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  1. It's ridiculous for the OP to say he doesn't want to see JB play another down but then bring up a bust like Rosen & make a million excuses for him & why we should bring him in...  Pull up his career stats.  I wouldn't give up a 7th rounder for that bum.  And please don't give me what prognosticators said he was supposed to be.  Andre Ware threw it all over the field in college & couldn't last in the league. 


    So if we can all agree JB sucks, why give this other loser excuses when reality shows he's not even as good as JB???   Then you said you're taking him over Jordan Love & insinuated Love is only an athletic, inaccurate QB while Rosen is something better???  Pull up his pro stats & show me the great accuracy & decision making?  Love has no problem standing in the pocket and making all the throws.  I'm taking him over a two time loser in Rosen.  Hell I'd rather roll with JB & Swag Kelly over the over hyped bust out.

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  2. Trade for Foles?  The guy who hasn't won a single game this year?  I repeat not a single win this season.  The guy that we ourselves & JB just destroyed & outplayed a week ago?  The guy who just got benched for a late round rookie QB?  As much money as Jax gave Foles, I'm shocked they don't even want to see if he can get into a groove.  Guess they've seen enough in just 4 games... 


    I'm not giving up anything but a 6th or 7th round pick for him.  If they'll take that then fine bring him in and let him compete with JB.  Or maybe even a straight up trade for Hoyer?  Anything more than that and it's a hard pass on Foles, who has always under performed when much is expected of him.


    As the backup he'll come in and look great because not much is expected of the backup.  Make him the starter and he craps the bed.  I think I'd rather have Tannehill but Titans will probably resign him.

  3. He's got my vote.  But us having JB should show us the importance of having a strong backup.  Unless we're sure CK is ready for the number 2 spot, I don't mind spending a mid to late round pick on a QB. Or even bringing in a guy with some experience that maybe didn't pan out elsewhere to be our backup.  Like a Mariota or Winston.  Guys like Tannehill or Keenum could be good backups too.  Now if you tell me I can get Justin Fields in 2 years...  Everything changes. 

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