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  1. 32 minutes ago, Caffrey said:

    Alot of good players still available.  We should get a good player in Rd 3 as well.


    Attached is a you tube of WR Chase Claypool.  Attached is a you tube of Chis Simms talking about him like he is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  6-4 1/2, 239 lbs, 4.42. with ball skills.  Caught 66 for 1,037 yds and 13 TD's as a senior at Notre Dame.   DB or LB mismatch nightmare.


    You tube is kind of long at 24 minutes, did not watch it all but got the point on Claypool.



    That video was very intriguing.  I think Phillip Rivers would fall in love with a guy like Claypool.  I didn't know his metrics were that in line with Megatron.  Do you take the risk he'd still be there at 44 or get him at 34?  He plays a very physical brand of football which would be nice to bring to our offensive playmakers.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Myles said:

    That's how I feel.   I am NOT in favor of the Colts getting him because I'm convinced he could be the QB of the future.   I am in favor of getting him if it didn't take much to get him and he competed for a back up role.  

    Strange thing is, I think whoever is the backup is very likely to play this year or next.  I can envision a scenario where Rivers gets Bledsoe'd...  Guy has a solid team around him.  Gets hurt.  The backup comes in and leads the team to the mountaintop...  Rivers seems like that kind of guy (cursed to be a bridesmaid & never the bride) that will never win the big one.  While his draft classmates have 2 each.

  3. 14 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    We need to take Mims at 34, he won't be there at 44 IMO. 

    That's gonna be the key.  If we don't trade back to a team like the Bucs or somebody looking to move up for Swift, acquiring more picks, do we ourselves take an OT or another player (maybe Swift) at 34 and hope we may still get Mims and if not him Pittman at 44?  


    Is it worth it to gamble with Higgins, Pittman, Mims and Shenault all still available in Round 2?  One of those guys would have to be there at 44 right?  But you know once WR's start going, you could see 4 gone in like a 6-7 pick span...  So you feel Mims is the best of the bunch and we better grab him at 34 and look to get something else with the 44th?

  4. Any chance they just flat out release him?  I have no problem bringing him in to compete.  I would just hate to give up anything more than a LATE round pick for him though.  I say that because I  wouldn't be shocked at all to see both JB & Kelly beat him out in a competition. They would have the inside track with more time in Frank's playbook.  If we can somehow move JB today, I would rather go after Hurts or Fromm. 


    I wasn't very high on Fromm because of some of his traits (like smaller hands and not the biggest arm) but then I started to remember that we we play at least 9 games a year in a controlled environment...  So weather wouldn't be a great hindrance for him for the majority of the time (unless we had to go to KC or Baltimore in January)... 


    Him being our pick is starting to grow on me more though.  His mobility in the pocket and some other things need work but a year watching behind Rivers could help him out.  I'd rather try to get Hurts or Fromm with our second 2nd or 3rd round pick than spend a pick on Rosen.

  5. I see where many people are glad the "Love" story is over since he got drafted by the Packers.  I'd be happy when the Rosen story is over...  What is it with this guy that so many people make so many excuses for him and want to give him a 3rd chance when he has shown nothing on the NFL level that should garner him so much praise? 


    Is he any better than Paxton Lynch, Geno Smith, or Blake Bortles?  If he gets a 3rd chance and busts again, will that be the end of the "Rosen" story?  I feel like the NFL has a good old boys club thing going on with QB's where they keep certain ones in the league to get checks as backups for a decade when most of them aren't deserving at all.

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  6. Gordon has the same problems that most QB's that come out of Air Raid style offenses have (and why most are never drafted very high or at all) despite the big passing numbers.  Their system is more designed to lock on a receiver and stay with him throughout the play until he gets open.  They are often not very good at working through progressions.  Maybe Minshew's decent season last year could open things up for Gordon but his slight frame and coming from an Air Raid system could really push him down further in the draft.  4th might be too high a pick for him.

  7. 1 minute ago, DougDew said:

    The issue with Mack is that he has not shown to be a pass catching threat, and is not really a tackle breaker.  More of a juke and hit the crease.  So he has some limitations.


    Taylor and Swift can juke and hit the crease,but can also catch, power through a tackle, and block well too.  They are a threat to run catch or block on any play, so that threat opens up the playbook and the audible opportunities.  There are other RBs in the draft too, but Taylor and Swift are the best.


    I don't think they are worth 34 at this point with all of the other talent on the board.  We'll see about pick 44.

    Taylor's hand are not that nice.  And he had a lot of fumbles in his career.  I'm just very wary of Wisconsin running backs.  They often get run into the ground in college and their NFL careers typically underwhelm.  I'd take Swift though.  He's the complete back you were describing.  Can catch it.  Can block in pass pro and can tote it between the tackles.  Probably not a better pure runner than Taylor, but he has him beat in all the other areas.

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  8. 5 minutes ago, ColtStrong2013 said:

    damn buddy, nice job on the call. 

    After watching him play a couple times, his elusiveness is legit.  I saw a little Sproles, Jones-Drew, & even a little poor man's Barry Sanders in his game.  He's gonna be a solid pick up for Reid.  Problem is Reid has a propensity to abandon the run too soon and having a back who can catch it as well as LSU back could lead to Reid reverting to his old form...

  9. 2 minutes ago, Stephen said:

    You think that was the best back in the draft. I disagree.

    I had him number 2 behind Swift.  Not shocked the Chiefs went with LSU back.  Very elusive & great hands.

  10. 8 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    Jones isn't bad at catching. And Arians to be honest isn't the biggest on tossing to RBs... With two WRs over 1000 last year, a third with 600+, and adding Gronk... Brady isn't without weapons.

    Didn’t David Johnson emerge on the scene under Arians when he was coach of the Cardinals?  Or was Arians not there or already gone?  I thought that’s under Arians Johnson emerged as one of the most versatile backs in the league?

  11. I can see a scenario where the Buccaneers try to move up to get Brady his receiving back (Swift). Could we do a trade with them where we trade them the 34th pick for their 45th pick & OJ Howard?  Would we have to add another pick to pull that trade off?

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  12. Swift is probably best all around back.   Dobbins excellent in pass protection.  So so hands.  Taylor doesn’t have great hands & fumbles a lot.  Swift is a 3 down back.  I think the LSU back is gonna be nice though.  He’s very shifty.  Great hands.  Wouldn’t be surprised if Chiefs took him to be their Sproles.

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  13. 11 minutes ago, Coffeedrinker said:

    I do think he's better than Kelly.  But I'm not really going to waste time trying to "sell you" anything, it's obvious you are not buying because you have already made your decision.

    Maybe he could be in play to the Saints as well.  They get like 11 warm/controlled weather games.  He could sit behind Brees for a year and pick up some tips from Drew who would probably be happy to groom him...  Maybe Fromm could have some potential to the right team and right and environment...  Colts & Saints are both in win now mode.  They'd have to really be sure on him to take him that high like KC was with Mahomes.

  14. No.  I actually hadn't.  I know Kelly played in the SEC and also beat Alabama.  Just wanted to see if Fromm is worth a late 1st or 2nd round pick (especially with us having Rivers) to the Colts right now.  Us being an indoor team could be very beneficial to him.  He'll get 8 games in great conditions.  10 if you throw in Jax & Hou...  But is he "that" special to draft that high?

  15. 17 minutes ago, Coffeedrinker said:

    I'm sorry you judge accuracy by numbers.  I judged it by watching him throw.  By watching him throw place the ball exactly where the receiver was running and releasing the ball before the wr even started his break.  I watched him do that time and time and time again.  


    And nope, I didn't see how weak his arm was at the combine, I saw he didn't have as strong an arm as someone like Eason but when it came to actually measuring the velocity of the ball, he was right there at 53 MPH, right in the average NFL arm.

    I really wanted to like Hurts as a QB, so i watched every game of his 2019 season and he is not a good QB.  

    I like Herbert a lot and if I were in the war room and it was between Herbert and Fromm, I'd take Herbert, but none of that takes away from Fromm's attributes.

    This whole paragraph is a joke, he loses 4 WRs, his TE, his RB and his center but it's the same team?  And I'm guessing politics didn't have anything to do with it, but it probably had everything to do with Fromm was the better choice for what the coach wanted to do and Fields did not want to sit for a year.  Either way, Fields is the one that left with his tail between his legs, not Fromm.

    You watched him do that time and time time again yet the numbers don't show that this season when he was asked to carry the team.  I just don't think he's the kind of QB that can carry a team on the NFL level.  He seems like a game manager and would make a great backup.  But let me ask you this CD?  Do you think he's a better QB than Chad Kelly?  And if so, what are the attributes that makes him the better QB?  I wanna see if you can sell me on the Colts spending one of our 2nd's or even moving into the late 1st for Fromm.

  16. 5 hours ago, Coffeedrinker said:

    This is from my post in Dr. T Draft contest


    I posted this a few days ago.


    Why Fromm, well let's look at what Reich looks for in a QB

    1. “I look for toughness – mental and physical toughness.” - Fromm check.  Has not missed a game because of injury and was mentally tough enough to keep the starting job from not 1 but 2 5 star recruits in Jacob Eason and Justin Fields


    2. “I look for accelerated vision – that’s my definition or my word for how fast do you think on your feet?” - Fromm check.  It seems to be the one thing everyone agrees on with Fromm, he does not get rattled by pressure and he is constantly thinking on his feet.


    3. “I look for accuracy – you have to be really accurate in this league. The windows are small.” - Fromm check.  Considered by many to be the most accurate passer in the draft.


    4. “You have to look for good feet. Most sports are played from the ground up, so as a quarterback that’s really important how you play this game with your feet.” - Fromm check.  When you read Reich's explanation he is not talking about running ability but the ability to move in the pocket, to set feet and throw.   And area that Fromm needs to improve upon but ahead of most QBs in the draft.


    5. “Then the last thing is you look for the intangibles – the leadership. Are you the playmaker in the big moments?” - Fromm check, another universally talked about trait for Fromm is his leadership ability.



    With the rumors about trading Hooker, I could also see the Colts trading Hooker and a 6th with Seattle for 27.


    If what Reich is looking for in a QB is Jake Fromm then Reich’s days as our head coach are numbered.  I don’t see what everyone sees in Fromm.  All those traits you listed are highly exaggerated & deserve asterisks. Did you see how weak his arm looked at the combine?  I mean clearly the weakest.  What in his numbers makes him the most accurate QB in this draft?  Over Tua & Burrow?  Please.  

    His best numbers don’t even measure up to Hurts fill in time his last year at Alabama & definitely not his Oklahoma numbers.  Herbert better than Fromm at just about every thing you listed. Also, I think Fromm has regressed since riding on the backs of a star studded team to the championship game.  Since then he’s taken that same talented team & underachieved.  I wonder if it was politics that kept him in the starting job because Fields is clearly the better QB.

  17. 1 hour ago, Four2itus said:

    That is one of the top 10 catches NFL all time in my books. Starvin Marvin also has another in the top 10....at Tennessee. 

    I agree 100%. Those 2 catches are both top 10.  I was at that Tennessee game.  That grab was so sick that I didn’t even need replay to confirm how ridiculous a grab it was...  Immediately leapt out the seat & jaw hit the floor at the same time.  

    Marv made it look so effortless & run of the mill that there wasn’t any doubt that he caught it.  Just a question of how?  I think the Titans even tried to show the replay thinking it may have hit the ground.  They quickly took that bad boy down.  It was that flawless. 

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  18. This was the game with Marv's one hand stab and grab catch in the endzone followed by the spike right?  I swear I remember they had that catch in the Star with Marv fully extended just getting a fingertip on it, both feet off the ground...  And, somehow, not only would he make the grab; he'd get both feet down inbounds too.  That picture showed just how amazing Marv's hands and body control were.

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