I just can’t picture him as a starter taking every snap for 16 games without getting hurt.  But he’s fun to watch though. 

  7. I think Taylor will start as the understudy but after he breaks off a couple long runs, everyone will be wanting him in the lead back role.  Could make sense to push him to the front to kind of limit Mack’s value (still splitting carries though to keep them both fresh).  We just might be able to keep Mack as a backup if he can accept being number 2.  I expect he’ll be looking to get paid at least like Tevin Coleman.  

    If he leaves, we’ll get the comp pick.  I think it’s a win win for us regardless. As to the question, I think he’ll hit 1000 just based off of breaking a few long runs.  I can see Taylor taking some of those runs where we pull Big Q to the house. 

  8. Has their been a player in Indy Colt's history that has garnered the kind of blind praise that Kelly gets from the OP???  Regardless, it kind of seems like Kelly may have been brought in as a favor from Reich to Jim Kelly.  The kid has talent but Frank clearly didn't think he was ready yet. 


    Either he didn't want to throw him out there and have Kelly fail miserably and then Chad's probably out of the league for good.  Or Frank knows he's not ready and if he basically "gives" Kelly the job like you want him to, since you say it's a guarantee he's gonna win "any QB competition", then Frank could lose the locker room and the respect of his players once Kelly fails. 


    Maybe Frank doesn't want to be that attached to the hip with Kelly?  There's more to playing QB than just being able to spin it.  Gotta be a leader of other men.  If Kelly is smart, he'll know that playbook in and out.  Showing Frank & CB that he's matured enough to be QB 2.  Then CB can have enough trust in the QB room to move JB.


    And you know what, in that scenario, Eason can come in the following season improved so much with his howitzer arm and 5* pedigree and leapfrog him and be the new QB1 and Kelly would be stuck at QB 2 again (maybe fairly or unfairly). 


    And maybe that's what Frank is ultimately trying to get Kelly to understand.  Like him in his career, he may never truly get "his shot".  But if he's smart, humble, and works hard he could be a backup QB in the league for a decade and bank 20+ million and still have a great football career. 


    Because the truth is he's closer to being out of the league then he is to being a starter.  And if the OP is kin to Kelly, then I understand his desire for him to get a chance...  Tell him he better be doing all the little things to up his value and to stick around.

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  9. 4 hours ago, chad72 said:

    Hey, we always went to a SB every single time we drafted a RB high as the first pick in the draft (2006 Addai, 2009 Donald Brown, 2020 Jonathan Taylor???). Just saying. :dunno:


    The only issue happened when we traded for 1 with Trent, the first full season with Trent, we went to the AFCCG. 


    Early drafted RBs are a good luck charm for the Colts. :) 

    Well not always.  We took Faulk first in our draft and only went 8-8 that year.  We would go to the AFCCG the next season though...  And we took Edge first and didn't go to the Super Bowl but still went 13-3 that very first season...  You might be onto something here though. 

  10. 10 minutes ago, Valpo2004 said:



    Lol. I’ve seen some kickers & punters come off the board recently though. We took a DT.  The OT’s still available must be very flawed. Quite possible Packers took Runyan before we could get him. Scouts said he showed above average guard traits. 

  11. 17 minutes ago, Narcosys said:

    Who fumbles a lot, and has a lot of miles already.  Let's pull back a little. 

    The RB position is so devalued now.  Most teams don’t want to pay a RB long term anyway so his mileage is less important. I think we’re hoping for at least 3-4 years of excellent production. If he explodes then we’ll franchise him to get every last bit of production out of him.  

    Regardless, coming out he’s clearly the better prospect than Mack was at the same time & most experts are thinking he’ll take the number 1 spot this season.  But we should split their carries to keep both fresh. And I wouldn’t be shocked to see Mack get the “starts” but Taylor be the finisher. 

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  12. I wouldn't be surprised if this pick took so long to come in (all of our others were immediate "the pick is in") because Frank & CB were deciding between Fromm & Eason.  Frank probably wanted Fromm and CB & majority of staff wanted Eason. 


    When you look at his college career it's kinda odd.  He was the top QB in the country by many rankings coming out of high school.  Plays decent as a true freshman in the SEC.  Then gets hurt sophomore year.  Then has to sit a year in transfer.  Then finally plays again this past season and plays better than his freshman year (as he should I suppose) but doesn't light it up.


    CB thinks that top prospect might still be in there somewhere...  I hope the work ethic and accountability concerns don't prove to be true.  Hope he was just frustrated at the circumstances of not being able to play for a couple years and not skyrocketing into the NFL like many figured he would after his Junior season.  


    He's a Colt now.  So I'll be cheering for him and hope that top prospect coming out of high school is ready to become the pro stud that many envisioned him being 4 years ago.

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  13. 32 minutes ago, 1959Colts said:

    One thing I like about Pittman and Taylor is their outstanding production.


    Pittman  2017:   23 receptions - 404 yards - 17.6 average - 2 tds

                     2018:   41 receptions - 758 yards - 18.5 average - 6 tds

                     2019: 101 receptions - 1275 yards - 12.6 average -11 tds


    Taylor     2017:  299 attempts - 1977 yards - 6.6 average - 13 tds

                     2018:  307 attempts - 2194 yards - 7.1 average - 16 tds

                     2019:  320 attempts - 2003 yards - 6.3 average - 21 tds




    Yes me too. Both should be ready to hit the ground running. 

  14. 1 hour ago, GoColts8818 said:

    I agree with this and I am very high on Taylor.  See Trent Richardson as an example of a can’t miss college prospect that bombed in the NFL.

    To be fair, Trent’s production paled in comparison to Taylor’s though.   Taylor is in the conversation of the best running backs in NCAA history.  And Jim Brown said from day 1 that he was unimpressed with Trent and viewed him as just a guy...  The RB Goat saw the bust potential in Trent.  I get what you’re saying though.  I though Kijana Carter was gonna take over the league...

  15. I have a question for some of our resident experts.  Will the amount of games that Mack starts affect the comp value pick we get for him or is it based on his production with his new team?  So would it be better for us to “start” Mack all season though Taylor may be the one that “finishes” more often?  Kinda like Rhodes & Addai Joe’s rookie year?

  16. 23 minutes ago, CR91 said:


    There is such a thing as a two back backfield. Re-signing Mack will not cost us and with the uncertainty at QB, I'd rather not take away the strength of our offense.

    I’m not against keeping Mack. I see the 49ers just rotating in home run hitter after home run hitter.  I think CB is going for the same thing.  If Mack will come back and be cool with a timeshare & most likely being the backup, I’m all for it but I can see him looking to go somewhere & still be #1 & try to get as much money as he can.  Wouldn’t be shocked to see Jags or Dolphins interested.  

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  17. 2 minutes ago, WoolMagnet said:

    First off, i dont watch much college football.  However i’ve watched enuff high school, college, and pro football to know who is special.  They tend to flash.  Sometimes you gave to look , as its subtle with some positions, but its there.  Always.

      I also have gained a trust in Ballard, our scouts, and the apparent “direction.”

      With that in mind, How can you not LOVE the potential (and immediate production) from Buckner, Pittman, and Taylor.  The more i think about ut, the more excited i get.

      Pittman should fill the “Reggie to Marvin” role i’ve been waiting on.  He’ll be a solid #2 that defenses will have to worry about.  I like the group of TY, Pittman, Campbell, Pascal, Johnson,  .  That one player (and his size) instantly changed my WR comfort level.

      And imagine Taylor.... maybe even with Nix leading,,, behind this OL.  Oh boy, this year could be fun. This offense could be-very exciting. 

      OL, DL CB, maybe TE for depth would also be nice possibly but , whatever.  Rhodes and Burton helped in this area some and we have more picks, UFAs , and cuts still to come.

     Ballard just builds and builds.  
     Im gonna start calling him “Iceman.”

    The guy has been thru a ton since he’s been here and never panics.


  18. Just now, CR91 said:



    With how much RBs get low balled, you really think we can't re-sign Mack? 6-9 mil is the best Mack is gonna from any time. That's not breaking the bank. Look at Gordan's deal. He got 8 mil a year and he's been far more productive then Mack.

    I just don’t think we’ll want to pay that much for essentially a backup running back because Taylor is a true Lead Back and he’ll take the #1 spot from Mack or he’ll certainly be given the top spot after Mack leaves. Another team will look to give Mack good money.  I expect Taylor to get the same treatment as Mack in 3-4 years unless he just explodes which is a true possibility. 

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  19. 11 minutes ago, NewColtsFan said:

    Blackmon may be a good player someday, but it’s not even clear that he’s healthy enough to play this year.


    So even if there is a season, Blackmon is NOT a Day One starter.   He might play a fair amount as a third safety,  you can’t call him a Day One starter this year. 

    Hopefully he gets enough seasoning in 2020 to start in ‘21 if Hooker goes elsewhere.  

    I’m sorry. I should have clarified that I counted Buckner as our 13th pick.  So the 3 ‘picks” I was referring to are Buckner, Pittman, & Taylor.  Blackmon probably starts on Pup.  Many of his highlights looked like Hooker’s though. Lol. 

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